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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

PO-PO, Hines switches fire protection from Broadview to Forest Park [BV, FP]

Broadview has been in a budget crunch for awhile. The “hail Mary” play—home rule—was defeated by the voters.

So Broadview cut staff, including the fire department.

Hines VA Hospital paid Broadview $190,000 per year for fire protection. See Maywood Herald (David Pollard).

Broadview cut the number of firefighters serving Hines from eight to four and gave assurances mutual aid with other local communities would protect Hines in an emergency.

Hines rejected this back-up plan and obtained the services from Forest Park.

Geographically, Maywood would seem to be the logical choice. I wonder how Hines decided on using the Forest Park Fire Department.


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