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Monday, September 18, 2006

EVENTS, how loud is too loud? [MP]

Last night I heard fireworks in Forest Park. Today I was told it was the fireworks show in Melrose Park.

Were the fireworks too loud and too late?

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  • This past weekend Melrose Park hosted it's annual Hispanofest. This year it was held on 25th street,behind the civic center where the taste of Melrose is always held.
    I for one have no disagreement with the fest, but I do have a problem when on Sunday night at 11:00pm in Winston Park, one can hear the Mexican music from behind the civic center loud and clear in one's house as if they were playing just next door!
    It's appaling that on Sunday night at 11:00pm, when the majority of residents are going to bed to go to work on Monday morning,and have to rise from bed at 5:00am, that one can't get a good night's reat in our Village!
    With our house closed,windows closed,air conditioning on, one could still hear the loud music from the civic center over a mile away!After the music was over they then had fireworks for over 30 minutes and finally calm!Imagine, people from Forest Park and Maywood could hear the music and fireworks, and Melrose Parkers could hear "live,loud Mexican music in our own bedroom " Like they were next to us"!
    What a disregard towards all people in our village, who pay taxes,own our homes and clean our properties, who go to work everyday and can't use our parks in town, because the facilities are broken and gangbangers rule the parks, who can't use the public schools, because they don't function, and now can't sleep because the village officials don't have the brains or respect for the citizens in town, and did'nt make them stop playing loud music at 8 or 9 pm!I have to wonder why are the loudspeakers so loud that the music is heard all over town?What's the curfew for the music?Does Melrose Park even care?I am sure if the event organizers were told they would have stopped, if not Melrose Park should have pulled the plug of the speakers.Also why does Melrose Park allow this to happen?
    Great communities have fests well run, and play music and don't allow the Music to be played late at night, or to be heard outside the arena.Villages like Oak Park,Bloomindale,Elmwood Park,Addison,Elmhurst and even Maywood would not allow that to happen.If you run an event like a Ghetto , you'll gety ghetto to attend and then those ghetto people will want to come again and rent and buy where the ghetto issues are allowed.If you run your village and events with CLASS and REPECT for all the citizenary, then you'll attract the right people who'll stay and make your community a top notch community!!!
    Melrose Park dropped the ball big timer, and hopefully they'll apologize to there residents,because this morning everyone on my block were talking about the music and everyone concluded that "it's time to move out" Melrose Park has fallen and they(the village) could care less what we think or thought or want!!!!

    By Anonymous Melrose Parker, at 5:23 PM, September 18, 2006  

  • I live in Melrose Park and last night I truely can tell you that I was outraged with the loud music being blasted by the Fest! I called the police station twice to complain about the loud music and thought there was some sort of ordinace for these complaints, but I was told that there 's nothing they could do, and recommended closing the windows of my house.
    This morning I got to work late, thanks to having to listen to that loud music all night, which was sanctioned by our village.
    Between the new Adult bookstores which opened up ,supported by the Mayor and all the trustees, and now the outrageous loud music being allowed to be played at all hours of the night because the Mayor and trustees allow it, I guess I'll just have to move out or vote for some new trustees and a new Mayor to bring some measure of respect for the families in town back to Melrose Park!

    By Anonymous Someone needs to be fired for this f*&#*ck up!, at 6:29 PM, September 18, 2006  

  • Have our Village officials lost it?
    Why the utter disregard for the entire population and there families in our town? HAVE THEY NO SHAME?
    Who ever allowed the music to blast like it did on both Saturday and Sunday night, along with the fireworks at the time of night, should be immediatley FIRED along with his cohorts!!!
    After the debacle of losing the Police Chief under troublesome conditions, we now allow this debauchery of our village ordinance and total disrespect to all our citizens who work everyday and need to wake up early as well as our children who wake up to go to school!!!!
    The sooner Serpico and his crew of morons,deliquents,degenrat gamblers and perverts and thieves are kicked out of office the better off we will be!

    By Anonymous Whose in charge of the asylum?, at 6:53 PM, September 18, 2006  

  • So have any of you who were affected by the loud music and the fireworks (and yes I could hear the fireworks at my house late on Sunday night and thought it very odd on a Sunday evening) contacted your village officials and made it known to them that what they allowed was wrong? If you have just put it here on provisoprobe, don't count on anything changing. Complain to all the elected officials that this is not how to run a fest!

    By Anonymous glad I live in FP, at 9:08 AM, September 19, 2006  

  • Get over it already! I live in Winston Park and didn't hear loud music, only fireworks which took place around 10 p.m. Hispanofest happens once a year so quit your bitchin.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 AM, September 19, 2006  

  • Anonymous said...
    Get over it already! I live in Winston Park and didn't hear loud music, only fireworks which took place around 10 p.m. Hispanofest happens once a year so quit your bitchin.

