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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GOV, village board rejects strip bar in Broadview [BV]

Last week the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals voted down Joe Inovskis' application for a strip club bar in Broadview; last night the board of trustees voted unanimously to reject the application. See Chicago Tribune (Joseph Ruzich).

The application was rejected because it clearly violated existing code that prohibits adult entertainment establishments from serving alcohol.

But what if Chicago Joe's Tea Room applies for permission to provide adult entertainment without serving alcohol?

The Westchester residents seem to be opposed to the strip club whether it serves alcohol or not. The property is isolated from Broadview's residential areas, but across the street from a whole neighborhood of Westchester single-family homes.

From Tribune:
[Broadview Village President Henry] Vicenik said he thinks Inovskis will give up trying to build the club in Broadview for two reasons:

- State laws prevent strip clubs from opening in areas that have day-care facilities, Vicenik said.

- There would be problems getting parking for the club, Vicenik said.

But the value of Vicenik's insights would be diminished in credibility if Vicenik was in on the original plan to sneak the strip club into Broadview until the residents rose against it.

I don't know what Vicenik knew and when. Westchester Village President Paul Gattuso and Westchester Village Manager Carl Goldsmith knew about the proposal about a week before residents did. And Gattuso and Goldsmith weren't the primary sources for notifying Westchester residents about the application.

Presumably Vicenik would have known about the application as early as Gattuso and Goldsmith. Again, Vicenik wasn't leading the opposition to the application. He waited until the residents had already expressed their ire to jump on the bandwagon.

Based on the law firms involved its reasonable to suspect that Chicago Joe's Tea Room is a project of some of the politically connected. So, if Vicenik is privately working with Inovskis, his lawyers or his investors it diminishes the credibility of his claims that residents don't need to worry about Inovskis re-applying for permission to conduct adult entertainment.

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  • Very nice blog. Thanks much for the link to South Side Star. I'm returning the kindness with a link back here.

    'Be reading you soon!

    By Blogger kween.kong@sbcglobal.net, at 8:48 AM, March 06, 2007  

  • Carl, I think the Mayor of Boadview would have known about this sooner than his Westchester counter-parts, given the application was dated in December (I believe?). Why did he wait so long to get it to the proper people? I think all of the individuals involved, from Mayor Gattuso, Mr Goldsmith, and the trustees did a good job in handling this issue....once they knew about it.

    I think the whole issue was made a POLITICAL ISSUE by the Westchester Progressive Party that is seeking election in April. That was wrong-escpecially if they are trying to sell a "work together" philosophy. They dont practice what they are preaching.

    But that's politics - I guess.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:03 AM, March 06, 2007  

  • Thank God no one takes the "Progressive Party" as a serious threat.

    By Anonymous Westchester's Finest, at 10:01 AM, March 06, 2007  

  • westchester finest - As much as I wisk what you said were true, I disagree with you.

    I think there are enough people out there who are fooled into believeing their line of BS. They keep telling people they have the answers to get things done, however, Rick Fox has done nothing for 4yrs except complain and Pat Casey did nothing before that when he was on he board. Put those 2 together with Buikema and you really have a bunch of worthless, self-absorbed goofs looking to cast stones. I dont know who Boyd is that is running with them (maybe thats a good thing). He may bring FRESH ideas...we know the other 2 have not.

    I cant wait to read a response from FOX or Casey on this site...Rick Fox doesnt moderate this one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:29 AM, March 06, 2007  

  • I wonder who Mayor Gattusso,Angelo Luciano,Donny Luciano,Tom Robbins and Don Sloan are planning to endorse for the 209 school board election?Are the planning on endorsing there good friend Chris Welch's ticket,long with Chris Welch's stealth canididate James Boyd?? As your aware it was Chris Welch,who is currently the district 209 board president and publisher of the filthy,vile blog Proviso Insider along with his buddy Don Sloan (who also writes on that blog),whose law firm represented the strip club in Broadview!
    Will Mayor Gattusso,Angelo Luciano,Donny Luciano,Tom Robbins and Don Sloan show the political courage to publically denounce Mr. Welch and his canididates for 209 for this vile act?Or will they act with there self interest, and keep quite, and not say a word about Chris WElch and his 209 ticket and continue to support this ticket along with James Boyd, so as to save there pocket book?Will the Luciano's keep quite so as not to jeopardized there electrical contracts at 209?Will Sloan keep quite as to not Jeopardize his nephews's(Tommy Sloan) and Brian Sloan's brother's job at 209 and as well as his close friend herb Klasinsky's job?It will be interesting to see what these "so called" community leaders do!

