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Friday, January 19, 2007

GOV, is Kyle Hastings worth his salary? [D209]

Bill Dwyer (Forest Park Review) encouraged Stan Fields to fire Kyle Hastings to save money.

Would this work? Did the board recently approve Hastings for a multi-year contract?

What do you think of Hastings performance at District 209? What do you think of his work history? What about his political connections?


  • Hastings is connected to Attorney James Roche. Attorney James Roche is Chris Welch's boss. Fire Kyle Hastings and Welch will be fired. In other words, Kyle Hastings will continue to sit on his ass as long as Welch has majority board. Must be nice! NEXT...

    By Anonymous Not going to happen, at 12:44 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • Once again another example of how Welch is ruining District 209!

    Bill forgot to mention that at the last board meeting in December that Hastings did a presentation on the writing of school grants. This idiot came up with the brilliant idea that teachers should write grants. He is paid to write the grants, but has come up with this new program that teachers in the District write the grants. So, what will Hastings job be then? To sit on his fat ass and have his daughter and her friends work during the Christmas tournament. It is a family affair for Hastings; he employees his offsprings. It is true. Do a Freedom of Information.

    My advice to parents of Proviso Township is to save your money and send you kids to a private school or move out of the District when they are ready for high school. It is going to take several years to clean up Welch's mess.

    By Blogger 209sucks, at 1:27 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • We finally have some real value reporting…well almost! It's about time that these reporters have stopped looking at the petty and superficial and into real conflicts, patronage jobs, nepotism...and the quid pro quo games that are being played by President Welch.

    Another thing...if Bill Dwyer thinks that Stan Fields isn't in on this deal and others, then he does not know the true nature of journalism...if your momma tells you she loves you...check it out! It is in Fields nature…like Welch, he is not to be trusted!

    Case in point, Scott Schroeder’s wife Malena Schroeder was on the Mundelein school board when Stan Fields was their superintendent and Nakita Johnson was their business manager. Scott Schroeder is the consultant who gave us the District report that ranked District 209 #90 out of 90 Districts. Scott Schroeder is also the Executive Director of Technivista…the technology firm that won a 4 to 3 contract with District 209 to develop 8 websites totaling over $500,000 to construct, manage and maintain.

    So, to these reporters and citizens who “think” that Stan Fields will in some way, shape or form, rid this district of corruption, nepotism, patronage, and balance the budget in an ethical manner are sadly mistaken. Fields and Welch are joined at the hip and in agreeance in the mind. Any separation between the two will require surgery!

    How about that for a conflict of interest? I will post some of the background info regarding Schroeder and Fields.

    By Anonymous Welch, Fields, Schroeder and Technivista, at 1:38 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • Wanna bet we won't be reading about this on The ProvisoInsider?

    By Anonymous Place Your Bets, at 1:40 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • On March 25, 2005 Technivista contributed $1,500 to support ballot referendum questions for Mundelein High School.

    Other than this contribution there is no record of Scott Schroeder giving campaign contributions in Illinois or for federal candidates or political funds.

    But I'm sure his only contribution ever had nothing to do with any money he made off the school district.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 1:52 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • Carl,

    What’s your thoughts…

    Do you think that Scott Schroeder received this contract for Mundelein to construct, maintain and manage their website due to his wife being on their school board? Malena Schroeder eventually resigned from the school board so there wouldn't be a "perceived" conflict of interest.

    Do you think Stan Fields is padding the pocket of his friend by employing Scott as a consultant for District 209?

    How about the usual 4 to 3 vote (Welch, Adams, Henry and Madlock to Kelly, Flowers, and Marine) to give Technivista the bid to construct 8 websites totaling $500,000 without any competition?

    This is very Welch-like in practice and in spirit, i.e. Kyle Hastings, Brandon Gale, Angela McDaniels, etc. This makes me leary of the whole process and the relationships involved.

    By Anonymous Welch, Fields, Schroeder and Technivista, at 2:48 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • there is a lot you wont read on the "outsider".. Thanks Carl for posting so promptly. Speed it up a little bit more. We will not post on the other blog anymore. I was at work today and I am sick and tired of the unsafe condiditons at Proviso west and East. we had six fights today at West and found a very large amount of drugs and booze. did Ms. wallace tell that to the "outsider". Hell no. she has been gag ordered by the Supt. and her godson Welch. she was told not to report out on the violence or she will be terminated immediatelly. Come on wallace, I never thought you would sell your soul and turn your back on the children. Tell the truth Wallace, the schools are out of control due to the patronage administration.

    By Anonymous 209 Really does Suck, at 5:55 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • Hastings needs to run for the border before the april 17th election. what a waste of tax payers money. what does the guy do? does anyone know? Why does the community think that things are going to change with the same old stew in the pot? The new stew will be here in april so get ready SD209!!!!!!!!And please tell Lorreta robinson to go sit her tired ass down. she does not have a chance in any electd official position in This township. she should have tried to run at least 20 years ago when she was not hittin the booze on the regular. yuo cant be a heavy boozer and try to take care of business regarding children. Did any of the candidates look into the crooked schalorship organization she has been running for the past 20 years? To many skeletons Loretta..dont do it!!!!!you will be a complete embarassment to the community and your family.

    By Anonymous OLD SCHOOL 1952, at 10:48 PM, January 19, 2007  

  • Mr. Hastings is an asset to Proviso Township. This past summer he ran the most efficient summer school in the history of the District.
    All of the programs that he is in charge of our efficientely run. He always asks for receipts, records and documentation. He is well liked by most teachers.

    Leave Hastings alone!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:37 AM, January 20, 2007  

  • Refer to the above post as "Leaving Hastings Alone".

