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Proviso Probe

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fox ally appointed to Broadview-Westchester Joint Water Agency board

Proviso Herald (David Weese) has a story on Westchester Trustee Patrick Casey being appointed to the board overseeing the Broadview-Westchester Joint Water Agency.

Casey was elected in April on the slate with Trustee Rick Fox. Fox had been in the minority, but Fox's slate sweeping the April elections put Fox and his allies in the majority.

There are concerns that the water agency has been a cash cow for employee Don Sloan, who is also a Proviso Township trustee. Sloan's political opponents suspect he is being paid for hours he either isn't working or doesn't need to be working.

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  • I am really disappointed with the three trustees Rick Fox,Boyle and Casey! The reason I am dissappointed and UPSET is because of there lack of respect for the voters of Westchester. The three of them ran on a platform of OPEN GOVERMENT. They promised to make the governing process open and transparent, but since there election,they have reverted to a closed style of governing,reminisencent of the Luciano regime! They promised many reforms,many changes but have yet to do anything positive for the residents of Westchester!!!
    They promised to put the village meetings on TV,but nothing of the matter has yet happened.They promised to fire the lobbyist for the Westchester-Broadview Water agency,Mr. Tom Walsh, but nothing has been done,while Walsh collects his checks without any work.They promised to bring new development to our village, but yet no plan and no ideas from the three wise men.They promised to clean up the village payrolls and commented on the salaries of the secetaries, but yet nothing.They said they would stop DON SLOAN from benifitting from overtime hours while doing political work at the township,that they would put a time clock and video cameras in the offices where Sloan works,along with not allowing intenet access to his computer nor his use of his private laptop or blackberry at work, but nothing yet! Worse of all, Mr. Fox stopped using his Blog to discuss issues occuring in our village, and has refused to explain why.I believe that he should continue with his blog,since he used it when he was attacking his oppostion, now he would'nt do it,what a hypocrite!
    These three used a mountain of bullshit to get elected,attacked a senior citizen to get ahead and now feel they don't have to do what they promised to do,instead now they are acting exactly like those they attacked, what hypocrites and bullshitters they are.Remember, your up for re-election for your promises,I'll be watching and ready to remind everyone of your broken promsiese and lies!!!

    By Anonymous Fox,Casey,Boyle are liars!, at 9:01 PM, July 27, 2007  

  • What will Patrick "The Walrus"Casey do??? Nothing at all!!!Maybe he'll give Don Sloan a $15,000 pay raise, just like he did to the Village manager! Gosh,he and Rick" the Paul Revere of Westchester "Fox, and his other mate,"Husky clothes" Boyle ran on saving us all money,but yet the actions have been on spending like drunken sailors.!
    Bottom line is the water mains in Westchester are very old and needing replacement,just like the recent explosion in New York of a old line which killed 2 ,our water lines need fixing and replacements, as well as two other full time employees, and the employees currently working have not recieved a pay raise in three years.Overtime is mandatory,if not our village homes and fire dept. would run out of water and would get poorly sanitized water and illness can spread!
    Now, what does Mr. Casey want to do??Fix the problems or just talk crap?

    By Anonymous Lets see what Casey does!, at 11:04 PM, July 27, 2007  

  • Hey Carl, what has ever happened to Rick Fox and his blog. I mean, Fox does'nt reply anymore on your blog,he refuses to write anything and he basically appears to be snubbing the bloggers with his silence. I wonder,is it true that Casey and Boyle told him to stop responding and blogging? I wish he would reply because I am getting the feel that Fox,Casey and Boyle appear to have run a scam on the voters in Westchester!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:26 PM, July 29, 2007  

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