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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ED, Libka comments on sacking Gilchrist [D209]

Robert Libka, Proviso Township High School's chief education officer, recently fired his deputy superintendent, Dr. Kelvin Gilchrist.

From Forest Park Review (Seth Stern):
Libka declined to comment on the reasons for the suspension, but said that the decision to suspend Gilchrist was made independent of any board of education members, and that all board members were notified at the same time.

Here’s how a competent chief executive would have handled firing a senior lieutenant with a divided board of directors.

The chief executive would have discussed the issue with the leaders of both factions. “I know we’ve had differences in the past, but my deputy isn’t working for reasons A, B & C.” Then the board members would have countered with their analysis. The chief executive would strive to build consensus on whether to fire the deputy and when. If no consensus could be achieved then the chief executive would act while acknowledging the dissenting point of view.

Of course, trying to achieve consensus is more productive when the underlying personnel move actually makes sense.

Libka is part clumsy and part dishonest. He shouldn’t have fired Gilchrist without first consulting the board. But Libka has trained himself to reflexively say, “No board members were involved in this personnel decision.” Apparently he doesn’t grasp that it’s inappropriate to have board members direct hiring and firing, but that there are times when he should be consulting the board.

But who thinks Libka sacked Gilchrist without consulting with board president Emanuel Christopher Welch first? Libka could attend every Sunday service, tithe 10% and wear a Jesus tie every day of the year and I still wouldn’t believe him.

Getting people to believe you is more likely when the story you’re peddling actually makes sense.


  • Finally, Carl you have realized that Libka is an complete ROCK HEAD! Everyone knows that Welch controls Libka. That is why Welch got rid of Jackson and Gilchrist because they were strong Black men that stood up to the punk Welch. Libka takes it in the booty and does what Welch says. He does not know what the hell he is doing and he is Welch's puupet. He is a LIAR that goes to Lutheran church and preaches holiness but does not live by what he preaches, and he now believes that he is the messiah to Proviso. His appoint as CEO has put Proviso fifty years back. He is a CEO and not a politican, but he lies like he is one. He has gotten caught up in some shit and he will go down with Welch.

    It seems like Libka suffers from selective amnesia or althemizers. I believe he is playing our community and he does not have the community or the students in his best interest. Libka needs to take a plane back to India. Check that one out Carl...Libka is such a missionary. YEAH RIGHT!

    By Blogger Crome_Dome, at 10:02 PM, January 17, 2006  

  • Choose a pseudonym. I delete posts under "anonymous".

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:33 PM, January 19, 2006  

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