    Please pick a pseudonym when you post. Proviso Probe's policy is not to publish comments under "anonymous" b/c it gets confusing with multiple people posting under "anonymous" in the same discussion.


    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 10:06 AM, January 20, 2007  

  • The Dead Has Risen states:

    Why did the majority give Hastings a three year contact? Welch, Adams, Henry, and the Dumb Blonde Madlock don't care about children. Besides Fields, Hastings is the only administrator with a contract. Why is that? Well the majority wanted to ensure Hastings a steady paycheck even after their defeat in April.

    Of course Hastings is a joke, but Libka is getting paid to organize paper clips and pencils! Libka is not worth his salary.

    And everyone knows Mcgee McDaniels is not worth the 80,000 she is paid. Her new assistant is doing all of her work. Mcgee McDaniels can't formulate a decent sentence, written or verbal.

    Brandon Gale has just become an empty soul. This guy will do anything for Welch even compromising his own religious beliefs. He is paid close to 60,000. Why?

    How can Fields allow for jobs to be continously created and the school is broke? Where is all the sincerity he professes at teacher meetings and to the community? These individuals are ROBBING our children.

    Gene Moore and Chris Welch are modern day slave captures. They go out and hunt and deceive the African American community and bring back the money and profts to the Italian mayors. Welch and Moore are so confused. They are going to get played in this next election and don't even see it coming. They are well over due for their wake up call. However the chips may fall I don't have any remorse for the Welch Moore gang. Their regn is up! It is now about educating children!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:30 AM, January 20, 2007  

  • Pamela says: Hastings first came into the district as director of athletics. At that time someone told me not to go to him if I was a woman. Apparently he doesn't respect them! Shortly after the AD position, he got bumped up to a cushy office at PMSA. His report on the status of grants was not entirely accurate. There are a few grants out there that Proviso lost because no one submitted a budget to the state. The grants are listed as "frozen" on the ISBE website. Why isn't Hastings following through? Summer school? Ha! Wasn't it Hastings who never notified FP police that summer school was occurring at PMSA? Didn't he also go on vacation while summer school was in session?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 AM, January 20, 2007  

  • I was at that Board meeting when Hastings got his contract. The contract passed 6-0. Kelly was absent for some reason. I was told Hastings was given a contract so that the district could avoid letting him get tenure by accident. If Hastings is so bad, the worst thing that could happen is to let "Big Stupid" get tenure. Looks like Fields and Welch got one right again.

    By Anonymous They Call Hastings Big Stupid, at 6:20 PM, January 20, 2007  

  • If Hastings is "Big Stupid" why not just terminate him? Or didn't this option occur to Fields or Welch?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 7:49 PM, January 20, 2007  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Hastings, Welch, and Roche, at 8:54 PM, January 20, 2007  

  • I was hoping this blog would turn out to be a place for ideas, opinions and constructive dialogue. Instead it's mostly just name-calling rants of obviously bitter, creepy whiners. Yeah, Chris Welch's Insider blog is really strange but the Proviso Probe has turned into a depressing hangout for weirdos and paranoids. I wish someone would start a blog for people interested in moving our communities ahead.

    By Anonymous 1st Ave. Walker, at 10:44 AM, January 22, 2007  

  • Define "moving our community ahead".

    Feel free to start your own blog. I'll even help you build traffic initially.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:45 AM, January 22, 2007  

  • By "moving our communities ahead" I mean we need to take stock of where we're at in the important areas, figure out how we can improve things and then start projects to improve things. People can do this for economic development including increasing jobs and raising property values; preventing crime; cleaning up the environment; helping out Big Brothers and Big Sisters; working with Loyola Med on neighborhood issues like teen pregnancy, alcoholism and drug abuse; the list goes on. Recent example: Take our high schools. We get a report showing Proviso is scholastically last out of 90 school districts. Why? It says bad communication, curriculum isn't working, poor morale, political job hirings, low standards. OK so I as a concerned citizen and alum can't do much about curriculum but I can do something about communication so I volunteer for a School Improvement Committee and I suggest that one idea is that the school publish the names of the honor roll students on the new website. It would help improve communication and give recognition and positive reinforcement to successful students. It's certainly doing something to move the school forward instead of just venting and insulting school board members and employees on the blog. That's only 1 example. Anyone can make a contribution in all the other things, too.

    Like Oprah said in her speech to those students, "We've turned into the Whining Nation. Anyone can talk and moan about how bad things are and how they got done wrong. Be someone who sees the opportunity to do good for others and then as the Nike commercial says, Just Do It. And publicly praise others who are doing good things rather than act all negative and jealous. Always remember that you get back what you give."

    That's how you move communities forward.

    By Anonymous 1st Ave. Walker, at 1:00 PM, January 22, 2007  

  • Pamela saya: I know lots of teachers who won't even volunteer to be on a committee, You know why? Because the teachers put forth their best ideas and then the admin. does NOTHING. It seems to me if Fields wants to cut some money he should fire top paying people who are doing nothing and quit hiring janitors at prices above beginning teachers' salaries. I think Nyberg's blog is much better than the Insider. I also like the new teacher blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 PM, January 22, 2007  

  • Nyberg,

    Why is Nikita Johnson receiving tuition reimbursement from National Louis University? Check out SD209 agenda, bill list and payroll. Why is Chris Welch allowing his girlfriend to take classes on taxpayers money? Can teachers receive tuition reimbursement? I think not. Chris Welch is doing the exact same thing he accused Supt. Greg Jackson of doing.

    By Anonymous Welch is horrible!, at 7:32 PM, January 22, 2007  

  • Welch is terrible is an understatement!

    As long as you have people in the teachers union that are getting paid off for doing nothing, then people like Welch will continue wreck the District.

    By Blogger welch_is_a_coon, at 9:38 PM, January 22, 2007  

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