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Monday, January 29, 2007

PO-PO, Harvey cops were protecting a murderer; could it happen here?

Daily Southtown (Lauren FitzPatrick):
One of Harvey’s open murder cases was solved today, three days after Cook County and state investigators raided the Harvey police station and seized evidence files.

It appears the Harvey police were sitting on at least one homicide case instead of bringing the perpetrator to trial.

I took a criminal justice class with a professor who made the point that crooked cops and crooked politicians go together. If the politicians aren't crooked it's much harder for the cops to be crooked. And if the cops aren't crooked it's much harder for the politicians to be crooked.

What local police departments do you suspect of failing to prosecute people because of their political connections?


  • What a brilliant, insightful analysis. And you paid money for that class! What junior college did that professor teach at?!

    Here is another insightful political analysis...show me a politician and I will show you a corrupt official....no charge!..."always remember tutor, be what you is and not what you is not!" mister wizard


    power corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely...Thomas Jefferson.

    both equally wise my friend

    By Anonymous momo, at 12:24 AM, February 20, 2007  

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