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Monday, July 02, 2007

want to give your time on village commissions?

I received a solicitation to volunteer from Steve Backman, Citizens United In Forest Park:
Because of the recent election wins for Martin
Telalian, Michael Curry, Rory Hoskins and Glen
Garlish, there are now vacancies on the Forest Park
Zoning Board of Appeals, Plan Commission, Traffic &
Safety Board and Police and Fire Commission.

I would like to urge all CUinFP members to consider
volunteering for these open positions and bring a
fresh voice to the decision making processes here in

If selected, you can still remain a member of CUinFP
(although you will not be able to vote in CUinFP elections).

Martin Telalian, Jerry Webster and Michael Curry are
CUinFP members and currently hold Village positions.

I have enclosed a PDF copy of the official Village
Volunteer form. If you are interested, fill it out
and send it in to Mayor Calderone.

Again, please consider these opportunities. Your
service could make a great difference for all of us.

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