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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In last three weeks summer school registration balloons

Proviso Herald (Chuck Fieldman) has an article on Proviso Township High Schools holding summer school. At one point it was in doubt whether there would be summer school because so few students were registering. Apparently the policy of charging $100 or $200 tuition was discouraging students from registering.

In the last three and a half weeks registration jumped.
As of May 11, fewer than 50 students from Proviso East, Proviso West and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy had signed up for summer school. By Monday, total registration had increased to 742 -- 365 from East, 362 from West and 15 from PMSA.

I asked board member Theresa Kelly about this. According to Kelly students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches don't have to pay tuition. Kelly suspects the rolls were filled with students who didn't have to pay tuition.

It sorta seems like a question Pioneer Press should have asked, why did registration increase so much in the final three weeks?
During the past several years, approximately 1,200 students attended summer school classes, which alternated each year between Proviso East and Proviso West. There was no registration fee charged for summer school in the past.

Not to quibble, but summer school was at PMSA last year. See Forest Park Review.

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  • I was one of the parents whom tried to register both of my sons in summer school, back in May.

    So I guess I can say my two sons were of those few registered in May..

    One, a senior, the other a freshman. For what I knew would be a total of 3 classes.

    $600.00. OUCH!

    Back in May.
    I had spoke to my son's counselor (same counselor for both), and I sent a check in for one of the classes $200.00. I told her that I could barely pay to send them.

    I was advised to wait and see what his grades for the 4th quarter would be, so the choice of the 2nd class could better be determined. Which in turn, would help me come up with the next 200.00.

    My senior, I had given cash to pay for his "credit recovery" course.. Which he did, and is registered..(confirmed today)
    Which after then he should receive his diploma. YAY!

    We were kept hanging as to whether he would participate in the graduation ceremony as well, until the very last day before.
    Leaving no time to invite any family etc.. it was a very disappointing experience for something that is to be so grand. Either he's in it or he's not.. but don't leave me hanging. Disappointed. Ms. Wallace was proud of the 35% that met or beat state standards.

    another thought..
    hmm my sons test well.. but fail classes... are they considered to be in that 35% that meet or beat the standards from the testing?? or do they contribute to the 65% failing?

    Meanwhile...back to the original story.. (sorry, I do hope you edit LOL)

    Admittedly, I had unfortunately assumed, the grades would be mailed.. how else do I know when the grades come out??
    Every day checking the mail.

    Well, apparently there was a mis-communication on my part...

    I wasn't informed that I'd better get my other 200.00 in.. or that his grades came in.. nothing.

    Today I call my son's counselor from work (because I have to work), and was told I had to get in there today...last day of registration.
    I'd said I couldn't leave work, she'd said my son could come in.

    I'd said he's 6 miles away and it's 93 degrees, Husband's at work too.

    In a nutshell, I was told it was too late.

    He could not be signed up for a 2nd course. I couldn't get the 200.00 in, in time.

    Oh, and I was then told that he'd failed... biology honors, algebra honors, world civ honors, and another honors.. just about all of them!!
    If he was destined to fail the majority of the classes, why wasn't a 2nd class added when I'd first requested them??

    All of the "honors" classes, is another frustration, we could not change them, after realizing they weren't working out for him.
    He'd tested so well.. yet was threatened to be held back in 8th grade... oh.. but yet.. tested well again.

    The only one I've gotten a call from was his English teacher, I'd asked if I could get a list of assignments, so that I would knwo what to ask them.. if they were posted anywhere etc. I did not get a list, just an accusation, and informed that my son is a slacker.

    How can I help if I can't get the gist of what's going on in class?

    Both of my sons are very intelligent and score well on testings.. I realize children learn in different ways.
    They are not perfect, and yes, slack in some areas.

    They do not have behavior problems. They do not hang with the wrong crowd.

    They both totally lack motivation towards school... I'm sad about it.. As much as I preach how important an education is..(every day almost) Some days I can't blame them.

    Proviso West has such an awesome campus, it could be so much better.
    Where good intelligent kids don't fall through the cracks because there is a concentration on others elsewhere.. it's easy to overlook students that score well..

    We reside in Northlake, we bought our home 13 years ago, when our eldest (18) began kindergarten..

    I have been frustrated greatly by the system.

    If I was able to earn enough to even sell my house, I would have.

    LOL!! and I won't go into the Park districts!! I live in Northlake, and am out of district for Grant park in Northlake!!

    Thankfully, I was within Triton's residency requirements for when I went there.

    I can't afford to move anywhere else... Apartment rents are what the mortgage payment is now.

    Leyden West, is maybe... one mile from my home.. within walking distance.....

    Very Frustrated With Proviso All together.. Not a happy resident..

    Love my neighbors, just hate the township. LOL

    one big nutshell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:38 PM, June 07, 2007  

  • Give Arnie Bryant credit where it's due: he has put together an impressive plan for a new Bellwood library which would make Bellwood the first library community in the state to have an electronic library system. Anchored by the new library he seeks to get built in and on Washington Ave. campus, which he wants to name it for either Sen. Obama or after Rev. Claude Porter,the Library ,will be attached electronically to the e-libraries which also will be attached electronically to all the libraies in Proviso,along with all the schools districts in Proviso,including the parochial schools,as well as Triton, Benedictine University,Dominican University,Concordia, and the University of Illinios and Grambling university. Each e-library will be equipped with a dozen multimedia desktop computers; the Bellwood library will offer computer tutoring classes in English and Spanish that teach the basics of using a mouse, creating an e-mail account, using word processing programs, and surfing the Internet.
    Mr. Bryant is a proof of true leadership,commintment and visionary thinking in our community.Kudos to Bryant and his supporters!

    By Anonymous Bryant is a true visionary, at 12:21 AM, June 09, 2007  

  • Let us ponder this: It is my belief that the students or the student's families do need to accept some responsibilty for student failure. It is easy to point fingers at the system: ie: teacher and administrators and claim that they are the reason for the child's failure. Proviso has a great deal to offer it's students but the one thing they can not offer is motivation. Students have been known to fail classes during the school year, knowing that they will get a watered down version of the same course over the Summer affording a shorter schedule and Fridays off. Now, let's apply this in the adult world where the class of 2007 now inhabits: I don't feel like working 100% at my job, I don't even want to do the barest minimum to get by...wouldn't it be nice if my boss would allow me to work half days and have Fridays off for the rest of my life? It obviously does not work that way. Proviso is working very hard to give parents access to grades through the district website. Families can also recieve information from counselors and teachers. If a teacher doesn't call back...call them again, and again! Students should realize that there are two courses not to be messed with: English and PE - these are state mandates and if a student fails they must take the class before they can graduate. About 98% of the time students are well aware of thier own failure but are tight lipped in reporting this to parents especially when there is a price attached to resolving the 18 week mishap. Please place accountability where it belongs- with the students, who within four years will be voting next to you, working next to you, and universally will be your peer.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:39 PM, June 27, 2007  

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