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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ED, should clerical/support staff fear re-testing? [D209]

District 209 is requiring clerical/support staff be re-tested on skills. On behalf of District 209, director of communications Angela McDaniel assured employees there was nothing they had to fear.

Wasn't this a Dilbert cartoon? The organization requires employees to submit their resumes and job descriptions but assures them that it's not leading to people getting fired.

BTW, what union local represents these employees? What's the union have to say about management forcing union members to be re-tested?
Office of Communications

... the memo sent recently requesting that all current clerical/support staff be re-tested to assess the professional development needs in our district seemed [sic] to have generated various rumors and concerns these past few days....

I want to reassure each employee that these tests are simply a way for our district to effectively identify gaps, if they exist, so that employees can be trained and developed accordingly to stay current in their chosen field. This assessment also helps managers maximize the effectiveness of existing or proposed positions under their direction....

I hope this letter will serve to eliminate recent speculations, and encourage all clerical/support staff to set their appointments. Once again, these tests are not a tool to be used to remove individuals from their current positions, but to make District 209 a more effective and efficient school district.

As somebody asked, what's District 209's plan to provide remedial training to people who lack the required skills?

This year is going to involve lots of budget cutting, right? Is it cheaper to provide remedial training for a secretary or to replace her?


  • Fire all those bums!! There is not one personal in 209,as well as 88,and 89, other than the teachers who is qualified for there jobs!!!
    Make sure to start with those Italians first who were put in there by Melrose Park over 25 years ago, and you'll find them all illeterate and stupid, so get rid of those first and we'll save alot of money from there health care expenses. Then go after the current employees who were hired by Gene Moore,Theresa Kelly and Chris Welch and you'll have a field day laughing at there incompentance as well as realizing that if all employees would fail any standarized teast given to them, even the driver's test even with a cheat sheet!

    By Anonymous fire every Italian and Negro whose not a teacher, at 6:42 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • an educated italiano says...

    I think you better step back and not criticize those who you chastized in your remarks. Hell, you don't even know that its their, not there...its test, not teast...person, not personal...and the best of all...illiterate, not illeterate.

    What boat did your family come off of, or was it a turnip truck?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:51 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • I am just wondering, what is the [sic] for? The sentence seemed [sic] grammatically correct.

    By Blogger Roy, at 7:24 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • seems

    By Anonymous Perhaps, at 9:11 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • Don't judge people by tests. Judge them by their everyday workskills, getting work done in a timely fashion, reporting to work on time, reporting their absences. Check on the ones that come in late and don't fill out absence requests.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • If an administrator generated this letter, shouldn't the district hire qualified administrators that are capable of writing a grammatically correct letter? This poorly constructed letter should act as a reminder to all Proviso Township citizens! It is not what you know; it's whom you know! Carl was very kind by not including the entire text of the letter in his posting. The letter is a big reflection on the new supt. and his cabinet. Did anyone approve the letter before it went out? No wonder the district allows Daniel and Ashley to generate all of their publications. The Director of Communications can’t communicate.

    The patronage jobs that were boldly handed out by Chris Welch should be investigated. How can Angela McDaniels request Proviso's clerical employees take a grammar and letter composition test when it is obvious that she lacks competency in both areas? This letter generated by Angela McDaniels is an embarrassment to Proviso Township High Schools.

    The clerical staff does a wonderful job at Proviso and should not be subjected to Chris Welch and his politics as usual. Welch and the majority board will use the test to eliminate hard working people. I am sure Sue Henry’s daughter will keep her job! I am sure Tommy Miller’s wife/live in will keep her job! Politics as usual at Proviso! Chris Welch should resign from the board of education. He is a cancer that is destroying our children! Please Chris Welch resign as soon as possible.

    By Blogger Why_Pookie_Can't_Read_or_Write, at 10:50 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • eliminate depts & reduce staff represents fastest means for achieving positive cash flow. Caps advancement of mediocore and detaches from perception that culture is populated by incompetents with connections. Prime reason why change in top management necessary in any successful reformulation of strategy. Old guard would not be able to act this decisively.

    By Anonymous As I see it, at 10:58 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • This would seem to be the sort of good government effort advocated by Proviso Probe. I hope that staff members who need improved skills will get opportunities to upgrade and will benefit from those opportunities.
    Communication is important, but a persistent attention to spelling and grammatical mistakes that don't creat confusion is pedantic.

    By Blogger Dennis, at 11:05 PM, September 20, 2006  

  • Again, this is another case of smoke and mirrors from Chris Welch and his politically aligned base.

    Throughout his short political career, Welch has been consistently dishonest in his actions and purpose. Welch has shown time and time again that his decisions and public displays are for his own self-fulfillment and personal gain.

    Any thoughts that this process will be objective and for the betterment of District 209 is highly delusional. We cannot expect any difference from Welch's past transgressions to his future aspirations.

    This is undoubtedly and axe wielding decision that will be used to chastise those who are not politically aligned with Welch and his majority board.

    Chris Welch’s constant deceit and disingenuous acts must cease and desist in District 209. Chris Welch must resign and leave our community now!

    By Anonymous More distractions from Welch, at 10:00 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • What is the purpose of the testing?

    It seems clear that Nikita Johnson, HR director, has provided at least an incomplete explanation, if not an outright dishonest explanation.

