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Proviso Probe

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

allegations of sexual misconduct

Twice I have removed comments that allege sexual misconduct by an authority figure at Proviso Township High Schools.

I have contacted the Chicago Public Schools inspector general’s office. The CPS IG records only date to 1994, but there is no record of sexual misconduct by the individual in question in these records. (This does not explicitly refute the allegations since the misconduct was alleged to have occurred in the 90s.)

The CPS IG seemed to take the allegations seriously and was pumping me for information.

To the person that posted the allegations, please call Jim Sullivan of the CPS IG at (773) 534-8711. Sullivan seemed quite concerned and was doing what he could to investigate the allegations, but is hampered by a lack of information. Please call Sullivan and answer his questions so the matter can be resolved.


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