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Thursday, February 01, 2007

KLEPT, Commissioner Beavers accused of illegal Machine tactics

Sun-Times (Steve Patterson & Steve Warmbir):
Cook County Sheriff's Sgt. Sammie L. Young Jr. sued Beavers in federal court along with Sheriff Tom Dart, alleging he was demoted after refusing to look the other way when two deputies allegedly did illegal campaign work for Cook County Board President Todd Stroger and Beavers.

What's Beavers say?
"And how that sombitch came in my office asking me to get him a promotion. He said he was there to volunteer for Todd, but he never did do s---."

How does Young respond?
As for Young, Pasley said her client never went to Beavers for a promotion. He was already a superintendent and is retiring this year.

I suppose it's possible Young was angling for some sweetheart deal after retirement.

But it's possible Beavers Machine-style politics crossed the line separating that which is legal from that which is illegal.

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