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Friday, October 13, 2006

POL, Broadview TEA Party

The Broadview TEA Party has a nice website.

On the home page it covers the village increasing fees charged to people making Freedom of Information Act requests.

The website has a page devoted to village finances.

And the party has created a forum for discussing Broadview issues.


  • So far, Proviso Twnshp Schools and Broadview (TEA) have come out the closet on the matter of their deteriorated financial position. I'm awaiting Maywood and Bellwood to follow suit. There is a contagion in process and these areas, in my opinion, represent the epicenter.

    There's a kind of rubicon which is being crossed at the moment, and to deny or hide the facts of the situation only risks exacerbating the deterioration that is in process.

    I read the local news and listen to the comments of the area leadership and all I see/hear is smoke and mirror talk. There's the notion of hard times, followed by optimistic statements along the lines that things will eventually work out, as in not much pain. But the quality of disruption currently being experienced represent permanent shifts to the local economy that will never be effectively addressed until a realistic assessment of the situation is communicated to all stakeholders and some sort of coordinated action plan becomes adopted.

    At present, the level of momentum for sustaining economic growth is still insufficient and prospects for assembling long term solutions to the growing problem of declining vitality is still, in my opinion, nothing more than a pipe dream.

    By Anonymous simon, at 10:19 AM, October 14, 2006  

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