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Proviso Probe

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the big news?

[UPDATE: Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore was neither arrested nor indicted today. He was served with a subpoena for information connected with his insurance brokerage business.

[There are two main areas it would make sense for investigators are scrutinizing: Proviso Township High Schools (see Forest Park Review (Josh Adams)) and the Maywood Police Pension fund. Last I check EMM, Moore's front company, is not properly registered as a business in Illinois, but this seems too small an issue for a subpoena.]

I have been told be two sources who have talked with members of the State's Attorney's office that Eugene Moore will be arrested or indicted today for misconduct connected to Proviso Township High Schools (District 209).

I've also been told (yesterday) be a source that, “If it was going to happen tomorrow I think I would have heard about it.”

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Burt Odelson of Odelson & Sterk is closely linked to County Board President Todd Stroger. District 209 fired Odelson & Sterk in May, 2007. Subsequently the president of the D209 board of education, Emanuel Chris Welch, was let go by his former law firm, James J. Roche & Associates. Roche & Associates and Odelson & Sterk feed each other business.

It may be that personal issues caused the friction between Welch and Odelson. But it's also easy to paint a scenario where the grand jury testimony made it clear that the noose was tighening for some people connected to District 209.

Maybe Welch asked Odelson to make some phone calls to the State's Attorney to take the pressue off. Odelson could have told Welch, I can't help you.

Maybe Odelson saw the D209 house of cards was about to come crashing down. And Odelson encouraged Welch to fire his firm to minimize the damage and involvement of Odelson & Sterk.

Also, last night District 209 cut its relationship with Anthony Scariano's law firm. Scariano may be politically connected, but his firm is actually respected within the field of school law. Most of the law firms that get used in Proviso politics have minimal expertise beyond cashing checks and making political contributions.

One theory holds that both Melrose Park village president Ron Serpico and perhaps others are trying to bank favors with Giglio & Del Galdo in preparation for criminal litigation.

Cutting the relationship with Scariano's firm would be consistent with giving Giglio & Del Galdo more hours.

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  • It's been a long time coming, but a change is coming!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:32 PM, July 17, 2007  


    I thought the community's prayers were answered.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:47 PM, July 17, 2007  

  • hey besides this good news. What happened in Westchester? Rumor has it, long time politician with no engineering degree or experience director of Public Works was fired....WOW....IS this true?

    IS there a change comming in that town?????????????????????????

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:18 PM, July 17, 2007  

  • Straight Talk
    ‘Apocalypse Now’

    Given, to what many refer, the unsettled state of Proviso politics, one
    can never say never but speculation and odds are exceedingly longer
    than Al Sharpton’s bid for the Whitehouse, that Democratic Committee-
    man, Rep. Karen Yarbrough will successfully seek the seat of long time
    political nemesis, Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Eugene “Gene”

    Following a disastrous defeat across three school districts in her first
    major election as Committeeman in April, the one-time front-runner,
    collapsed to last in the polls, with less campaign cash and foot soldiers
    on hand than rival Moore. This “new” Proviso Democratic Party, under
    Yarbrough’s reign supreme, proved more useless than ice skates on an
    escalator, and led the march for Moore to sweep all three races,
    sending Yarbrough off to lick her political battle wounds.

    How far her star has fallen since a heralded 2006 victory

    What happened? For starters, the brief 2006 Yarbrough boom was
    primarily an outset of (media) hype, the likeability of her husband
    Mayor Henderson Yarbrough and the capitalization of others failures.

    Moore’s failure to distance himself from 209 school board president
    Chris Welch, who in reports is criticized for the “disaster passed as a
    school” District 209, only to slate Welch against Yarbrough for state
    rep, many say sealed Moore’s fate and catapulted Yarbrough to
    victory. That’s probably a pretty accurate assessment.

    The “straight shooter” image celebrated by some belied the fact that
    Yarbrough nor her ally 28th Alderman and Committeeman, Ed Smith,
    also alleged to run for Recorder of Deeds, has never been a favorite of
    rank-and-file Dems in Proviso and Cook County. Locales don’t see
    Yarbrough as one of their own, but rather a drop-in, from Oak Park it is
    often said, when convenient.

    So where will Yarbrough garner support? Hmmm, Cong. Danny Davis?
    Ok... back to Smith.

    Smith has ruffled Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s feathers on several
    occasions, most recent his threat to Daley’s Olympic bid if an Olympic
    size pool is not built at Westinghouse school on Chicago’s West Side.
    As a solution to Daley’s problem, one might speculate that he will seek
    to rid himself of this thorn by supporting Smith right out of the 28th
    Ward -- 27 percent of Daley’s employees are from Proviso Township.

    Cook County president, Todd Stroger’s support is critical to the
    Recorder. Stroger, like his father, a staunch supporter of Moore, is not
    likely to back Smith and even less likely to back Yarbrough. Yarbrough’
    s rumored support of Republican Tony Peracia, in the race against Ald.
    Stroger for president all but killed any courtship of political romance.
    If Smith is slated expect a narrow victory for Moore. If Yarbrough is
    slated, expect an ‘Apocalypse Now’ April repeat.

    Kat, West Side

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:58 AM, July 19, 2007  

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