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Friday, January 26, 2007

GOV, Commissioner Earlean Collins says Stroger is pushing tax increase

Minus County Board President Todd Stroger, the County Board fielded complaints about Stroger's proposed budget at the Skokie Courthouse last night.

Sun-Times (Steve Patterson):
"This is all about putting the pressure on this board to come up with a tax increase," Commissioner Earlean Collins said, urging Stroger to slash all top management jobs first in order to close the county's $500 million budget deficit.

The public defender is pointing out that cutting that budget causes defendants to spend longer in the county jail which costs the county more than paying for public defenders. See Northwest Indiana Times (Leah Nylen). (Stroger's solution is to have the public defender to ask law firms to provide more pro bono representation. How much pro bono public defender work does Odelson & Sterk do?)

Carol Marin (Sun-Times)
has a partial list of the politically connected getting fat at the county tit.

Michael Sneed (Sun-Times)
Was that Cook County Board President Todd Stroger a Sneed snoop spied getting a manicure this week?


  • Just as everyone thought, Bill Beavers claiming to be the hog with the big nuts, is also Todd Stroger's mouthpiece. Todd needs to get some ba....backbone.
    All he does is smile and smirk at the County Board meetings. At the Cook County Forest preserve meeting chaired by Com. Quigley, Todd and Lance Tyson, (Todd's Chief of Staff a.k.a. Chief Handler) all these two did was talk and share cell phone pictures throughout the meeting.

    By Blogger Third Generation Chicago Native, at 4:41 PM, January 30, 2007  

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