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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Melrose Seven becomes Melrose 6+1?

I attended the arraignment of the seven Melrose Park Police Department personnel indicted by the feds this morning.

Two things seemed most significant.

Six of the seven were arraigned together as part of the 9:30 docket. Ric Cervone was arraigned separately as part of the 10:30 docket. All seven pleaded not guilty and had the same conditions imposed on them by Judge Joan B. Gottschall.

One of the conditions was that the defendants are not to have contact with potential victims and witnesses. I got the impression that the court was trying to allow at least Cervone to continue working as a police officer. How can Cervone or any of the others continue to work for the Village of Melrose Park and avoid contact with potential victims and witnesses?

One of the arguments in the indictment is that these private security companies run by the defendants diverted policing resources from the Village of Melrose Park to private contracts. If the U.S. Attorney takes this allegation seriously, it seems hard to reconcile allowing any of the defendants to continue on village payroll if the judge has ordered them not to be in contact with potential victims or witnesses.

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  • Intersting point, but they are innocent until proven guilty!They have a right work until there proven guilty.
    Also, has anybody noticed the comments from the "Proviso Insider",AKA Welch and Cross and Sloan? It seems that these three stooges are now attacking Cervone,Serpico and anything else in Melrose Park. My question is Why? Are they trying to distance themselves from the upcoming "Sunami" coming down from the FEDS?Is this typical of Welch,Sloan and Cross??? Are they trying to set up a defense argument if they get called in to"chat with the FEDS about there roles in the Melrose Park machine?
    I recommend everyone to call the FEDS and tell them about what Chris Welch,Brian Cross and Don Sloan have been up too all these years, because how strange it is to see these three stooges all of a sudden deny any association to Melrose Park and Scavo and Serpico!

    By Anonymous Why is Welch,Cross and Sloan dissing Melrose Park, at 5:58 PM, July 25, 2007  

  • Patrick Fitzgerald’s Politics.

    Ever since he became U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, many people…including I…have been trying to deduce Patrick Fitzgerald’s politics. An Irishman born to a lower middle class family whose patriarch was a Catholic Manhattan apartment house doorman may mean (a) a Reaganesque Republican, blue collar, possibly pro-union but with traditional family values or (b) a hard-shelled Democrat who believes the Republican party is less interested in people than in preserving the patrimony for Wall Street and entrepreneurialism. Which is it?

    Fitzgerald started off in Chicago becoming a terror to George Ryan, a turncoat liberal Republican crook…well that could mean either that he felt Ryan-a big, puffed-belly blowhard-was the worst the Republican party had to offer and cherished an inner sympathy with those who defied him…or that the prosecutor was offended by the graft which had turned the Republican party in Illinois into a receivership for graft. Then when he moved against Daley’s abuse of patronage, the view came crystal-clear that Fitzgerald was appalled at the bloated excesses of a Democratic machine in power since 1931 and inwardly wanted a change. By and large, conservatives felt he was one of them.

    But all this came to an 180 screeching U-turn when Fitzgerald investigated the Valerie Plame leak. His conviction of Scooter Libby despite the fact that he knew the identity of the true leaker was all the time, seemed to make clear that he was unmoved by the patriotic selfless serving of a leader in the anti-terrorism war and wanted to Stand Tall in Georgetown. His being graded as “mediocre” by the White House-which flies in the face of his legal skills-implied that the Bush people feel he is not one of them.

    On and on it goes…but Saturday I submit that the answer came where we would least expect it. Fitzgerald appeared on the NPR radio show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” taped in the Chase bank auditorium. He joked that by being on the show it was the only way he could get tickets to view it. That’s enough…we don’t have to wait any more and you don’t have to tell me. WWDTM (Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”)and reading the "PROVISO PROBE" blog daily is the essence of a liberal, snooty, affluent, wine and brie cheese show that features snide laughing up one’s expensively cuff-linked sleeve at conservatives, traditional values and sports an upper class veneer of snobbery. A kind of self-punishing monitor of NPR (where I used to be a regular panelist under Bruce DuMont’s direction at WBEZ’s “Inside Politics”) I have yet to hear…and I mean yet to hear…a criticism of any liberal action while Bush, Cheney and the entire Republican cast are skewered to the delight…and applause…of the studio audience.

