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Proviso Probe

Friday, September 15, 2006

N06, Stroger n Peraica

Since Proviso Probe covered the anti-Stroger website, it seems fair to include the anti-Peraica website.

Sun-Times (Steve Patterson) covered the incident where Stroger Hospital employees beat an elderly immigrant. The "we can do what we want" attitude reminds me of the way Stroger's team plays politics.

A clever political move was made by Commissioner Roberto Maldanado. See Chicago Tribune (Oscar Avila). Maldanado is pushing legislation to make Cook County a sanctuary for immigrants. County employees would be prohibited from asking about immigration status. Maldanado is trying to force Peraica to offend either his Republican base or liberals who are pro-immigration.

Peraica wasn't biting.
Commissioner Tony Peraica (R-Riverside), himself an immigrant from the former Yugoslavia, said he has spoken out against the recent alleged abuses of immigrants and a House bill that would toughen immigration enforcement.

While sympathetic, Peraica questioned whether Maldonado's plan was merely a "feel-good" measure.

"This is an issue I hope Congress will tackle," said Peraica, the Republican nominee for County Board president.

The next story is kinda a no-win story for Stroger. Mayor Daley seeks to overturn the ban on foie gras. Reporters called aldermen to see if they'd reconsidered. See Chicago Tribune (Gary Washburn and Mickey Ciokajlo).
Todd Stroger (8th) and Rey Colon (35th) are among aldermen contacted by the Tribune who said they would stand by the ban. Others who originally voted in favor, said they now were on the fence. And still others, including Richard Mell (33rd), Carrie Austin (34th), Isaac Carothers (29th) and Howard Brookins Jr. (21st) said they were open to the repeal proposal.


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