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Monday, January 29, 2007

A07, Nikita Johnson tries to get her aunt #1 ballot position [D209]

Today is the first day for candidates for most local offices to file nominating petitions for the April 17, 2007 elections. Candidates who are in line to file at 8:00 AM enter a lottery for the top ballot position. Professor Jon A. Krosnick of Stanford has determined that the top ballot position is good for a 2% advantage in presidential elections. See NPR Weekend Edition (audio). In a school board election 2% of the vote can confer an bigger advantage because there are more candidates.

According to Charles Flowers, a District 209 board member who is supporting the slate of Ralph Hill Harris, Theresa Kelly and Kevin McDermott, District 209 personnel attempted to engage in trickery to get a candidate the top ballot position. The candidate who would have benefited from this skulduggery is the aunt of Nikita Johnson, the business manager for Proviso Township High Schools (District 209).

When Kelly and the other candidates arrived at about 7:15 AM they were directed to wait on the first floor by Brandon Gale, the director of security, and a political ally of school board president Emanuel "Chris" Welch. The candidates said that the written instructions said the candidates were supposed to go to the fifth floor. Gale informed the candidates that the plan had changed and they were not allowed upstairs. The group included two current school board members Flowers and Kelly.

After 8:00 AM the candidates were told they should now go the fifth floor to submit to Sharon Willis, an administrative assistant to Superintendent Stan Fields. Johnson's aunt had already submitted her petitions after Nikita Johnson had escorted her in the building.

Flowers noted that Johnson's aunt wasn't required to sign the visitor log as other guests are required to do. Flowers requested a copy of the log. When the person working security consulted with Gale she told Flowers that Gale had said she was not allowed to copy the log. So Flowers took it and copied it himself.

Currently there is a 4-3 split on the school board. Dan Adams, Reatha "Sue" Henry, Shirely Madlock and Welch form the majority. Flowers, Kelly and Gary Marine form the opposition. The three seats up for election are Kelly, Madlock and Marine. Anti-Welch candidates need to win all three seats to switch control of the school board away from Welch.

When Flowers questioned Gale about who instructed him to run the misdirection play he initially said "they" told him. Then he blamed a couple secretaries. Finally, he told Flowers that Nikita Johnson was the one who told him to hold the candidates downstairs.

[UPDATE: Robin Foreman is the name of Nikita Johnson's aunt. She was delivering nominating petitions for four candidates. This is somewhat unusual because there are only three vacancies. The three candidates are Robert "Bob" Cox (Forest Park), Terrase Craig, Foreman and Carla D. Johnson. According to Theresa Kelly [UPDATE3: Carla D.] Johnson is the secretary for Sen. Kimberly Lightford and has a son with one of Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore's sons.

[I assume that the Welch-backed slate fielded four candidates for a couple reasons. The more candidates the bigger advantage provided by simple name recognition. And team Welch loves to use yard signs and direct mail.

[Also, a year ago Rep. Karen Yarbrough ran against both Welch (who challenged her for state rep) and Eugene Moore (the former Proviso Township Democratic Committeeman). Yarbrough won by the biggest margin in Forest Park. So the Welch slate would love for a Forest Park candidate to cut into the votes that would otherwise go to Hill Harris, Kelly and McDermott.]

[UPDATE2: Apologies to Ralph Harris for getting his name wrong.]


  • Does it ever stop? If what Carl has posted is correct, we now have Nikita Johnson, the Business Manager of District 209, hand-picked for the position by Dr. Fields, engaging in extremely inappropriate behavior on behalf of her aunt. Hasn't it been emphasized over and over again that the voters of District 209 are sick and tired of cronyism, favoritism, and the like? Hasn't it been written and stated elsewhere that Dr. Fields would be attempting to put a stop to such behavior? O.k. Fields --- it's time to step up to the plate and discipline Nikita Johnson for her flagrant and self-serving action to give her aunt an unfair advantage. Further, her aunt's name should either be removed from the list or placed at the end of it.

