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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A07, Freedom Party on ballot in Melrose Park [MP]

Chicago Tribune (Steve Brosinski):
Without debate, a Melrose Park election panel Thursday dropped challenges that could have kept an upstart party [Freedom Party] off the ballot next month.

Mayor Ronald Serpico and Village Clerk Mary Ann Paolantonio Salemi voted to dismiss charges filed by residents Roger Bastin and Elizabeth Battaglia.

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  • Serpico is SCARED, that's all there is to it. As a village employee myself, I know that SERPICO himself wanted to kick the Melrose Freedom Party off the ballot, then he has the nerve (once he knew that he would lose this battle) to say to the Tribune "He'll let them run". What a joke!!!
    Who cares if there is an "outsider" behind all of this? For Melrose Park's sake, I hope so! I'm tired of working my butt off and watching dozens of Melrose Park Village employees do s--- and still be on the payroll! GOOD LUCK MELROSE FREEDOM PARTY! 90% of the people in Melrose are with you! WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF SERPICO AND HIS CORRUPTION! FEDS - WHERE THE H--- ARE YOU!? Come and get him!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 PM, March 12, 2007  

  • People in Melrose Park need a change and it is up to the citizens to get out and vote. Every vote counts and no one knows who you vote for. The Freedom Party can't change anything if we don't cast our vote on April 17th. Im born and raised in Melrose and so was my Mother so we go way back and we need to finally have someone who really care's about our town. C'mon Melrose get out there and don't be afraid to vote, only you know who you are voting for, make a change and lets see the Melrose Freedom Party make a difference.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:58 PM, March 14, 2007  

  • Don't bring personal issues of family members of public figures into the discussion.

    It's off limits and bad manners.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 10:08 AM, March 15, 2007  

  • To the freedom party,
    1.are any of you involved politically or bussiness wise with Ben Mazzullo,Jesse Martinez,Joe Burdi,Mike Castaldo,Mike Manzo,Joe Capece or Stone Park?
    2.All of you,the canididates state that you care about Melrose Park,what is your record in any involvement to better Melrose Park?
    3.Why are you being recruited by Stone Park and Mazzullo and Martinez,you state you seek change in Melrose Park, yet you don't question why Ben Mazzullo has destroyed and raped his village,by hiring all his unqualified family members from Police chief to his brother as a policeman,to getting his wife a job at 209 and getting Joe burdi an $80,000 job at disitrict 88 and raising taxes to the highest in Illinios,yet the village looks worse than it ever has,with the sole exception being Maywood which is more than a dump?3A.Why don't you question Martinez and find out his true motives on why he keeps quite about the paing and pillaging in Stone Park against his own people yet,he portrays himself as a hispanic leader,while his people are getting screwed by Mazzullo and his gang?
    4.Do you think its appropiate for Ben Mazzullo to take over $90,000 a year as mayor of Stone Park,a village of a thousand people and also get paid $40,000 to be liqour commissioner and not live in Town?Do you also think its appropiate for the stone park trustee Martinez to get paid for supposedly living in stone park,but yet lives in Melrose Park?Is'nt that decieving and lying to the voters and the people???
    5.Do any of you have a college degree or higher?If yes,in what and what was your GPA?If not did any of you graduate high school,or are you drop outs like Mazzullo,Burdi and Martinez?
    6.Have any of you broken the law in the USA?That includes drug dealing and also if you entered this country illegally?Well did you??

    By Anonymous Martinez and Mazzullo are scum!, at 7:36 PM, March 15, 2007  

  • It doesn't matter who the trustees are......

    Serpico will be in charge and then that leaves us again with taxes being higher and our kids still going to school out of town.......

    Lets see maybe we should stop bussing them in from MAYWOOD and let our kids go to school in there own town..
    Anyone think of that...
    Ask all the Village employess where they send there kids....not here....they are just waiting for the residence to be lifted.....

    Lets' just say no one is going to change that and Melrose Park will run the way it has always been....

    By Anonymous Wish I didn't live here, at 7:12 PM, March 18, 2007  

  • It does matter who the trustees are. The trustees are the ones who approve everything without their approval Serpico is powerless. The problem has always been that they are puppets for the Mayor. Melrose will improve when the people elect true independents that will represent the people and not the Mayor. Balance of power has worked for our nation for many years. Right know Melrose Park needs proper opposition to Serpicos Madness.

    By Anonymous enough is enough, at 11:03 PM, March 19, 2007  

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