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Sunday, February 04, 2007

PO-PO, Daily Southtown exposes police chief as liar [D209]

Kyle Hastings draws a six figure salary from Proviso Township High Schools, District 209 as director of auxiliary programs. He's also the mayor of Orland Hills.

The Orland Hills police chief was recently deposed about a bar, Fire and Ice. The chief claimed ignorance of things he told the Daily Southtown about in an interview. See Daily Southtown (Lauren FitzPatrick). The paper pretty much called the chief of police a liar.

What law firm is representing Orland Hills in this litigation? Odelson & Sterk, District 209's law firm.

Mark Sterk had a good quote.
Orland Hills attorney Mark Sterk, who represents Laveck in this case, said that the Southtown article doesn't prove anything.

"I don't believe anything I read in the paper unless it's a line score from a sporting event," Sterk said.

Sterk can attack the credibility of newspapers, but I think most people trust the newspapers more than they trust lawyers, especially from law firms that double as political hacks.
Other Orland Hills officials, including Mayor Kyle Hastings and village administrator John Daly, did not return several calls to comment. The head of the Fire and Police Committee, Trustee Cal Million, declined to speak on the record....

Casper and the bars have settled. Attorneys continue to depose village officials and seek to question Hastings, as well.

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