    The quest is completed. Patrick Fitzgerald is a blooming species “democratus liberalas” elitist snob, superior, condescending, patronizing…Democrat in deep blue hue, probably pro-Obama with a hidden desire to STIG (Stand Tall in Georgetown). That wasn’t hard at all.. No one…and that’s no one…can listen to the snide gaffawing of the announcer and players with the liberal cheers of the crowd without turning it off-which means that we’ve finally pegged the elusive Mr. Fitzgerald. The rest of the pattern can fall into place nicely: a Catholic, personally pro-life but who like the Hynes family, the Madigans and the Daleys respects Roe v. Wade until it is repealed…reveres the Kennedy mystique…heterosexual but who supports gay rights probably one step short of gay marriage…wants more affirmative action…who feels the Iraq War was the “wrong war at the wrong time”…who worries about global warming…heedless of embryonic stem cells. There: that wasn’t tough, was it? All because of his favorite radio show. If you listen to NPR enough to have a favorite radio show…especially that elitist one…you’re not a conservative, baby.

    By Anonymous Fitzgerald reads Proviso Probe?, at 6:48 PM, July 25, 2007  

  • Well well. They diverted village resources for the benefit of the their private security business. I guess that means we'll be getting paid a visit from the Fed's over in Forest Park then. See at Mayor Calderone's request, our Chief Ryan meet with then Chief Scavo to arrange to have Forest Park officers work his private details. Seems that Forest Park cops used village issued equipment including radios and such so they'd have direct contact with dispatchers when they were making money as private security for Scavo. Hey Mr. Fitzgerald, give Jim Ryan or Tony Calderone a call at 708-366-2323. They are probably expecting your call. You may also want to talk with Ofc. Lee and Sgt.Murphy.

    By Anonymous Forest Park Too, at 1:20 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • Hey Nyberg, what do you think of your sponsor, Karen Yar-borrow accepting $9,000 in campaign contribution from the village of maywood attorney's Klein,Thorpe and Jenkins?

    Do you think there is a conflict of interest?

    Why isn't this news on your blog? Do you not consider it news? Or is it only news when Welch accepts campaign contributions from Danielle Ashley?

    By Anonymous if that aint the kettle callin the pot black, at 3:38 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • I see a $1,000 contribution to K. Yarbrough from Klein Thorpe & Jenkins on May 15, 2007 and a $500 contribution to H. Yarbrough on February 21, 2007.

    Where should I look for the other contributions?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 4:40 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • it's there. But you didn't anwer the questions.

    By Anonymous aint that the kettle callin the pot black, at 5:34 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins contributed the following donations:
    $2,500 Citizens to Elect Karen Yarbrough Nov 2005

    $2500 2006

    $1,000 Maywood United Party June 2005

    $2,500 December 2006

    $1,000 April 2007

    $2,500 Friends of Henderson Yarbrough

    $500 February 2007

    Again, how do you view that contribution?

    Also, Wylmaria Sykes donated the following contributions:

    Hmmm.... think she was fishing for more Safe Child state funds???

    By Anonymous i'm comin for ya, at 5:43 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • Ithaca

    When you set out for distant Ithaca,
    fervently wish your journey may be long, —
    full of adventures and with much to learn.
    Of the Laestrygones and the Cyclopes,
    of the angry god Poseidon, have no fear:
    these you shall not encounter, if your thought
    remains at all times lofty, — if select
    emotion touches you in body and spirit.
    Not the Laestrygones, not the Cyclopes,
    nor yet the fierce Poseidon, shall you meet,
    unless you carry them within your soul, —
    unless your soul should raise them to confront you.

    Fervently wish your journey may be long.
    May they be numerous — the summer mornings
    when, pleased and joyous, you will be anchoring
    in harbours you have never seen before.
    Stay at the populous Phoenician marts,
    and make provision of good merchandise;
    coral and mother of pearl; and ebony
    and amber; and voluptuous perfumes
    of every kind, in lavish quantity.
    Sojourn in many a city of the Nile,
    and from the learned learn and learn amain.

    At every stage bear Ithaca in mind.
    The arrival there is your appointed lot.
    But hurry not the voyage in the least:
    ’twere better if you travelled many years
    and reached your island home in your old age,
    being rich in riches gathered on the way,
    and not expecting more from Ithaca.

    Ithaca gave you the delightful voyage:
    without her you would never have set out:
    and she has nothing else to give you now.

    And though you should find her wanting, Ithaca
    will not surprise you; for you will arrive
    wise and experienced, having long since perceived
    the unapparent sense in Ithacas.

    Translated by John Cavafy

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 PM, July 26, 2007  

  • Wylmaria Sykes contributed over $3,000 to Yarbrough's campaign - $2,500 in a single contribution.

    By Anonymous FYI, at 10:02 AM, July 27, 2007  

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