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Thursday, November 16, 2006

KLEPT, Andy Martin calls for investigation of Sen. Obama

Andy Martin is a Republican lawyer who investigates elected officials for corruption. He was an early critic of President Bush. He's now making allegations against Sen. Barack Obama.

The following is an excerpt from Martin's letter to Edward Nucci, Acting Chief, Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division, U. S. Department of Justice.
Corruption, of course, involves two different approaches: (i) extorting/taking money from people, and (ii) paying money or giving tangible benefits to public officials to obtain access or influence. Sometimes people buy influence for an immediate project or need, and sometimes they just buy influence to bank it or to project the aura of access and influence in their business dealings. My complaint against Senator Obama falls into the second category.

Before being elected to the U. S. Senate, Mr. Obama served in the Illinois state senate. The Illinois senate has been a cesspool of corruption for decades. Back in the 1960’s they censured a member, Senator Paul Simon (then serving as a state senator), for being too honest and exposing senate corruption. Matters have not changed much.

Mr. Obama was well aware of the culture and climate of corruption when he began his business dealings with Mr. Rezko.

Reduced to its essentials, Obama and Rezko engaged in a structured real estate transaction where they coordinated the purchases of adjacent parcels of real estate. Rezko claims he paid “full market price” and Obama apparently received a “discount” of several hundred thousand dollars for his parcel. Rezko then improved his parcel to benefit Obama.

Obama recently said these related and structured transactions were a “mistake.” With all due respect I believe they were a federal crime and constituted a conspiracy.

I believe a grand jury could find a pattern of criminal activity. Instead of handing cash to Obama, Rezko handed Obama a preferential price for property. This is the same form of “honest graft” and preferential treatment that sent former Illinois Governor Otto Kerner to jail over 30 years ago, see United States v. Isaacs, 493 F.2d 1124 (7th Cir. 1974).

Taken in isolation, the Obama episode might be explainable, but I doubt it. Why would Rezko be buying land next to Obama and coordinating his actions with Obama if not to confer a benefit on Obama? Why?

What do you think? Did Obama do anything unethical? Illegal?


  • I'm certain if his name was Welch instead of Obama, you'd be all over it. Barack will skate again - but it's sleazy.

    By Anonymous candid, at 3:31 PM, November 16, 2006  

  • Reminds me of a biblical phrase, something about "before you try to remove the speck in your neighbors eye, remove the log in your own." I hope this is a lesson for Obama, no more "iffy" stuff, even if it's legal. He's got no only the country but the world's attention. That's a responsibility. He should always walk the straight and narrow.

    By Blogger Kankakee Voice, at 4:16 PM, November 16, 2006  

  • skate again? What has he done?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:22 PM, November 16, 2006  

  • If this is an isolated incidence, I don't know if I think he should be investigated, but Obama better watch his step. It's not enough to say that this is a mistake; he is a very smart and savvy man and mistakes like this just don't happen.

    By Blogger Cynthia, at 11:57 PM, November 16, 2006  

  • Please..candid said...you could not possibly be placing Chris Welch in a class with Obama.

    What have you been smokin?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:39 AM, November 17, 2006  

  • Show me the facts! I am not going to take the read of a self described, "complex transaction" corruption charge ,leveled against a possible 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate from a Republican assassin.

    PS: Where & when did Obama say it was a mistake? When one statement makes that allegation and the web or the media don't ask questions it gains "urban legend" legend status no matter how false it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:21 AM, November 17, 2006  

  • Hey investigator, your hero screwed up and fessed up, so stop being in denial:

    Obama on Rezko deal: It was a mistake

    November 5, 2006
    BY DAVE MCKINNEY AND CHRIS FUSCO Staff Reporters Contributing: Mark Brown
    U.S. Sen. Barack Obama expressed regret late Friday for his 2005 land purchase from now-indicted political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko in a deal that enlarged the senator's yard.

    "I consider this a mistake on my part and I regret it," Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times in an exclusive and revealing question-and-answer exchange about the transaction.

    By Anonymous candid, at 9:41 AM, November 17, 2006  

  • To be "Candid" one must show everytning...like the entire statement attributed to someone AND the context!It's called full disclosure or in some circles, simply "telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth".
    Selective ommission is the tool of the yellow journalist!
    Here is the quote and the context:

    "But I regret that while I tried to pay close attention to the specific requirements of ethical conduct, I misgauged the appearance presented by my purchase of the additional land from Mr. Rezko," Obama said.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:51 AM, November 17, 2006  

  • Investigator, you asked where and when Obama said it was a mistake. That information was given to you. Now you want to throw in some politician's gobbledygook double talk as some excuse. Let it go, Investigator - it aint no urban legend. Obama made a mistake, and he himself said so.