    By Anonymous Will Luciano show some guts?, at 8:33 PM, March 06, 2007  

  • Anonymous said...
    Proviso Highlighter,

    I didnt know how to send this to you except to reply to a different post. I am sure it should be its own topic.

    I will post as Westchester Senior...

    I am very upset at the way the supposed, Progressive Party is politically spinning everything in our town. The seem to be on an agenda to constantly ridicule the mayor and Mr Luciano in every way, shape or form. It is very tiring....and mostly untrue. I am not saying that I agree with everything that our Village board does, what I am saying is that they are not doing anything different than what they are complaining about.

    The Broadview Adult Club story...they made a complete political issue with out casting blame where blame should be....on the Village Manager. It is HIS responsibility to communicate information he learns to all of the board members. I think this is why we have a Village MANAGER form of goverment...instead they blame Mayor Gattuso. It's not his job to call everyone and alert the parties involved, it is the managers. (correct me if I am wrong). Needless to say this is NOT how it is all portrayed on the Progressive Party Website of Lies.
    Why didnt they call Mr gattuso when they heard about it to join forces and get the word out? I bet because they only wanted to try to make him look bad. They dont want to work together. The are loners trying to manipulate a system for there own needs and political gain.

    Mr "Open and Honest" Richard Fox wants everything out front and open, however he made his "blog for public forum and dscussion" private to his select few. I guess he really doesnt want to hear from people who's opinion differ from his. If this would have been anyone else, he would have wanted a GRAND JURY HEARING into it.

    Also, the release of the attorney. They post all of the information that would make it look negative on the situation but fail to say that Mr Edmonds was a Village Trustee with Mr SInde and made a deal to become the village attorney if he would resign from the board. Why dont they talk about that? Why dont they say that Mr Edmonds is a supporter of the Progresive Party...that is why they are concerned. Why dont they say that he billed the village excessively and has provided MIS-INFORMATION on the Prairie issues as well as other things over the past years. Mr Bikelman and Mr fox have both commented on these things over the last few years at meetings but are now unaware of why he was released. Are we seeing a pattern of lies and deception on Mr Fox and Mr Casey's part?

    What did Mr Casey ever do anyways except go along with everything that Mayor Sinde wanted? Now he wants back? He used to even roll his eyes at Mr Fox's comments...I witnessed that in the audience myself...but now he will run with him.

    My husband and I see a bunch of hypocracy with Mr's Fox and Mr Casey (and Mr Buikema). We dont know anything about Mr Boyle...he seems like a nice lad...but who knows.

    I just can't see how grown men who say they want to move the Village forward continuously stop they flow of information and movement for their own enrichment. they like to hear themselves talk and rant and really make themselves out to be people they are not.

    I just hope more people see this before they go vote in APril...I know I am trying to tell as many people as I know.

    I hope you can post this and we can see if any others feel the same way.

    March 8, 2007 10:42 AM
    Anonymous said...
    Heres another example of Mr Fox and Mr Buikemas two-faced mentality....this is from his personal BLOG: and this is a quote:

    "I researched and brought to the board the suggestion to place a temporary moratorium on non sales tax producing businesses in town so that our prime redevelopment opportunities would not be wasted on businesses that will not bring additional sales tax revenues to the village. In the short term, we still have blight in the village, but through proper planning, the village will have a real chance to benefit financially in the longrun. Longterm planning in Westchester did not exist three years ago."

    ...but even with this statementon his BLOG, Mr Fox and Mr Bikleman want to Approve Mr Manzo's request for a "Social Club" a non-tax-producing entity on Roosevelt Rd across from the Village Hall...Is this because Mr Manzo is a supporter of Mr Fox and Casey?

    I guess it is OK to be political when it is for their benefit.

    I thin kthere were other issues with this "club" going in, but they were OK with those too...Funny isnt it?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:35 AM, March 08, 2007  

  • I recently ran across a statement made on Don Sloan's nephew,Brian Sloan,who is currently the stealth canididate(to siphon off votes from Rick Fox,Casey and Boyle) for the Westchester village goverment trustee position.In the statement which was made by an anonymous blogger on Chris Welch's,Brian Cross's and Don Sloan's Proviser Insider blog site they mentioned that,

