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Monday, November 20, 2006

GOV, tonight's board meeting [D209]

Proviso Township High Schools has a board meeting tonight. See agenda (pdf).

Of course the details are in the tabs and District 209 isn't posting those online.


  • Say what you want to say Chris, but April (2007) will tell it all. It wont even matter what you post, havent you realized that yet? The people are sick and tired of playing games with you, Chris! The people want answers, and you cant provide them. You are on your last leg, and if you think that the "Proviso Insider" or "Pasquale" can save you, guess again!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:16 AM, November 22, 2006  

  • Why are a few upset about Welch? Why did Welch start raising his sd88 bills along with holding several meetings with the Bellwood Mayor to promise a real estate deal in turn for political support for a ticket against the people who fully supported his ass for sd88 lawyer. Welch is a very bright young black man but poorly misguided. I guess if he had been mentored by the right polititian, he may have been ok. now he is facing inditments and court proceedings due to his semi-criminal actions and affiliations. He has used and lied to almost everyone in Proviso politics and he is working his way to County politics via proviso township. Chris you have a rude awakening my brotha. you have burned all of your bridges and the new ones that you are trying to form have already heard of your track record and will shut doors in your face. you true season of suffering is here and you need to prepare mentally for it. you have destroyed good respectful relationships between Mayors and State officials with your back door lies and unsuccessfull real estate deals . you promise false deals for political support and not even that is in your favor in these days to come.Welch you need to start to mend the fences. you need to publicly pull away from the corupt demons that you lay with for trades and false support. It wont get you much further than you are now but just maybe your concience will begin to clear up so you can make peace with yourself. not all of us have a price. you have the ones that do and they are the scum of what we all despise. I dont see how they can look thier families in the face knowing that they have abandoned all self morality and dignity to work the jobs of the man who is falsly identified as a shadow like yourself. i feel sorry for you welch.sd88 should have left you in the gutter where they found you. you mean them no good and certainly no good for the decissions they are trying to make for children. you are only concerned about jobs, contracts, and real estate deals.We sell education not bricks and mortor.

    God bless you anyhow.

    By Anonymous Why,Why, Why ???, at 5:33 PM, November 26, 2006  

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