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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BUSINESS, spray lubricant company based in Melrose Park [MP]

Yahoo (PRNewswire):
MELROSE PARK, Ill., Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- There's a new discreet lubricant for the one-third of women who say their sex lives are impacted by vaginal discomfort.

FDS Intimate Lubricants was created especially for the many women who experience discomfort due to dryness during sex and therefore are not enjoying their intimate relationships to the extent that they should....

"Many women do not know that lubricants can be an easy, discreet solution for uncomfortable and, in some cases, painful sex," said Dr. Schwartz. "But there have been significant advances and the new and improved products, formulated for women, offer a natural feeling...."

They are FDA approved, and non-irritating, long lasting and fragrance free. It was created without animal testing. It is also the first feminine hygiene product to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal. They are sold in 2 ounce pump-bottles, with a suggested retail price of $6.49 at most major drugstores and mass market retailers.

I'm not sure why spray lube is a big improvement over traditional application methods, but if you want to try it you can do it and support local business.


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