    I don't believe Fields' exaggerated budget trimming and cost-savings claims and we'll see if I (and others) believe his claims that he wants to reduce cronyism and favoritism. What you gonna do, Stan?

    By Blogger Steven, at 12:10 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Nikita Johnson is being used by Welch. She is currently dating Welch and must do what he tells her to do or else she is out of a job.

    Stan Fields has nothing to do with this B.S. Welch had this planned for months.

    By Anonymous you don't get it, at 12:54 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Stan Fields is Welch's puppet. Welch has majority vote. Fields is unable to step up to the plate and discipline Nikita Johnson because she is dating Welch. Fields and Johnson take their orders from Welch. Johnson is only doing what she is told to do by Welch. They have their jobs because of Welch. So, they have to do what he instructs.

    The board president with majority board has the power to do whatever he wants in Proviso Township.

    By Anonymous wake up people, at 1:05 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • To "you don't get it" and "wake up people":

    I can't vouch for the veracity of statements such as, "Nikita Johnson is being used by Welch. She is currently dating Welch and must do what he tells her to do or else she is out of a job. Stan Fields has nothing to do with this B.S. Welch had this planned for months", "Stan Fields is Welch's puppet", etc. Rumors abound about these people and their relationships to one another.

    However, this I do know. Nikita Johnson reports to Fields. If Carl's allegations in regard to Nikita Johnson's inappropriate behavior are true, then it is Fields' duty and responsibility to apropriately deal with it. I've thought for a long time that Fields is a bozo whose style far outstrips his substance, whose administrative skill set is sorely lacking, and who plays favorites politically and otherwise with our childrens' best interest not being the highest priority. I'm looking for confirmation of my hypothesis. If he does nothing or gives her a slap on the hand, such lack of action or ineffectual action just adds credence to my exant beliefs about him and should reinforce others' perceptions of him as an emasculated puppet.

    By Blogger Steven, at 1:36 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Crooks never win, just ask Chris Welch.

    Well, Welch has once again gotten in the bed with a woman so he can deceive, use and abuse her. Nikita could possibly lose her job and be reported to the state board of education for this one. How dumb can she be? Is she doing all of this for Welch? It is crystal clear that he does not like women!

    Will Nikita be reprimanded by the district? She is not following the district's policies concerning visitors. Where was secuirty? Pull the tape from the cameras. Is she exempt from disciplinary actions because she is having relations with the board president? Does she realize the board will change in April and her,Fields, and Welch will be in the unemployment line or behind bars. Is Chris getting dumber with his tactis or just running scared?

    Why would Nikitas Aunt circulate petitions for four candidates and there are only three positions open for election? Nikita and her power hungry Aunt are being used by Welch so that he can execute his soon to be failed plan.

    Didn't the board just hire Cory Johnson in security at East? Did Murphy (Professor Clump) do a background check? Probably not, she is in Welch's back pocket (well not his back pocket her big ass can't fit). Does Professor Clump know that she is signing off on hiring criminals, Welchs relatives and friends. How low will Professor Clump go to keep her undeserved job?

    Is this the same Cory that is the brother of Carla D. Johnson, a candidate for district 209's board? I beleive so. All it takes is a freedom of information act to find out. Welch and Moore are so desperate. They have a slate of baby mamas, Aunts, and cousins to ensure that they will continue to STEAL FROM OUR CHILDREN!

    Lets get ready to rumble. Welch and Moore will lose some weight this election. Maybe their bellies will go down after this election. With the slate of cadidates they have, they have definitely lost this one!

    Steven you should run for the board of education. It seems you have more sense and education in your baby toe than Welch, the board majority, Fields, Libka, Murphy, and Nikita Johnson have combined. Thanks for the insight on Fields. I never liked the short man with no eyebrows anyway. It is something about him thatI just don't like...HE IS A LIAR!

