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Thursday, May 04, 2006

MIL, Forest Park Reserve Center will close [FP]

Mayor Anthony Calderone wrote in the Forest Park Post (available around the village now):
I was visited by a representative from the Department of Defense who informed me of the closing of our Navy Reserve Center. Contrary to information previously circulated, it is my understanding that the base is closing and the Army will not be taking ove the site. I do not have much more to add at this writing but please stay tuned. I hope to know more in the near futue.

I have taken the position closing the reserve center completely is good for Forest Park because the property would go on the tax rolls (hopefully). See Forest Park Review (Carl Nyberg).

Seth Stern and I did some legwork to try to determine if the Reserve Center would be closing. See Forest Park Review and Proviso Probe.

I got the impression the people at the Reserve Center really don't know the fate of the Army Reserve units that currently drill there. Further, I got the impression that the reserve maze-of-command is too byzantine for most people to even try to comprehend.

I hope Mayor Calderone got good info and the Reserve Center is closing. However, it wouldn't surprise me if the plan changes.


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