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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ED, feedback on Stan Fields [D209]

Stan Fields was hired in August to be the superintendent of Proviso Township High Schools.

A Proviso Probe reader pointed us to Fields webpage on RateMyTeacher.com.

What do you think of Fields performance so far?


  • Based on his actions at his first board meeting I think the guy is a hack for Welch and the board majority. He openly disrespected Mrs. Kelly and violated the open meetings act. His actions are not going to get him far in this community. He cannot go around and disrespect Black women or any woman in Proviso Township. I am asking for members of the Nation of Islam and the local NAACP to be present at October 23, 2006, at Proviso East. The Black men in this community need to take charge of their community and not allow this white man to insult and degrade the Black women in Proviso Township. Mrs. Kelly is his boss and he does not understand his place as the superintendent.

    African Americans have fought to long and hard against the type of bigot behavior from Stan Fields. Stan Fields took me be back to Mississppi during the 1960's. During the meeting I could see the hate and intolerance in his eyes. We do not want a white supremacist running our schools. Sue Henry with her substance abuse daughter had the audacity to laugh while Fields was insulting Kelly. She should have been the last person with any comment or giggles. As a Black women, Sue Henry is ridiculous. She is a whore for Moore. We are not having it, but what is worse is that Welch as a Black man condones Fields' mistreatment of Black women.

    Stan Fields has tried to get in our communities and derail our youth long before he came to Proviso Township High School. He applied for the District 89 supt. position, but it was given to Cynthia Broughton. Stan Fields is no stranger to Proviso Township. His appointment has been in the making for quite some time.

    Stan Fields is Proviso's modern day Governer Wallace. He will sick the dogs on our children and then pull out the water hoses. We need to rid Proviso of Stan Fields before it is to late.

    By Blogger Mississippi_Burning, at 11:47 PM, October 11, 2006  

  • I don't necessarily think that Fields is a racist. After all, it seems that everything he said at the meeting was backed up by a black man...Welch. I heard Fields has put a stop to Proviso applying for grants. Why? This is "free" money we could use for the education of our children. I also heard that everyone has a 0 budget.Why hasn't he cut some people at the top? Their salaries are the largest. Did anyone get fired after the secretary test?

    By Blogger pmsawatcher, at 9:47 AM, October 12, 2006  

  • Stan Fields attitude and performance at District 209 has been extremely disappointing.

    His remarks, lack of an agenda and lack of facts at the last board meeting should be viewed upon as an embarrassment to the whole Proviso Township.

    I would rate his performance as poor and way below what we should expect from a superintendent. His rating on ratemyteacher.com seems just and accurate. His overall rating is a 1.6 out of a possible score of 5. That's extremely poor and embarrassing.

    Personally, I feel he is way over his head. Maybe that's why he unprofessionally attacked Theresa Kelly at his first board meeting; to cover his inadequacies and lack of facts and control as the new superintendent.

    Also to PMSAWatcher:

    I'm not going to call Fields a racist, but I disagree with a part of your comments. Just because a black man co-signs on comments made by a white man, doesn’t confirm that he is not racist. As black people we we're sold into slavery first by our own tribal leaders. So, we are capable of allowing racism to happen and in some instances, facilitate its existence.

    I hate to say this...but this "house ni**a" Chris Welch is actually a "Fields' ni**a".

    Ok...sorry...I couldn't help myself!

    By Anonymous 1.6 and falling!, at 1:04 PM, October 12, 2006  

  • 1.6 and Falling!, you hit it right on the head. Welch wants to be a "House Nigger" but is just a "Fields Nigger".

    By Blogger Mississippi_Burning, at 1:20 PM, October 12, 2006  

  • Nyberg,

    I see the insider is trying to call you a racist based on some of these comments. The comment I posted is sound in context and reason.

    I stand by my comments...feel free to post my comment on the proviso insider (bullshitter)site. I refuse to personally post comments on the insider because the publisher of that site deletes "clean" dissenting points of view and then states "no profanity allowed on this site". He censors based on his own political agenda.

    By Anonymous 1.6 and falling, at 6:19 AM, October 13, 2006  

  • This will not be the First time or the Last time that Nyberg is called a Racist,

    I have seen his musings on Daily Kos, and it's no wonder why he is so popular over there

    He has been accused of being an anti-semite, many times over there

    By Anonymous Won'tbe the First or the Last, at 10:45 AM, October 13, 2006  

  • For the record, I went to Theresa Kelly's house yesterday and reviewed the paperwork on the Alumni Wall of Fame Account.

    As Theresa Kelly stated, all the money is sufficiently accounted for; there is no impropriety with this account. And as stated before, this information came from Nakita Johnson the business manager for District 209. To make a long story short, Stan Fields had access to this information, but chose to make allegations and grandstand for Chris Welch, which is absolutely underhanded and deceitful. It’s sad, but being the “financial wizard” as he was described, you would expect Fields’ to do the basic research necessary before making irresponsible allegations. This helps clarify why his rating is a 1.6 out of 5.