    By Blogger No_Moore_Welch, at 1:58 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Why did Stan Fields stay for the entire basketball game at Morton, but leaves extremely early during East and West games. If Stan Fields now worsk at 209, why was he sitting on Morton's side. Also, how did him and Gene Moore become so friendly. Gene Moore is not a board member and is no longer the committeman for Proviso. Why does Stan Fields always seek out Gene Moore? Does Stan Fields care about the kids at PRoviso? Is Gene Moore still getting $15,000 a month from 209?

    By Blogger 209sucks, at 2:03 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Interfering with someone's right to vote is a violation of federal law. I wonder if interfering with candidates fairly participating in the process violates federal law also.

    Any lawyers have comments?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 2:57 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Don't post under "anonymous". Use a pseudonym, at least in the text of your post.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 4:30 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Welch is a "distingushed" and "admired" African American attorney. Let's pose this question to Mr. Welch, the ambulance chaseer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding!

    Poor Nikita Jonhnson has gotten herself tangled into Welch's web. If this is pursued by the other candidates this could possibly be a stain on her career. I am sure the Forest Park Review will consider this news worthy. How could she do something so doltish? What was she thinking? I know Welch has persuaded weak-minded and vacuous people to do some idiotic things; Bob Libka, Dr. Murphy, Brandon Gale, Alexis Wallace, Angie McDaniels-McGee, Bovine Lisa Walton, Dielester Palm, Grady Rivers, Diane Thomas, Thomas Miller, Tony Santiago, Beverly Robinson, Pat Imburgia, and Kyle Hastings have all succumb to Welch's trickery and bribery.
    I thought Nikita Johnson was more intelligent than Welch, but most importantly was raised with values and morals. This nonsensical action by Nikita will cause her more harm than good, and Welch won't be able to pull her out of this one.

    If they wanted to pull this one off successfully the plan should not have included Brandon Gale. He is a box of rocks. I am anxious to see what Stan Fields does with Nikita. She obviously violated the district's policy in relation to visitors entering the building.
    This is ture test of Field's character.

    By Blogger Got_Out_of209_Before_Welch_Came, at 4:51 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Stan Fields or Chris Welch, if you are reading this comment on the Probe, what is the District's policy on visitors? Does this policy apply to all employees of 209? Was this policy communicated to all administrators, faculty, and staff? Is this policy accessible via the district's $500,000 website?

    As a parent I am put through the 3rd degree when I visit Proviso. It had gotten so severe last year that the front security desk would keep my liscense until my visit was over. Apparently, that policy does not exist anymore, at least at West, but I have to sign in and sign out and the person I am visiting is notified prior to my arrival to their office or classroom.

    By Blogger 209sucks, at 5:22 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Fields will do nothing to Welch's girlfriend. If Nikita was afraid of discipline, she would have arrived before 7am with her aunt but she knew nothing would happen to her. If anything happens, it will be a front to get people off of Stan Fields back regarding taking some sort of action against Nikita for escorting her aunt into the building and upstairs on the elevator. Stan Fields reported to work after 2pm today. Stan Fields wanted no parts in Welch's deceitful plan.

    I think Stan will realize soon that Welch is no good. However, it is not much Stan can do without the approval from Welch (board majority).

    By Anonymous wake up is right, at 5:52 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • The only lawyer reading this site is Chris Welch, the proviso insider. He's not crediable. He earned a speech degree in undergrad and a law degree from John Marshall. John Marshall is like the Kmart of law schools. What a joke!!! Chris Welch walks around like he is a power attorney with a Northwestern Law degree. NOT!

    Hopefully, a more crediable attorney reads this blog with a real law degree.

    By Anonymous Welch is a joke, at 6:47 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Damn shame!

    That's disgusting to think Welch is dating all these women in Proviso Township. I won't give Welch that much credit, but would rather say that he is taking advantage of various women in Proviso Township. If the rumors have any substance to it, I hope Welch is wrapping his little bitty thang up.

    If the Welch majority can fire administrators for bogus charges, like they did Berry and Bryant, then I am sure if Nikita gets out of line with Welch in the bedroom or boardroom, he will send her ass packing.

