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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Forest Park Police Department command climate & alleged rape

Forest Park Review (Josh Adams) wrote the headline, "Report says woman knew alleged rapist". I would have chosen something more like, "Alleged rape: incident report released," and then given written something like, "Village redacts details for privacy reasons," in the large text blurb.

On Forest Park Forums dogcatcher asked (in this discussion), How on earth could the off-duty behavior be the fault of our Chief or Mayor?

This is how I responded:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same Mayor Calderone who effectively sided with a Forest Park police officer who sexually assaulted another police officer at a department function?

Didn't the FPPD engage in behavior that looked like retaliation against the officers who assisted the officer sexually assaulted? Isn't the reasonable inference that Calderone directed the retaliation and Chief Ryan carried it out?

And wasn't the officer who did the sexual assault not only retained on the force, but put in charge of internal investigations?

And hasn't Ryan bent over backwards to conceal police misconduct by FPPD officers and defend them against allegations of brutality (of course, minus the officers on Calderon's political hit list)?

So, is it any wonder that FPPD officers think the rules don't apply to them as long as they do the bidding of Ryan and Calderone?

Do you think it's a coincidence that the alleged rape happened in Forest Park?

The FPPD has about 38 cops, right? About seven of these cops actually live in Forest Park, right? So the one time a cop decides to explore the limits of consenting to sex he just happens to do it in the jurisdiction where he thinks Calderone and Ryan will have his back. Just coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

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