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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

School board meeting Monday night

I skipped the District 209 meeting Monday night.

I was at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum listening to members of Iraq Veterans Against the War read poetry and display other works of art. See Daily Kos.

But go ahead and comment on the school board meeting and related issues. Proviso Insider has.

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  • One word CRAZY! Carl, you missed by far the most embarassing board meeting ever. Fields stated that he can't recall what board member recommended him to put Beteast Insurance on the agenda. Also, Fields could not tell the board when Carla D. Johnson was hired and if she took the secretary's test and had a background check. Yes, Welch and his Jones Town crew hired Carla D. Johnson. His arrogance and power trip is slowly but surely making him visible to the State's Attorney. Fields also incrimidated himself by stating that he personally recruited Carla D. Johnson for the job as Foundation secretary. Is Fields still drunk?

    Bob Cox Big Forest Parker disappointment! I think Josh Adams needs to do a follow up article on Cox, because his endorsement was not deserved!

    Dan Adams a big disappointment! Admas has no clue on how to govern over a school, He gets his marching order from Serpico, and if Welch sings like a bird to the FEDS, then Serpico's and Welch's love affair is over.

    Sue Henry is JUST a DISGRACE to HUMAN KIND! How does she sleep at night knowing the inhumane actions she is doing against children and Proviso employers.

    Robin Foreman I knew she was going to be a big DISAPPONTMENT! Her pie in the sky ideology is not helping Proviso. She votes along with Welch, which is a vote against students. I thought she left her cult family years ago.

    Chris Welch is the leader of the pack and continues to make enemies for himself and the majority board members. The chaos he caused last night was a poor attempt to divert the atttention on Flowers. Welch is pissed off because of the robo calls against him and Fields. Welch needs to worry about the many complaints against the BOE because of their blantant violations against students and employees civil rights.

    This is by far the worst BOE EVER! Thanks Welch, Henry, Adams, Cox, and Foreman

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 PM, June 19, 2007  

  • As people criticize Stan Fields perhaps they need to take a closer look inside the schools. There is a major change going on and the students see that and their conduct show their appreciation for this change. Politics will be politics, but we need to look at how well our students are doing and the good young people they are becoming. I appreciate the effort the board and Mr. Fields as well as the Principals and Deans have put into the positive changes in District 209. Keep us on track!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:14 PM, June 20, 2007  

  • http://forestparkreview.com/main.asp?SectionID=3&SubSectionID=78&TM=34112.53

    By Anonymous Dr. Love Broker, at 8:31 AM, June 27, 2007  

  • Why is Chicago and Cook County losing population? We know why this is happening, but most of us somehow think this is normal and will change, and others deny that it is happening and hope it will change.

    This is not good news. No city shrinks its way to health. As our nation grows, other cities replace Chicago as vital political and economic centers.

    Chicago has been allowed to stagnate as it's citizens lost their drive for more. As unions guaranteed comfort, and governments guaranteed comfort, folks became satisfied. Today we see concern as the city's economics starts to decline slowly, but instead of being motivated to reach out and compete, Chicago's decision makers are more focused on refereeing competing interest groups over this shrinking pie.

    Chicago doesn't want to work anymore. It wants to relax. It wants to become a place where people play and vacation, where they have convetions and enjoy culture. Chicago has fooled itself into thinking that it doesn't have to be a city of big shoulders, stock yards, smoke stacks, and punch clocks. So, as these city builders left, nothing really replaced them.

    After 1982, you can really see how our economy has been sliding. While there have been a few years of growth during the 1990s, the Age of Industrialism ended 30 years ago, and we still see abandoned industrial sites as though someone believes they will magically reappear.

    Chicago is not becoming a global city in a global economy. What we are seeing instead is the regionalization of Chicago. As the Midwest stagnates, Chicago stagnates. This doesn't happen to national cities or global cities - it happens to regional cities, which is what Chicago has been becoming.

    You cannot have a robust city with a Soviet-era political system. Chicago is passing Russia as having the longest run as a single party government. Like the old Soviet Union, Chicagoans are reelecting dying politicians, sons of politicians, and lack any political competition for social issues. You cannot expect fresh water from empty bottles. Without political competition, Chicago will not see renewal that is needed for the 21st Century.

    So go ahead a squabble over the statistics. Claim it isn't happening. But as someone who has lived their lives in Chicago and has traveled extensively around the world and witnessed real city growth in other lands, Chicago is dying. Open your eyes.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:33 AM, June 30, 2007  

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