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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Raccoons in Little Italy three flat

Don't leave your doors open for the animals to walk in. See Yin Yang.

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School board meeting Monday night

I skipped the District 209 meeting Monday night.

I was at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum listening to members of Iraq Veterans Against the War read poetry and display other works of art. See Daily Kos.

But go ahead and comment on the school board meeting and related issues. Proviso Insider has.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In last three weeks summer school registration balloons

Proviso Herald (Chuck Fieldman) has an article on Proviso Township High Schools holding summer school. At one point it was in doubt whether there would be summer school because so few students were registering. Apparently the policy of charging $100 or $200 tuition was discouraging students from registering.

In the last three and a half weeks registration jumped.
As of May 11, fewer than 50 students from Proviso East, Proviso West and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy had signed up for summer school. By Monday, total registration had increased to 742 -- 365 from East, 362 from West and 15 from PMSA.

I asked board member Theresa Kelly about this. According to Kelly students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches don't have to pay tuition. Kelly suspects the rolls were filled with students who didn't have to pay tuition.

It sorta seems like a question Pioneer Press should have asked, why did registration increase so much in the final three weeks?
During the past several years, approximately 1,200 students attended summer school classes, which alternated each year between Proviso East and Proviso West. There was no registration fee charged for summer school in the past.

Not to quibble, but summer school was at PMSA last year. See Forest Park Review.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Michael Moore's Sicko

Michael Moore has a new movie.

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