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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mike Del Galdo: the DOJ is curious about you

I occasionally check the Site Meter application at the bottom of Proviso Probe.

I saw a visitor from usdoj.gov. So I checked the details.

Apparently, somebody at DOJ did a Google search on Mike Del Galdo at 2:20 PM today. [UPDATE: It was 1:57 PM when the person at DOJ searched "Mike Del Galdo". Later someone searched "vito scavo navistar", although the outclick was to Proviso Insider. The link to that Proviso Insider blog entry is in this entry that talks about the lawyers coaching Melrose Park cops to lie to the feds. Proviso Insider floated the allegation that Mark Sterk coached Ric Cervone to lie. I suggested if the cops were coached by lawyers it was more likely Anthony Onesti or someone from Giglio & Del Galdo.]

One of the questions I've heard asked is about Giglio & Del Galdo representing the wife of Cicero Village President Larry Dominick in her child custody dispute. Inquiring minds want to know. Is Giglio & Del Galdo billing Dominick and his wife for this legal work? Or is it a freebie to a good customer?

See Sun-Times (Leonard N. Fleming) and Chicago Tribune (Sara Olkon). Austin Zimmer gets his number called in the Trib article. Zimmer is the Forest Park resident who got pissy with then Commissioner Patrick Doolin when Doolin opposed giving Giglio & Del Galdo legal work in Forest Park.

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