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Monday, March 12, 2007

KLEPT, "Casual undertime" nominees

It's Just Teaching (Isis) defines "casual undertime" as "Getting paid for forty hours for the week when one has worked less than forty hours for the week."

There was a short discussion:

Can we post a list of people who are examples of this word? I know of at least five at East.

Isis will freak out.


Let's not put anyone's names on on the WWW for people to discuss whether or not they do their job.

Besides...we already know who they are.

I don't work at Proviso Township High Schools District 209 so I don't know all the people getting paid for full-time work, but doing less than full-time work.

Please mention government employees you suspect of working "casual undertime" in the comments. No need to limit yourself to District 209.

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  • My nomination for the award of
    "casual undertime" as "Getting paid for forty hours for the week when one has worked less than forty hours for the week."
    is the employee of the Westchester-Broadview Water commission, Mr. Don "Big Daddy","I only do overtime while sitting in my basement or while campaigning for Chris Welch and Angelo Luciano" Sloan!
    Don Sloan has been the undertime worker of the Century!Sloan is the ultimate winner of Slack,lazyness,sloth,glutony and unbridled lack of work skill.He has no pride in his work habit or even about himself,that's why he walks around with crumbs on his shirt and coffee stains and dirty underwears!Mr. Don Sloan is definetly the poster child and the picture of Undertime!

    By Anonymous Don Sloan is King!, at 6:28 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • If the Proviso board members, Welch, Madlock, and Henry, stop hiring all their cousins, baby mother's sisters, brothers, and nephews and hire qualified people, Proviso would not have this problem. So, this thread needs to be UPDATED and have a discussion on patronage hirings.

    I agree that Proviso does have a problem with lazy ass employees, but a BIGGER problem exists with the blatant, in your face patronage hirings.

    The security at Proviso are lazy, yes that is true, but they are related or connected to some board member. So, they feel they can sit on their ass and do nothing. Hastings and Libka do NOTHING!

    About two weeks ago, Fields sent out an e-mail about how principals can become better leaders. How does Wallace and Patch measure up as principals? Are they effective leaders? NO COMMENT!

    I don't care to much for "lil man" Stan, but some of his e-mails do hit home! BUT where is the follow up "lil man"? Why did he approve a three year contract for Hastings?He needs to practice what he preaches.

    I'm just awaiting my e-mail from "lil man" on how a supt. survives in a political school district, because in April his ass is grass. As a supt. he made some BIG mistakes at his first board meeting. He should know that you don't make enemies with the board member that has gotten the most votes ever in any school board election. The odds of Kelly getting re-elected are pretty high. Even though they will be forced to work for Welch's candidates, the janitors at Proviso are the best political commentators. They have already declared Kelly and her team winners.

    People need to see the bigger picture. Patronage hirings have ruined our district!

    Question: So does BOB LIBKA's duties equate CASUAL UNDERTIME"?
    He does JACK and get paid $125,000.

    What about Kyle Hastings? I am a mayor, a junior college professor, a truck driver, a personal shopper, a dog walker, a nurse, a plumber, and oh, I work as the Director of something at Proviso Township High Schools.

    What about Angela McDaniels? I thought Proviso pays Danielle and Ashley to do her job? Bogarts and Morrison take the district's pictures. So, what doe she do?

    If you look in the dictionary under Casual Undertime there should be a picture of BOB LIBKA sharpening pencils and organizing paper clips while Kyle Hastings is sleeping on the couch and Angela McDaniels struggles at reading the newspaper. It's just politics. Patronage jobs over students!