    The reason Chris Welch is adamantly against the Alumni Wall of Fame is because Theresa Kelly and Pam Marine would not allow Welch the opportunity to speak at the Alumni Wall of Fame Banquet during his campaign. Welch was well aware of the success of this banquet and actually told people not to buy tickets to this event. Why, because Welch wanted the Alumni Wall of Fame to fail due to him not being a part of this event. Welch’s sour grapes mentality is petty, selfish and arrogant; just another reason why Chris Welch should step down and relinquish his position as District 209 school board president.

    Theresa Kelly will make this file as well as additional information and supporting documents available to you after the next school board meeting on Oct. 23rd.

    By Anonymous Fields' deceit & Welch's lies, at 12:20 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • Hey Carl questions for ya
    how many off duty police work for the distric making $21.00 an hour?
    waht do they do besides drink coffee and sit around thats all i have seen them do at west.
    Why do they make as much as $7.00 an hour more than the para professionals?
    Are they there to protect Welch from any future run ins with police? That position nets them over $400.00 a week per officer as a part time job. can this money be better spent. Are the kids that bad that 15 off duty officers a day are posted at the schools. The positions were funded by a grant that has run out over 3 yeras ago.What about all the cameras and other school security staff. I think its time for this cash cow to be lead out to pasture. Ask Fields what he thinks.

    By Anonymous IM WATCHING, at 12:52 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Steven, at 12:53 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • Chris Welch is racist!

    Welch steals from his own people.

    He's fired nearly every black administrator and replaced them with white administrators.

    The worst kind of racist is one who perpetrates hate crimes against his "own" people.

    His brother Billy was indicted for selling drugs. That's a racist form of genocide. His brother Stacy is on the lam for similar criminal and genocidal activities.

    If there is a such thing as a black skinhead...then it's fair to characterize Welch as a racist.

    By Anonymous Welch's racial profiling, at 2:51 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • Im watching.

    There is a difference between security officers and police officers. The main difference is specialized training. Police officers are certified with the state after passing training and many have degrees in criminal justice and master degrees as well. So yes, they would get paid more than a security guard. And yes, it is good to have off duty police officers that have a relationship with these kids on the streets and at school. These officers know who the trouble makers are.

    Question. In the field of nursing, an LPN is paid less than an RN. Why? An RN has a 4 year degree and LPN has a 2 year degree. Shouldn't there be a pay difference?

    If we have gang problems in our schools, what's wrong with having both security and police officers. It's better to be proactive than reactive. I bet if something happen to you or your child at the school, you would want both police and security and whoever else that can help you around.

    By Anonymous There's a difference, at 6:24 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • There's a difference said..

    We have gang problems in Proviso schools....i'm shocked

    By Anonymous no clue?, at 9:09 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • Come on now be real these cops do nothing trust me i know. Look at the money if just 10 cops work for both schools that $4000.00 a week That is just plain crazy, and by the way most of them dont even live in the district. Each school has a police officer assigned there with a security staff over 300 cameras per school. starting teachers dont make $21.00 an hour. $4000.00 a week what kind of other programs could this money go to to combat gangs, and other school issues.Hey dif what department does your hubby work for im sure the $400.00 a week comes in handy. $4000.00 a week for glorified hall monitors be real.

    By Anonymous IM WATCHING, at 9:28 PM, October 13, 2006  

  • Im watching...

    Sorry I'm not married. Some of the officers do not live in the district but all of them work in the district. I have been at the school when fights broke out and these officers came in hand. These officers work in the district so they know who are the trouble makers from the streets. Like I said, proactive instead of reactive. It might look like they are doing nothing. However, a lot of the trouble making kids don't act out as much because they know the police is in the building with arrest power unlike security. A lot of these young trouble makers are wannabe gang members. Just by having police presence in the building benefits the school, students, and staff. You don't have to agree with me, but I know as well. Yes, I agree it looks like these officers are just standing around. However, when situations happen, and yes they happen daily, these officers step up and handle these situations immediately before they get out of hand. Ask some of the teachers.

    Im watching...What programs do you suggest to help the gang problems and other behavioral problems in the schools?

    By Anonymous There's a difference, at 7:44 AM, October 14, 2006  

  • Dif; just so your aware the police officers working the side job at the Proviso schools have no arrest powers. That was part of the initial agreement when the the program was instituted with the grant. The only officer that has any arrest powers is the officer assigned to the school by each village. The community police officers are unarmed and carry a badge created by the district. They are nothing more then window dressing. Are you aware that at PEHS. many of the cpo's are retired and no longer work the street. I highly doubt they know who the trouble makers are in the community. As for breaking up fights, again i say getting additional para profesional staff who by the way are trained in handling fights makes for more a more fiscally responcible option. As well as they all come from the community and know the bad kids too. Are you aware that when the district began to cut back on the police officers hours, several police officers from melrose park were prpared to initiate civil littigation against the district to maintain the more than 600 hours they were alotted. 600x400x10 do the math. These officers are there for one reason only not the welfare of the kids but the money.

