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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PO-PO, Lt. Johnsen retires rather than face firing hearing [FP]

Citing financial considerations Lt. Steve Johnsen has retired from the Forest Park Police Department rather than endure a protracted hearing on Chief Ryan's decision to fire him. See Forest Park Review (Josh Adams):
In a letter to the editor submitted to the Forest Park Review, Johnsen made little mention of his former supervisor and targeted most of his anger at Mayor Anthony Calderone. According to Johnsen, Calderone intentionally hires weak administrators that he micro-manages, interjecting politics into otherwise non-political issues. Further, Johnsen defended his handling of an arrest for disorderly conduct back in July of 2005 that eventually prompted an internal investigation leading to the charges of misconduct lodged by Ryan....

"I think that Steve Johnsen truly has and continues to play politics," Calderone said. "I think it's inexcusable that a person such as he plays politics and then when he does something wrong, he denies playing politics."

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