    Depressing to think that Nikita has become another one of his harlots. Torttie (ad whore), Wallace, Palm, Robinson, Murphy, McGee, Madlock, Baxter, Henry, Imburgia, and Castrejohn need to lay the red carpet out for Nikita. She is now an official employee of WELCHS'BROTHEL!


    By Blogger welch_is_an_ass, at 7:22 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • Wake Up Is Right stated that "Fields will realize soon that Welch is no good"
    Get the hell out of here. Fields has been in the district 5 months and has already given one of his buddies a $500,000 contract. Fields hires his "girlfriend and dance coach from Mundelein school district. Fields first board meeting is politcally motivated. He openly attacks Kelly and Flowers, declaring he is with the board majority: Welch, Henry, Admas, and Henry. The board majority supports patronage hiring and cronyism; therefore, Fields supports the same corrupt system that has been destroying 209 for years. Fields could give two shits about Proviso. He will move on when the board changes and his true character will be exposed. Don't believe me, ask the board members from Mundelein. They know the TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY BEHIND DR. STAN FIELDS.

    Fields and Welch are cut from the same corrupt dirty cloth. Fields is in this shit just as much as Nikita and Welch are. Don't let that midget of a leprechaun fool you!

    By Blogger Mississippi_Burning, at 7:38 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • I always thought of Robin as a nice lady, power driven and bossy, but nice. I don't think she knows what she is getting into with Chris Welch. I don't like Chris Welch and what how he has destroyed Proviso, so I can't support or vote for anyone that is being backed by Welch. And I will have this converstaion with Robin, but I can't believe she is doing this for Welch. If she is running to protect Nikita's job, then she does not have faith in Nikita's intelligence. I just don't know why she is doing it, but I will ask her.

    Based on my experience with Robin, I am sure that Robin does not know that her running mate's brother, Carl D. Johnson (Cory Johnson), was just hired at the January board meeting. It will be unfortunate if Welch has managed to taint Robin and encourage her to continue the shannigans that occur at Proviso. If Robin was sincere about the well-being of children at Proviso she will not let Welch control and put jobs and contracts before children. Hopefully, after speaking with Robin she will be honest and come clean about her real intentions for running for 209's board.

    By Blogger formerboosterparent, at 10:42 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • To Welch is a joke:

    Regarding your comments deriding JMLS as "the KMart of law schools", am I to assume that you have a degree from Harvard? If you knew what you were talking about, you'd know that NO law school actually teaches students how to actually practice law. A "KMart" graduate and a UofC graduate are equally unprepared to practice law. It's what you learn and how you peform AFTER getting your license that determines what caliber of attorney you are.

    I have no opinion on Welch's skills, but JMLS has nothing to do with it either way.

    That said, how many times have you said, "You want fries wit dat?" today? snork!

    By Anonymous SnidelyWhiplash, at 11:18 PM, January 29, 2007  

  • To snidelywhiplash (Welch).

    Stop defending your little law degree. It will mean nothing once you are behind bars. You can only give legal advice to your cellmates in the joint.


    By Anonymous behind bars, at 8:57 AM, January 30, 2007  

  • Is there any truth to Terrase Craig, the candidate running for 209, being an employee for 209 as a security gaurd and also Chris Welch's brother baby's moma? Also, does Terrase Craig's daughter work at PMSA as a security gaurd? Would Welch answer these questions during an open board meeting? He never addresses the issues of patronage hiring.

    Is there any truth to the Carla Johnson candidate being a baby moma of Gene Moore's son?

    Are these the only people Gene Moore and Chris Welch could find as upstanding candidates? GOSH! There should be a background check on the candidates.

    By Blogger baby-moma-drama, at 6:25 PM, January 30, 2007  

  • ohhhhhhhhhhh have sweet it's going to be, to see Chris Welch and family get defeated!!

    By Anonymous Soon to come, at 7:43 PM, January 30, 2007  

  • Why do I sometimes feel that I'm arguing with a kindergarten class?