    Hey Smart Ass, last I heard there was 25,000 residents in Melrose Park, and last I heard nobody in town was asked if they wanted to hear loud music blaring into there homes on Sunday night at 11 pm?
    Also just because it happens once a year does'nt make it right that the organizers were so stupid and to allow the soundspeakers to be on so high and at that time of the night!
    Why can't you admit you goofed up and that next year the music will be stopped by 9 pm, and the loud speakers will be adjusted accordingly, so that the music being played can be heard at the civic center and not all over Melrose Park!
    Also, for your information, I also heard loud spanish music playing in Winston Park from the Taste of Melrose event and also at 10 pm, I guess the speakers were also to loud! I was told that the Hispanofest was poorly attended, maybe the fest can be held at Triton College where it used to be!
    I'm sure if one of those Cantinas/Bars from Lake St. were doing the same thing,blaring loud music late at night, the village would have fined them and possibly even closed them down. So, instead of bitching yourself, learn from your mistakes and make sure it does'nt happen again. HispanoFest should be a Celebration of Hispanics rich traditions and the contributions they have given the World and the US, it should not be a beer guzzling,low life,loud music and poorly run event that happened this past weekend.Why does the hispanofest not bring in the Ballet companies and dance troupes that are hispanics? How about Opera singers, the poets and the authors??How about the Marachis,the Salsa Bands and Samba dancers?
    Clean up your act and realize that you need to show your own people as well as others the greatness of your traditons from all Latin America, not the cantinas and trashy fests that are given by some hispanics and call it an Hispanic Fest!!!

    By Anonymous Hispanofest should be held at Triton College, at 11:09 AM, September 19, 2006  

  • i heard it all and thought it was festive and great. what a bunch of crabs living in this town. maybe you should move!!how come you don't criticize the illegal fireworks shot off on the fourth of july way after midnight and usually by village personal? shame on you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • I'd rather be a smartass than a dumbass!haha. If you don't like the loud music then MOVE! I'd rather hear loud music (which I didn't hear that night) than the dimwits who blow m80's all hours of the day and night. Hmmm maybe you're one of those dimwits.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:14 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • The majority of the houses in Melrose Park are owned by Mexicans. They pay property taxes, so they should be entitled to use the Civic Center.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:19 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • Anonymous: "The majority of the houses in Melrose Park are owned by Mexicans. They pay property taxes, so they should be entitled to use the Civic Center."

    That's true. But shouldn't they also respect the neighborhood and not have an event on a Sunday evening that disrupts people from sleeping and then getting to work the following day?

    By Anonymous curious, at 3:02 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • Anonymous said...
    The majority of the houses in Melrose Park are owned by Mexicans. They pay property taxes, so they should be entitled to use the Civic Center.

    Hey Mr. Anonymous, nobody cares if there five mexicans families living in one house to pay the mortgage, and nobody cares if Mexicans use the civic center.But I thought the Hispanofest was about hispanics, not just Mexicans?
    Well the point of the discussion is that the Hispano fest should be done classy and with diginity and respect for all!
    Anybody can call themselves an hispanic, but that does'nt mean we have to act like gangbangers,stupid,lazy,drug dealin,drunks,bisexual,with girls who are pregnenant by 15y/o,living with three other families so as to own a home in Melrose Park,driving those big tractor trucks when the majority of mexicans in Melrose only had a horse back home and act rude and loud, and come to America to emulate blacks"Yea,we tough guys,we got gangs and drugs and dance all night","eventhough we dance like Indians that we are"! Why can't Mexicans emulate White people and try to improve there lots, get an education, and act civil??? The hispanofest was so lame, with all those future inmates,oh I mean your kids, hanging out getting drunk with there dads, and pissing in the middle of the streets! What,in Mexico they don't have toilets?
    And another thing, your people are "SURE" ugly! The women are short,fat,have mustaches and there bodies look like a body of a turtle! And those guys, who dress awefully and look like a mix between black and indians,WHAT AN UNGLY PEOPLE AND RACE YOU PEOPLE ARE!
    Now go away, and stop playing that ugly POLKA music in our town!!!!

    By Anonymous Clean up Melrose, at 3:27 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • You want mexicans to emulate a racist PIG like you? OINK OINK

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:35 PM, September 19, 2006  

  • Melrose Park has been destroyed by the continuous influx of poor Mexicans moving into our town over the past 10 years!
    80% are illegal, also for every 5 houses owned by Mexicans in Town,4 are being lived by over 12 people, because there is no way they can afford the mortgage,when there first priority is buying a Truck,cowboy hat and boots, a gun, and Mexican beer and tequila and beating up there Mexican wives from Melrose Park, because everyone knows they also have wives in children in Meixco as well.
    Also are school system has worsened because neither the parents have education, nor do they emualte others and value education.Due to these piss,poor,bottom of the pile Mexican Indians, because they sure have no spanish blood from spain in them, our catholic churches and catholic schools are closing, because they won't send there kids to parochial schools, and won't give money to support the church, yet they seek assistance from the Church when they need something!!
    Your restuarants and bussinesses in general are aweful,dirty and should be closed due to health and safety violations, but only Melrose would keep them open!
    Your children are all gang bangers,thieves and drug addicts and drug dealers, and your women are ugly,short,fat and have mustaches!!!!
    Your people have destroyed Melrose Park, and now you think you can do anything you want??Listen in Mexico your peopleare the scum of the earth, and have no rights there other than being maid and servants.Don't come to Melrose Park and try acting knowledgble, and acting that your customs are similar to the White,Spanish Mexicans!!1 Your those Meixnas Indians,Aztecs, who resided in reservations in Mexico , now you come here trying to pretend your a person, well your wrong, your still a MULE here in Melrose Park and in the USA!!
    Now squeal like the pigs you are, because my foot is ready to slam you in your turtle body,indian ass!

    By Anonymous Your not white mexicans,your indians, at 4:04 PM, September 19, 2006  

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