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Friday, January 05, 2007

GOV, Eugene Moore embraces Stroger budget cuts

Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore is going to meet the budget cutting target set by President of the County Board Todd Stroger.

See Daily Southtown (Jonathan Lipman) for Moore's plan.
Moore will eliminate 16 vacant positions, layoff 14 supervisors, reduce travel and office expenses by $250,000 and require all 223 remaining employees to take 10 unpaid furlough days.

SEIU Local 73 represents the unionized employees in the Recorder of Deeds office. SEIU claims that not only is it opposed to the furloughs which violate the contract, but no one informed SEIU of the proposal.


  • Gene Moore is trying to get in where he fits in by any means necessary!
    His first lay off should be Sue Henry!

    Proviso Township should look into some budget cuts and stop hiring all of Welch's relatives and brothers baby mothers.

    By Blogger More-Signs-Than-Votes, at 11:11 AM, January 05, 2007  

  • Gene Moore is Done in Proviso and the deeds office.He is trying to save his skin.Nice try gene it want work.Karen has put up some good numbers this last election for the county ticket not you.So good bye.it's over.for you.

    By Anonymous The Hammer, at 8:49 AM, January 07, 2007  

  • He will not lay off Sue Henry.That is out of the question.

    By Anonymous The HAmmer, at 8:54 AM, January 07, 2007  

  • dump tommie millerPREVIOUS POST ON THE "OUTSIDER"

    Hey 11:27:19, how many Proviso Athletes have the basketball team helped advance to a division I college under coach tommie miller. and who are the students or for that matter a division II college. how many Division I schools has coach miller sent our childrens game tapes to or has he ever set up visits to these schools for our children..The answer is hell no,, he has not.First of all sd209 needs to get a head coach in all areas who work for sd209 and will be in the schools on a daily basis to bond and monitor the student athlete. you cant expect that to happen when the coach is always late for practice because he is rushing from his job and wants to stress being on time for the players. give us all a break. Ill post this on the Probe because I know chris will pull anything about his flunkies on the "outsider".

    10:38 AM, January 06, 2007

    By Anonymous dump miller, at 9:07 PM, January 07, 2007  

  • If Gene Moore has to cut his staff by 14 people that would mean all of his kin are on the soup line DA!

    He needs to fire his son Eric at Maybrook, a drug test would clinch that quick, Sue Henry's $89,000 a year job, David Sharp a/k/a Chat, Ms Tiffany Johnson (her play daddy), his cousin Paula Boulden, and the list is never ending of relatives and non-professionals. Is Tony Bass still on retainer as is Mike Kasper, which Kasper's law firm is also the attorney's for Gene Moore and holds a contract with the Recorder of Deed Office Too. Conflict of interest? Get rid of his press secretary, a convicted felon Askia Abdullah, Gene Moore should turn in his car that costs the county a bundle and the last is the best, TELL GENE MOORE he needs to resign. Boy would this cut his budget and he needs to stop charging the county for his nightclub stepping......Bye, Bye Gene Moore!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:19 AM, January 10, 2007  

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