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Proviso Probe

Monday, December 19, 2005

ED, Proviso HS board meeting [D209]

Gary Marine led the criticism about minutes of meetings. He was upset with three things.

1. The tape recorder failed to record the closed session when Greg Jackson was fired.
2. Marine's suggestion to spend time recreating an accounting of the meeting was rebuffed.
3. Marine didn't like that the minutes of all closed sessions were vague, especially communications with Mark Sterk.

Board President Emanuel Christopher Welch asked Susie Crane if the minutes were as complete as possible. She responded weakly, but affirmatively.

This is a bullshit way to deal with Marine's criticism. The appropriate response would be to ask Marine what he wants included in the minutes.

There was also a debate about hiring James McCormack as a reading instructor. McCormack lacks a reading certificate endorsement. Welch agonized over the desicion before casting the tie-breaker vote to hire McCormack.

Libka claimed the availability of all positions is advertised on the D209 website and in newspapers. I still don't get anything when I click on "careers".

Kelly asked about the number of change orders on the PMSA. Phyllistine Murphy said it was 150.

There was a discussion about the Illinois District Report Card. See Illinois State Board of Education.


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