    By Anonymous Also candid, at 11:33 AM, November 17, 2006  

  • Andy Martin – Who does he think he is?

    I feel sad having to expose Andy Martin, but the man is a complete fraud. The TRUTH is going to surprise, disappoint and outrage any people who believe everything they read. He has lied to the American people, and he has sought to misrepresent his own heritage.

    Andy Martin's life story is likely different from the one he portrays. My point: I don’t have one, and neither does he. The fact is; all humans have told a lie at least once in their life. If Andy Martin will lie about anything, what else is he lying about?

    Fiction: Andy Martin was given an 'American' name.
    Fact: The name ‘Martin’ isn’t even American, it’s Latin (one letter away from ‘Latino’, and you know that can't be good) It is derived from ‘Mars’, the Roman God of War. Andy Martin has also concealed the fact that he shares the same last name as convicted murders Ernest Martin, Aubran Wayne Martin, Tony Martin and Raymond Martin to name a few. Not to mention Charles Martin, a man who shot a 16 year-old dead for walking on his lawn. I’m not a strong supporter of the murderer community, but I do believe these murderers have been slighted. Andy Martin has a great opportunity to be forthright. Instead, he has treated his murderous namesakes as a dark secret.

    Andy Martin’s grandmother on his mother’s side wasn't even named 'Martin’. What is it Andy Martin is trying to hide? If his maternal grandmother’s name is not ‘Martin’, then what is it? Some Arabic-Muslim or African, name? God help us all. I mean, next you’ll be telling me that somewhere in Andy Martin’s family tree some father had incestuously passed his first name on to his first-born in an effort to throw off his trail of unimaginable crimes against all of humanity and pin it on an innocent child! Where is the outcry!?!

    Andy Martin’s father was also likely a devoted moron, and so chose a moron name for his son, our own little Andy Martin; again, whose name means “God of War.”

    Obviously, Andy Martin has spent a lifetime embracing his moronic heritage. Would his father have given his son a moronic name if the father were not likely a devout moron? I mean, say his name out loud and listen to it; Andy Martin, it reeks of moronicism- no question what so ever. And every moron knows that in moron culture and under moronic law, if your father is a moron, so are you. And once a moron, always a moron; you cannot go back. In enlightened eyes, Andy Martin is certainly a moron. He may think he's enlightened, but they do not. This raises another question. Is a man even morons’ think is a moron a man we want as a mouthpiece when we are fighting the war of our lives against ignorance; and at what end of his torso will this “mouthpiece” be?

    Fiction: Andy Martin is a harmless, peace-loving citizen.
    Fact: Andy Martin is a Vietnam-era Veteran, which must mean he was likely part of the most corrupt and violent rogue military units that raped women and children, murdered and tortured innocent civilians with impunity (uncovered in literally every Army division that operated in Vietnam) or he would not have been welcomed into their murderous inner circle. Andy Martin admits on his own website (www.andyforillinois.com) his interest in ‘waging war’, living up to his name.

    Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine the records of every one of his ancestors, and it is likely that Andy Martin has a secret shame of rapists, murderers, arsonists and just plain assholes that exists in his family history, and it is the acts of these people that he never knew, that actualizes and defines who he is. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY WHAT HE ACTUALLY DOES. Our investigation to date has drawn on information that proves his ancestors were not even from this country!!! Oh, the insanity!!! Moreover, Andy Martin’s mailman’s stepfather likely dated a suspiciously dark-skinned United Airlines stewardess who lived in the same subsidized housing complex once visited by a Muslim. He should be ashamed of that fact. There is something to be ashamed of in dating a stewardess (did you hear that Marie).

    And what about Andy Martin's beloved family? None of them were invited to his Edinburgh, Scotland all-male dormitory bathroom to share his prominence the day he popped a fully mature furuncle on his back using nothing more than the reflective surface of a cookie sheet and two ball-point pens; one of them with no cap! Why are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? Who cares? More secrecy, more pervication.

    It is time for Andy Martin to stop presenting a fantasy to the American people. We are forgiving, and many violent, murderous prisoners who share his name would likely support him. It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger life-loving Vietnamese men, women and children in grass huts. His religion of self-righteousness would obviously raise serious questions in the many circles where nobody has even heard of Andy Martin.

    Our investigation is continuing. In he meantime, Andy Martin should stop inhaling our air. Anyone who truly knows Andy Martin would likely implore him to do that.
    Fact: Andy Martin is a living liar.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:04 PM, January 20, 2007  

  • Andy Martin-Who does he think he is,

    Martin has embraced attacking Obama based on his birth father being Muslim and his childhood attendance of a Muslim school while living in Indonesia.

    These attacks seem to be rank bigotry designed to appeal to prejudice, not illuminate Obama's policies.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:19 AM, January 21, 2007  

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