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Friday, July 27, 2007

Get educated on politics

The Democratic Party of the Tenth Congressional District has started Tenth Dems University. The goal is to engage and educate party activists.

There are some upcoming events.
Tenth Dems U: Internet Research in Politics
Saturday July 28th 2007, 02:00pm
Endeavor Realty Office
1121 Lake-Cook Road, Suite D
info@tenthdems.org 847-266-8683

Ellen Beth Gill, an attorney, political activist and operator of Ellen’s Tenth Congressional District Blog will conduct a Tenth Dems U class on Dirt Digging and Legislative Lookup: Internet Research in Politics.

Tenth Dems U course are free and open to all, but please register in advance through the Tenth Dems U website.

In this day and age, the most up-to-date political information can be found online, completely free of charge. However, most people do not know it is there, much less how to find it.

Fortunately, Ellen Gill will tell you what you need to know about how the Internet has revolutionized the way our government is monitored and how campaigns are run, as well as what you can do to be a part of this new wave.

You will get hands-on experience at tapping into congressional voting records, court cases, committee hearings and more. The course will also help you decipher the information that you find.

Keep your schedule free for a second, related course in August. Details to come soon.

And I'm on the schedule to teach a class on August 25 on blogging and stuff.

[UPDATE: Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog covered a program where the government is going to give all of us a rating to determine how likely we are to be terrorists. It's kinda interesting that indicted cops in Melrose Park can keep their government jobs, but people who run afoul of some classified tripwire can be denied the right to travel by air.]

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