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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ETHICS, ghost legislating protected by insider journalism

Daily Herald (Rob Olmstead):
Perhaps the most surprising new topic came after the debate [between Tony Peraica and Todd Stroger] at the Union League Club, when Stroger admitted having other legislators vote for him on the House floor when he was a state representative.

While the practice is fairly common, it’s usually officially denied and a no-no....

“I’m sure that at that time, I was not at my seat. When you’re in Springfield, there’s a lot of things going on at the same time. … Sometimes you’re out talking to constituents … and your seatmate will try to take care of you, but sometimes, they feel like they don’t know what your position will be … and there’s two people sitting by me … (who) decided that they should vote ‘present’ since I wasn’t there.”

To me there are two scandals here.

1. Legislators voting for each other is unacceptable. If it is acceptable for legislators to vote for each other, why not just have the party bosses fill out a sheet with how their members voted?
2. I'm appalled at the Springfield media knowing about this practice and helping the pols keep it secret.


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