    By Anonymous SnidelyWhiplash, at 12:22 AM, January 31, 2007  

  • To Snidleywhiplash(Welch),
    You claim that visiting the Probe is like "arguing with a kindergarten class."

    Food for Thought:
    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

    When arguing with fools, don't answer their foolish arguments, or you will become as foolish as they are.

    By Blogger Welch_needs_to_run_for_border, at 6:14 PM, January 31, 2007  

  • So, what is Johnson's discipline by the board and supt. for not following the districts visitor policy?

    A slap on the wrist, BAD NICKY!

    By Blogger Welch_needs_to_run_for_border, at 11:23 PM, January 31, 2007  

  • This is absolutely ridiculous!

    Here's another tidbit of information for you. The candidate Terrase Craig, better known as "Poochie" works security for District 209 along with her daughter Crystal. Now, guess who Crystal's daddy...Stacey Welch, Chris Welch's brother. Rumor has it that's she's being forced to run by Chris Welch. Terrase Craig is nervous because she's afraid of a background check. See, Terrase used to gangbang on St. Charles Road and word has it that she's still involved in gang activity on St. Charles and at Proviso East with the students.

    Now, how's that for nepotism?

    Yes...the plot thickens...

    By Anonymous The plot Thickens!, at 12:27 PM, February 02, 2007  

  • Someone posted a comment claiming an individual was a sex offender.

    While the person accused of being a sex offender may be connected with more than one public figure, he is not a public figure. He isn't an elected official, a candidate or on the gov't payroll (as far as I know).

    So, I didn't approve the comment. Also, if you are going to claim someone is a sex offender, find the online registry and post a link.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 10:25 AM, February 03, 2007  

  • The Proviso Insider, on February 3,2007, posted the following:

    " Lottery To Be Held For Ballot Position In SD209 and SD89...

    The Insider has learned that a lottery for ballot position will be taking place sometime next week in the school districts 209 and 89. Sources say the SD209 lottery will contain 8 candidates and the SD89 lottery will contain 10. There are 3 seats open in SD209 and 5 in SD89".

    How unfortunate for Nikita Johnson, those who may have prompted her to engage in her District 209 rule-breaking, unethical and possibly illegal behavior, and her relatives and cronies who sought to profit from such behavior that a lottery may now be conducted to determine ballot position of the candidates. In my opinion, any candidate who might have profited from Nikita Johnson's behavior should have his/her name taken off the ballot.

    Further, Nikita Johnson should be severely disciplined by Fields, however, Fields probably lacks the motivation and the integrity to do so. Fields has trumpeted himself as
    a Napoleonic force which will clean up District 209 including the dirty politics, cronyism, and favoritism. Although Fields does clearly have one thing in common with Napoleon, it is not Fields' drive to relentlessly pursue his stated causes and to stand his ground. I have been waiting for Fields to stand tall and rise to the occasion, but, instead, it seems that he has joined the ranks of the ethically compromised. Fields is an incompetent puppet who couldn't cut the muster in a relatively innocuous school district, Mundelein. He comes to the roiling District 209, immediately starts talking out of both sides of his mouth, swiftly forms alliances with those in power and the unscrupulous (screw the highest priority --- the quality education of our children), makes puffed up claims about budget cutting while inking large contracts with friends and former associates, fails to summarily eliminate do-nothings and blood-suckers such as "Dr." Libka and Kyle Hastings, and lets a certain powerful board member hold sway over him.

    Fields, you're worse than worthless to District 209 and you will leave it in shambles despite your claims to the contrary and all the balderdash you spew at your community meetings. And, probably sooner rather than later, you'll migrate to another district where the list of challenges are far shorter and the solutions are concomitantly more within your short reach.

    By Blogger Steven, at 10:40 AM, February 04, 2007  

  • Damn Steven, that was hella good.
    I like the reference to Napleon.

    You know Fields does not like the "little man" jokes!

    By Blogger welch_is_a_coon, at 5:29 PM, February 06, 2007  

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