    By Blogger crazyandlazy, at 9:15 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • My choice for the Casual Undertime award has to go to the Proviso Township Supervisor ,Kathy Ryan.For the past 6 years,Ryan has not done more than 20 minutes of work a month! Her Board meetings last 10 minutes twice a month, and then she runs out of the meetings with her husband and heads back home to continue her wicked drinking!She earns 60,000 dollars a year, and gets full health coverage for her family and herself,yet refuses to work or do anything!While Proviso township services are non existant,she spends only 10 minutes in meetings,but yet collects the check because she only worries about herself!Imagine the amount of money her husband(who is on disability since age 50) and herself(who was on disability prior to her election) and these two have spent over a million dollars in healthcare for themselves at the taxpayers expense!!The township trustees should demand accountability and publish her's and her husbands abuse of the taxpayers paid healthcare and should demand that these two disabilty,welfare king and queens to either resign,due to there poor health,or demand they pay higher co-pays or remove health insurance as a benifit!!!When Proviso residents are seeking mental health services,when they have no insurance,when proviso seniors need meals on wheel services,need assistance with the handyman services remember,Kathy Ryan refuses to provide these services ,because she states"we need to make sure we have enough money" ,but she does'nt worry about her unlimited spending on healthcare for her and her husband(who if they would have not drank so much they would'nt have so many health problems),she does'nt mind paying two different attorneys for legal work,she keeps Danny Cogliniese(her mentor) in power at mental health(who studied and worked as a custodian at 209),who did'nt mind spending township money to rent space at Mike Manzo's bar in Westchester,but yet she and her allies(Jesse Martines,Ben Mazzullo,Mike Manzo,Danny Cogliniese) believe she's doing a good job!

    By Anonymous Kathy Ryan is the Welfare Queen of Proviso!, at 9:19 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • Wow. now you have really hit a sore spot. Where do you start. Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Stroger Hospital, Oak Forest Hospital, Cook County Juvenile Center, SD88,89, or SD209. Proviso Township sounds like a good place to start with a Mayor who is at his office in Orland and supposed to put in 8 to 12 hours a day at Proviso township 209. How does this sort of stuff slip through the cracks without mention?

    By Anonymous The Ghost of 209, at 10:56 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • The fundraiser that Mr. wicks had was fantastic. For once we got to listen to a positive platform from incumbent Board members. The other ones dont do that. I was at Proviso West last week and wanted to talk to Mr. Miller about District 88 and he told me that he was getting ready for a big game and did not have the time. Well Mr. Miller are you going to be a Board Member where my children go to school or are you going to be a coach for proviso. It really hurt me to be shuned away like that. My vote will go to Wicks, Dorris, and Smith, because they took the time to invite the parents to a wonderful function to explain thier agenda. now as a parent i will encourage all parents I know to support them as well.And it was not a wild night club affair, it was one of the best that i have been to in a long time.

    By Anonymous Liars on the Insider again, at 4:14 PM, March 13, 2007  

  • I believe the person who best reflects for many people this category has to be the Mayor of Stone Park.As Mayor of a village with only 3 precicints,and only a thousand people,who are all mexican,he pays himself $110,000 to be Mayor and $40,000 for being liqour commissioner.That totals to $150,000 making him the highest paid Mayor in the entire state of Illinios!Imagine he makes more than Mayor Daley,more than the Governor,more than a Congressman and a US Senator!
    To top it off Stone Park has the lowest income in the state per resident,home values are low,there are no businesses in the village,only strip clubs and adult bookstores,it is considered to be the least desirable neighborhood to live in Illinois,and under Mazzullo and Martinez it has the highest tax rate of any village in the state of Illinois!Mazzullo has destroyed his school district(88) and continues to support strip joints and adult bookstores.

    By Anonymous Mazzullo and Martinez have destroyed Stone Park, at 5:57 AM, March 16, 2007  

  • Don't forget Risa Caudle the special education teacher who spends 5 days a week in various computer labs and the library. She spends the majority of her time planning birthday parties for administration. Last year, she and Crystal Bush, during class time were frying chicken in the school's kitchen. Where were the students? Alone in the room. What a joke.

    By Anonymous sick and tired, at 12:14 PM, March 28, 2007  

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