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Thursday, September 14, 2006

KLEPT, applying Taddeo precedent to George Ryan

State Journal-Register (Doug Finke):
August Taddeo was convicted of federal extortion and tax charges related to his tenure as mayor of Melrose Park. He worked concurrently as a local township supervisor. Both jobs are covered by the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Taddeo argued that he should be allowed to keep the IMRF pension benefits earned as a township supervisor because the job was separate from mayor of Melrose Park. The Supreme Court agreed that Taddeo's misconduct was not related to his township job and, thus, he could keep that pension.

Taddeo's situation came up because Lisa Madigan has determined that George Ryan's service in both the legislature and the executive branch were both working for the State of Illinois. So his conviction for misconduct as Secretary of State cancels his pension for both his time in the legislature and his time as a constitutional officer.


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