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Proviso Probe

Friday, July 27, 2007

Sheriff Tom Dart argues prostitution is not a victimless crime

The Cook County Sheriff arrested 250 in a prostitution sweep. See Daily Herald (Rob Olmstead).
“There’s still some people that are deluded into thinking prostitution is a victimless crime,” said Dart, who said that’s simply not true.

Dart then goes on to explain how street prostitution adversely affects communities and gave an example of a prostitute leaving her 1-year baby unattended to turn a trick.

But the operation also targeted prostitutes advertising on "a popular free Web bulletin board" (presumably Craigslist).

The article does not include any statements by Dart that make the case that women (and men) who voluntarily turn a trick now-and-then to help get extra money or for the thrill of it are harming anyone else.

It's interesting that news articles now include the sheriff having to argue that arresting prostitutes is worth the effort. It does seem that there's a change in thinking happening.

Medill Reports (Jacqueline A. Ingles) included this tidbit.
A high number of women charged with prostitution via craigslist were not residents of Chicago. Rather, they came here with round-trip airline tickets from as far away as California to engage in prostitution to evade the risk of embarrassment associated with arrest in their hometowns.

“There was a desire [among these women] to conduct these activities away from their hometown,” Dart said. “Most would come here and stay for a month and then go back.”

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  • It just shows that this community underserved by recreational comfort services. If women fly in to service this demand oviously they have to cover their costs and make a living. This is a "consensual crime" and their is a demand for the service, it would be far better to legalize it and regulate it for safety. Chest thumping that you were able entrap a working woman does vary little toward making our community safe from violent crime. The county is wasting resources on focusing on this type of crime. If they really want to tackle this problem the should go after the sexual indescretions of politicians.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 PM, July 27, 2007  

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