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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cook County stuff

County Board President Todd Stroger (D-8th Ward) is considering a property tax increase. See CBS2 (Dana Kozlov).

Commissioner Tony Peraica (R-Riverside) is using his website for video clips to make his critique of Stroger. (h/t Bill Baar's West Side by way of Illinoize.)

Also, Kevin Robinson (Chicagoist) has a county roundup that includes Cook County billing a correctional officer for being stabbed by an inmate, allegations of patronage hiring in the Recorder of Deeds office and discussion of Peraica's "no confidence" vote on Todd Stroger.

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  • Carl, I am amzed at the little publicity that the new Westchester board is having. As a person who supported the new Canidiates,Fox,Casey and Boyle, I am dissapointed in there acts up to now.They based there public information via Fox's blog, and now they don't even have there blog running.It seems to me disingenous to stop there blog and to stop the public discourse in Westchester.After all there complaining of Luciano and Gattusso and Sloan, they now appear to be acting just like them.They should re-start there blog,they should start doing something or start with the programs they promised in there campaign.Why is'nt the meetings on cable? What is up at the water dept.? What about the bussiness plans they promised? What about paving the alley? Why can't fox restart his blog?,does he think it's not anymore important to have public debate? If they continue this "holier than my" attitude they will end up losing the goodwill of ther voters and will be drummed out of office next election.
    Also I wish you would start a discussion on who can or will run for Township supervisor as well as other postions at the township in 1 and half years.I who hope it is on the Probe and not the other blog,since it is much easier to read and debate.

    By Anonymous Westchester fooled again, at 11:24 AM, June 03, 2007  

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