    By Anonymous IM WATCHING, at 1:51 PM, October 14, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 PM, October 15, 2006  

  • The Proviso Insider is full of you know what. I am BLACK and calling Welch a FIELDS NIGGER does not make me a racist. Welch is a disgrace to the Black community and he knows it. When Chris Welch's name is mentioned in the community people have nothing but bad stuff to say about the creep. He has sold his own people out time and time again to please the small percentage of White studnets that attend Proviso. Proviso West and East have been neglected to buy lap tops for the PMSA students. Welch has given unqualified people jobs and contracts before educating the children of this community. PMSA was a failure. Welch is a very sick man

    What should we call Welch? A BIOGOT against his own people, maybe a HOUSE NIGGER!

    By Blogger Mississippi_Burning, at 7:21 PM, October 15, 2006  

  • im watching, you need to get your facts straight. first of all the police get paid $20.00 per hour. I would love to see the district get rid of the police officers, cause the schools would go up for grabs. Thats all the kids need to know is there are no police in the school and the trouble will start.

    I agree that there may be some bad seeds, but that is only because of chris welch. Mr Welch allowed part time police to work in the school. These people have no training and most only work 4 hours a month at a police department and use the school as a full time job. there were never any problems when only full time police from the district were allowed to work. ALso with the police, you do not have the political BS, like you do with the civilian employees, for example Mrs. Daniels (Chris Welch cousin). You also have brandon gayle and Robert Taylor, all of which were supporters of chris welch. Lets get rid of the police so Mr. Welch can hire more of his family members and political supporters to work in the school. Lets get rid of the police with all the school shootings that are occurring. You need to get your head examined. Another point you made about the police not having arrest powers. They have arrest powers 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and no one except their departments can take that away. SO lets get rid of the police, the school will be in shambles within a week

    By Blogger 209 facts, at 6:31 PM, October 16, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Steven, at 12:35 PM, October 18, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Steven, at 12:41 PM, October 18, 2006  


    By Anonymous IM WATCHING, at 1:16 PM, October 18, 2006  

  • Just wanted to say, Welch is an ASS. Welch is responsible for hiring Hillbilly Fields. Come April Fields will kick WElch in his black uncle tom's ass.

    By Blogger welch_is_an_ass, at 4:55 PM, October 18, 2006  

  • Why does Fields have beef with Kelly? Did Welch poison Fields against Kelly? Why does Fields disrespect and act so agry toward Kelly.

    Fields needs to be very careful. The same people that put him in will be the same people that votes his butt out in April. Proviso politics are extremely shady! Can't trust Welch as far as you can throw him

    By Blogger wackowelcho, at 1:35 PM, October 20, 2006  

  • Why does Fields have a beef with Kelly?

    Why does Fields have a beef with Bryant?

    Why does Fields have a beef with Libka?

    Why does Fields have a beef with Flowers?

    What's his "beef" problem?

    Finally someone comes along that's genuinely committed to doing the job they were hired to do, and because someone you backed gets exposed for errors in judgement/shady dealings, the attempt now is to portray Fields as being inept?

    Looks to me like an actual "house cleaner" was never originally desired. Probably what was hoped for was a person who would rid the field of only the people YOU thought needed to go.

    Fields strikes me as an equal opportunity "hatchet man", something the district has been characterized as being in desparate need. The idea about his "picking" on folk strikes me as ridiculous and absurd. That presumably grown folk get on public forums and whine 'cause their "pet" gets into heat runs contrary to actions being performed that are in the public interest.

    By Anonymous ceaser, at 7:46 AM, October 21, 2006  

  • Fields has the same problem as Welch...Punks that suffer from inadequate height prblems or inadequate genital problems.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:36 PM, October 21, 2006  

  • Is Fields giving Libka the axe? Welch is allowing his loyal puppet to be fired? Is Rome falling?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:38 PM, October 21, 2006  

  • welch is not loyal to anyone.

    By Anonymous welch is really an ass, at 1:06 AM, October 22, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Steven, at 12:01 PM, October 23, 2006  

  • Ceasar didn't Brutus stab your ass in the back. Shut the F&#k UP! You make no sense. Fields is a hillbilly that needs to be sent back to the corn fields with Libka. Fields is real flip at the mouth and no one is going to allow this RED NECK to get away with it. Someone called Welch a Fields' nigger, Welch is more like a pathetic nigger.

    By Blogger welch-the-blackbald-cockroach, at 10:12 PM, October 23, 2006  

  • I'm Black and Im so Sick of everything in our community being a black white issue. Every white man is not a racist. As a matter of fact it seems like more black people are racist now days and openly share their bigoted views. The problem with Proviso isnt white racism Its Black LAZINESS and Our kids wanting to be ignorant and ghetto. Stop Blaming THE WHITE MAN, for the fact that black kids care more about Rims, Weed and "Grills" then Books and Knowledge. Oh or maybe Im just a House Nigger or uncle Tom cause I tell it like it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:36 PM, June 20, 2007  

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