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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Proviso Township community liaison

Thanks go to the Pioneer Press (David Pollard) for covering this.

There are multiple issues.

1. Is the position needed?
2. Was it awarded based on merit?
3. Was it passed by the correct procedure?

Anything else?


  • Martinez actually get's it. (read the P.P. article) The Township Alliance Party, or should I say the Serpico,Pasquale,Calderone party, of which all of the trustees hail from, touted the fact that they were a well-balanced ticket representing a broad cross section of Proviso Township in one of their glossy mail pieces. How about the Township Trustees getting off their a$$es and being liasons to their own communities. I attend many civic functions and I have never seen even one of these bums out there promoting whatever "services" they claim to provide. And what's with Williams? I abstain? On what basis? Take a stand Tony or are you afraid Serpico, Pasquale & Calderone will come looking for reimbursement for the money they spent to get you elected? Stand and deliver to your masters (S,P,C)by voting YES or serve the people that elected you by voting NO to this patronage position.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:39 PM, September 28, 2005  

  • To repy to your question,
    1. Is the postion needed?, no it is not needed,since the Township has more than enough resources at there beck and call to get information out to all the residents of Proviso.This postion is a job made up from the trustee from Melrose Park, oh, I mean from Westchester,Mr. Sloan, who needed to take care of this person , who has all the goods on Sloan and his corrupt ways!
    2.Was it awarded based on Merit? The trustees who voted for the creation of this postion,who voted to take taxpayer money to award there personal political ally, have never ever based any hiring based on merit or qualification. The sole purpose is to create postions or jobs for select individuals who know "how the game is played"(see the Ryan trial accusations on how the game is played).
    3.Was it passed by the correct procedure? No, they(Sloan and Gillian) never posted the job,never notified anyone of an open postion,never interviewed canidates, nor at the very least commented to the press that they were seaking to create this position.These two trustee also waited for an opportunity, when Kathy Ryan was not present to motion and vote for the position. Why did they not wait for another meeting when she would be present to vote on the subject? This was the equivalent action of a "midnight raid into the cookie jar", led by Sloan and Gillian on the hard working taxpayers of Proviso!Why did they give $12,000 dollars to one individual, and why did Sloan vote down $15,000 dollars for a youth soccer league ,which would service over 350 children in Proviso ,not including giving children another avenue of activity, so as to avoid gangs and drugs, and he could then "relay information about township services" to them at these games? Look at the numbers, Sloan gives $12,000 to one person , and denies 15,000 to over 350 children,as well as to their parents,which would equal at the very least 700 people of Proviso! His argument that he seeks to have township services advertised does not add up,I believe he is racist because those children are hispanics,which mainly reside in Melrose Park,Maywood,Bellwood,and Stone Park, and I truely believe that he could care less about good goverment, but instead only cares about trying to take care of his personal insecurities by trying to pretend he's a "Big Shot".If he can spend the taxpayers money so easily, why does he not spend his own money or use his money that he recieves from the taxpayers to pay for this unneccessary position!

    By Anonymous Rich Fox, at 4:41 PM, September 29, 2005  

  • Don Sloan created this position, because he found out that his close friend Brian Cross, who is on the taxpayers roll, has a position for Gene Moore as a community liasion. Sloan who knows that Cross does nothing, thought it was a great position to create!I wonder if Kathy Ryan will notify the Probe and the Papers of all future hirings to see who Sloan and the others hire and for what! Carl, this gentleman is the reason Township goverment should be abolished and funds should go to the villages who can best distribute them!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:26 PM, September 29, 2005  

  • Sloan you are a rodent of a human being! Why do you put a friend in harm's way?You have made anyone associated with you a liability who know one can trust, because you are not trustworthy!In Politics and in life , all you have is your word, and you are known as someone who never keeps their word and you have"0",zero credibility! I hope you run again for something, so I can go out and tell the world about useless, piece of s---!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:31 PM, September 29, 2005  

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