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Monday, July 23, 2007

will Cervone implicate Calderone for alarm deal at District 89?

Many of the anti-establishment, pro-reform crowd in Forest Park suspect Mayor Anthony Calderone is a nefarious political actor and using his official position for personal benefit. The allegations are largely that he uses the implied threat of being liquor commissioner to coerce support from bar owners and that he finds various ways to convert his political influence into contracts for his alarm business, Illinois Alarm.

For example, some suspected Illinois Alarm's contract with District 89 (Maywood and Melrose Park elementary schools) looked suspicious. Later we learned Illinois Alarm made over $800,000, not including the monthly fees. (BTW, when is Forest Park Review going to do the news story on this?)

Seven people connected with the Melrose Park Police Department were indicted on Thursday, including District 89 board member Ric Cervone.

Many of the anti-Calderone people are salivating at the possibility of Cervone telling the feds that Calderone's alarm contract at District 89 was an illegal sweetheart deal.

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