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Monday, January 29, 2007

TRANS, home additions need to be sound proofed [NORTH PROVISO]

Newswire (Brian Gilligan, POC):
The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) is launching a campaign to encourage communities around O’Hare International Airport to adopt newly developed building codes designed to make homes and commercial locations quieter.

The ONCC is concerned that the tear-down trend in older communities and new construction projects are resulting in an increasing number of homes located in areas impacted by various sources of noise.

According to Federal Aviation Administration guidelines, new homes and home additions are not eligible for the O’Hare Residential Sound Insulation Program overseen by the ONCC.
The O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission includes many municipalities and school districts, including Bellwood, Maywood, Melrose Park, Northlake and Stone Park; School District 87 (Berkeley, Northlake, Bellwood), District 88 (Bellwood, Melrose Park, Stone Park) and District 89 (Maywood, Melrose Park and Broadview).


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