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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

N06, where do Proviso candidates stand on election law?

h/t Capitol Fax Blog

Illinois Campaign for Political Reform surveyed legislative candidates on campaign law issues.

Some of the candidates responded; some did not.

Proviso non-responders
* Senator Kimberly Lightford (Dem-4th)
* Antoinette Ruback (GOP-4th Senate)
* Senator Dan Cronin (GOP-21st)
* Jim Rowe (GOP-39th Senate)
* LaShawn Ford (Dem-8th Legislative)
* Bob Biggins (GOP-21st Leg)
* Deborah Graham (Dem-78th Leg)

Proviso responders
* Senator Don Harmon (Dem-39th)
* Rep. Karen Yarbrough (Dem-7th Leg)
* Nathan Paul Helsabeck (Green-8th Leg)
* Rep. Robert Molaro (Dem-21st Leg)
* Charles Johnson (GOP-21st Leg)

Here are the issues covered on the questionnaire.

1. Contributions by unions and corporations
2. Contribution limits
3. Transfers between political committees
4. Kickbacks from state contractors
5. Contributions by heavily regulated, e.g. utilities and casinos
6. Public funding for Illinois Supreme Court candidates
7. Transparency in investigations
8. Increased frequency of disclosure
9. Increase audits and enforcement
10. Extend lobbying laws to retirement fund boards
11. Politically neutral legislative districts

Which of these issues do you feel strongly about?

If you are disatisfied with the non-responders, please contact them. If democracy is going to work, candidates should make their positions clear before elections. Otherwise it devolves into a popularity contest.


  • Harmon opposes ballot access for Green Party candidates. Isn't that anti-Democratic?

    By Anonymous Harmon too conservative, at 10:05 PM, October 15, 2006  

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