    Brian coached my kids at the park district for several years, and personally revamped the Learn to Swim program when he was the coordinator in the mid 90's. He was a great asset to the programs at the park district "
    Now I don't know how good a coach he was and if he truely revamped the "learn to swim program",
    but what I do you know and what is one of the main arguements for change in Westchester is that it seems that only the politically connected are able to land jobs,summer jobs, for there children at the park and at the village!How is it that only those who are politically close to Angelo Luciano,(Don Sloan,James Boyd) is able to land summer empoyment for there family members,which is close to home and pays well???? How nice would it be if ALL WESTCHESTER RESIDENTS WERE ABLE TO ENJOY THE PERKS OF BEING ABLE TO LAND A SUMMER JOB WITH GOOD PAY IN THERE OWN HOME TOWN AND AT THE PARK? I FOR ONE SPOKE WITH THE PARK BOARD AND THE PARK ADMINISTRATOR TO TRY TO GET A SUMMER JOB FOR MY CHILDREN AND WAS TOLD THAT THERE WERE ONLY A HANDFUL OF JOBS AND THAT EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN APPLY,THE CHANCES WERE NOT GOOD BECAUSE THE JOBS WERE ALREADY ASSIGNED.SO I NOTICED THAT EVERY TEENAGER WHO WORKED AT THE PARK,HAD A PARENT WHO WAS POLITICALLY ALIGNED TO ANGELO LUCIANO,DON SLOAN,DOMINICK LUCIANO,STEVE BUSSA OR PAUL GATTUSSO!
    So what the real matter is here is how does Brian Sloan get a job in the summer and other teenagers don't? He gets the job, because the parks and the village are being run like a private country club,controlled by the Luciano's and Sloan and in there world,only they are privileged to get these personal perks!We need a change in Westchester, may people agree.It is not a personal grudge towards anyone,but we all agree change is needed for the good of this village.Business as usual is hurting our community in different ways.We have no community spirit,nor do our residents believe were better off than we were 2 years ago.Change is needed, and we should embrace change and not fight it!
    If not we should look how the Westchester Zoning Board has been decked by Angelo Luciano,Paul Gattusso and Don Sloan.Mr. Nyberg should publish the names of this board and should inquire why Melrose Park interests are being represented on this board and for what?Westchester can't afford another four years of this Melrose Park style goverment, and if these individuals ,Angelo Luciano and Sloan and there party get elected,we'll be hearing and suffering from the future moves of this zoning board.Expect with what just happened in Broadview to start occuring in our village!

    By Anonymous Westchester needs a change!, at 8:33 PM, March 09, 2007  

  • The vote by the Broadview Village board was given! No matter how cash straped with our " all money is not good money". Joe's Tea Room was given their due process and the process worked!! Let move

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 AM, March 10, 2007  

  • Westchester needs a change! said...

    "bla, bla, bla... nothing, nothing, nothing"

    However, all the crying leads me to believe that he only wants you to vote for new people b/c he is politically aligned with that party and then his kids could get those good paying (maybe $1.50 above min. wage) jobs at the park.

    Shut up you whinny little bitch. If you are going to call for a change, please come up with a better argument than summer jobs for kids. Not to mention, check your facts as they are all out of left field.

    Now, if you can specifically state why we need a change other than someone's nephew once worked for the park in the summer about 10 years ago, then I think people may want to listen.

    Try to talk about what you can do for the community and not why the community isn't providing a summer job for your kids.

    I never had that park job as a kid and somehow I was able to make money. Come to think of it, I didn't need to have my mommy or daddy go out and beg for a job for me, either. I did it the old fashioned way; I went out and got that job.

    Want to help your kid find work, give him or her a lawn mower and tell them to go door to door asking if anyone needs their lawn cut or bushes trimmed.

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

    By Anonymous stop your crying, at 12:14 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • Dear westchester needs a change...
    you said "SO I NOTICED THAT EVERY TEENAGER WHO WORKED AT THE PARK,HAD A PARENT WHO WAS POLITICALLY ALIGNED TO ANGELO LUCIANO,DON SLOAN,DOMINICK LUCIANO,STEVE BUSSA OR PAUL GATTUSSO!" Well maybe you should quit doing selective research or listening to rumors and maybe you will find out that both Pat Casey and Bill Buikema's kids worked those, according to you, well paying jobs. But for some odd reason i dont see you calling them out or banging on the pavement crying to them. Oh thats right, its because you are their friend and you use the same smoke and mirrors tactics.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:42 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • For the record ANYONE can check the village records and you will find that Mr. Casey NEVER had a child on the village payroll. Not sure about Mr. Buikema but that should also me a matter of record. If you are going to make up lies you might at least be smart enough to keep your lies to things that can't be proven false.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:49 PM, March 22, 2007  

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