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Saturday, February 03, 2007

GOV, how team Stroger jerks around commissioners on budget

I was talking to a staffer for one of the Cook County commissioners and he was complaining about how team Stroger is manipulating the budget process.

The budget County Board President Todd Stroger submitted had numerous errors. Things were included that shouldn't have been in the budget. Other line items were excluded that shouldn't have been. Also, Stroger deliberately moved some items "off budget" temporarily claiming they were cut.

For example, thirty personnel from the juvenile center were listed as cut when really they were moved to being under a state grant that is provided for medical services to the juveniles.

To make the budget process even more confusing team Stroger is constantly submitting updates to the budget as the commissioners are trying to evaluate it and make amendments.

The suspicion is that team Stroger is being deliberately non-cooperative and confusing to make it impossible for the commissioners to honestly appraise the budget and cut things that can be cut.

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  • Carl,

    This is totally irresponsible reporting. I get that this is your blog, and it doesn't have to follow the objective reporting criteria of a real news outlets. But this is ridiculous. You state some unknown Commissioner staffer's view as if it's fact. That person could have been a Peracia or Claypool hack for all we know.

    You obviously have a tremendous hard on for Mr. Stroger. Let's review your blog from September and October where you and others ridiculed the notion that Todd Stroger would follow through on his campaign promise to balance the budget deficit without raising taxes. You and your ilk utterly refuted the notion that Stroger would dare propose cuts to the so called "bloated Cook County government." He has followed through on forcing the resignation of patronage chief Gerald Nichols. He is also cutting his own office budget just as he is requesting everyone else. However, it's clear that nothing will convince you of his committment to improving County government. So far he's done what he said he would do in spite of the massive opposition being fronted by the labor unions. Conveniently, you try not to delve a little deeper and look beyond the loud and vocal rhetoric being spewed by his political advesaries such as "sour grapes" Claypool.

    By Blogger Provisoguru, at 7:29 PM, February 03, 2007  

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