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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

GOV, Western Springs pledge fealty to Dear Leader [WS]

Western Springs only has one precinct in Proviso Township. So I tend to not cover Western Springs.

But some things are so richly deserving of ridicule that I've got to give them some coverage.

Suburban Life (Tara Alexander):
Western Springs village officials have proclaimed May 1 as Loyalty Day, a holiday intended to promote patriotism. But where some see this as an opportunity to celebrate national pride, others disagree with a governing body advocating patriotism, and believe the holiday encourages blind loyalty to U.S. policy.

Loyalty Day? To whom are we pledging loyalty? Why not cut out the middleman of "patriotism" and pledge loyalty directly to Dear Leader George W. Bush?

Bush wraps himself in the flag to justify and otherwise unjustifiable war. Now Bush's popularity is in the tank. And Western Springs declares May 1 "Loyalty Day".

Does this mean it's OK to be unpatriotic or disloyal the rest of the year?

If Western Springs wants to show some loyalty to the principles of the nation, it should take some time to ennumerate all the ways President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their administration have undermined the Constitution.

But ennumerating Bush's violations of the Constitution would be "disloyal", wouldn't it?


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