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Saturday, January 06, 2007

M08, Nicole Trottie to challenge Karen Yarbrough?

Proviso Insider claims Nicole Trottie, publisher West Suburban Journal, "is putting out feelers to see if she can garner enough support to take on State Representative Karen A. Yarbrough in the next election."

Proviso Insider and his/her allies would like to see Trottie run against Yarbrough.

What advice would you give to Trottie?


  • take the pipe away from your mouth

    By Anonymous get a grip, at 8:28 PM, January 06, 2007  

  • The gate will not even open for that race. Nicole Trottie want even stand a chance aginst Karen.Nicole don't let Chris and Gene put you up to getting a butt kicking. They could'nt do it.and you can't.

    By Anonymous The HAmmer, at 9:00 AM, January 07, 2007  


    By Blogger More-Signs-Than-Votes, at 11:28 PM, January 07, 2007  

  • Trottie is young, attractive, articulate and a worthy opponent if you ask some Proviso folks. Talk about her if you want, but don't underestimate her. If she can run a paper for 3 years, compared to Yarbrough's 3 month publish and perish, why couldn't she beat the snot out of Yarbrough at the poles. She has all the allies she need's from publishers, major media columnists, politicians, and ingeniously a newspaper. How's that for strategy??? Karen's downfall, like in the recent House Leadership race, will be her condescending attitude.

    By Anonymous i wouldn't underestimate, at 2:30 PM, January 29, 2007  

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