    What's the reason for not fully explaining what will happen to low scoring employees?

    If District 209 want to upgrade skills, why not hold training?

    People are suspicious of District 209 because the board majority has done stuff to make people suspicious.

    What about the new superintendent? Doesn't he get the benefit of the doubt?

    This is what Stan Fields said in an interview published in yesterday's Forest Park Review:

    Board President Chris Welch and the majority members of the board have consistently delivered in the best interests of the community.

    Most people who aren't aligned with Welch would question the accuracy of the statement.

    But the differentiation between the board and board majority is problematic. It's one thing for the superintendent to praise the board in general terms. But to praise the majority separate of the minority raises flags that the superintendent sees his role as serving the majority.

    And if the superintendent is a political partisan, it's reasonable to suspect that employees aren't going to be fired for scoring low on the test but for being on the political wrong side of the fence and scoring low on the test.

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 10:56 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • Let's just be honest here, Fields is a political whore, not at all interested in Proviso students or there teachers.His interest is that he was going to be canned at his previous post and he did'nt want that on his resume.He took this job as a filler until he can get into a district he can survive in. He also has to be intrigued with 209 and the corruption and wants to put on his resume how he went to the worst high school district in Illinois and increased test scores(eventhough it would be a 0.5% increase). Fields will do WElch's dirty work and eliminate many employees who in his paranoid mind he believes worked against him.As stated before the State Rep. Election, if Welch lost there was going to be a bloodbath at 209.
    Also Moore and Serpico want Welch to go ahead and privatize the custodians and others,such as security, because there buddies company will be getting the contracts.Let's see if they can get away with it. I bet These are the same moves Toddler Stroger has in mind for Cook County after his coronation and I bet the Proviso Guru thinks it's swell!!!
    My personal take is I hope Fields, the hack, eliminates everyone,from Welch to Serpico's to Theresa Kelly's and Gene Moore's people and truely hire qualified inidividuals, but as you know, that won't happen until "Pigs fly" or "Proviso Guru actally does somework for the state or county checks and benifits he gets"!

    By Anonymous Chocolateman, at 11:19 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • Mr. Fields just started in his position in District 209 and already his remarks are being carefully scrutinized within various contexts pre-dating his arrival to District 209. A communication goes out to clerical/support staff at District 209 in regard to skills and competency re-testing and already people attribute ulterior and diabolical motives to the administration.

    There is no question that District 209 needs drastic improvement. People have been lobbying for significant change and clamoring for improvements for some time. I, for one, believe that a large amount of money has been and continues to be pissed away on so-called administrators such as Mr. Libka and various principals and co-principals who have not adequately demonstrated competence in school administration, their self-aggrandizing statements notwithstanding. Now, with Mr. Filed's arrival, why don't people try to reserve their judgements and see what unfolds instead of trying to determine, for example, what block of the board he may be aligned with based upon the flimsiest of "evidence" or a sentence he uttered in an interview that may have been inadvertent?

    Maybe the answer is that some people get some form of perverted satisfaction by trying to find the cloud around the silver lining, stirring up muck, or seeing conspiracies around every corner.

    Give the guy a break, will you? Let's judge him based upon his performance or maybe you have a better criterion?

    By Anonymous Steven, at 11:32 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • I think Proviso 209 is going to totally ripped off,money wise, by this used car salesman Fields and his girlfriend,Nikita. This Ebony and Ivory, modern day Bonnie and Clyde, are not only going to make a bundle off 209 with there contracts and perks, but the missing money will go missing and into the pockets of Fields and Johnson.
    Nikita dates Welch and makes him feel like a Black man,"oohh,your such a man,strong,virile and a lion","I'm just a little naive girl trying to survive","please protect me Chris","yes Chris,Charlie Flowers is so ugly,such a hater and he could never be fairer than you", "you WHAT? want to put that in your A*&^% and talk like a big black man?". She then calls Fields after that and laughs about Welch and his insecurities, then she tells fields what he asked her to find out and they go rob the bank themselves and then romp right after to the motel!
    Welch,can't you see it,, Fields and Nikita are going to rob you blind, and worst of all 209 blindly and then going to put the blame on you! So Ironic, you hired him and they rip you off like the scam artists they are, and you'll be doing the time, while there in Mexico!!!!!

    By Anonymous chocolateman, at 11:39 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • Steven, I hear ya. Why do you think Fields hasn't canned Libka yet?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 11:42 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • Public Act 094-0881 of the School Code specifically says that a board member shall....1) recognize that a board member has no legal authority as an individual and that decisions can be made only by a "majority" vote at a public board meeting; and 2) abide by majority decisions of the board, while retaining the right to seek changes in such decisions through ethical and constructive channels.

    It appears to me from reading this blog entry that people at Proviso and the administrator of this blog do not recognize and/or respect the fact that an individual board member does not have any power. Why are people always singling out Welch? He doesn't have any power as an individual. What has Kelly, Flowers, Marine and others done about this issue? I'm sure the only thing they have done is complain to Carl Nyberg because the only people that will be exposed from the testing are Theresa Kelly's cronies.

    Also, Carl, how can you not respect the fact that a Superintendent gets direction from a majority of the board? Once four people vote, that's that.

    Also, if the full board wants respect, they have to give respect. Theresa Kelly and Charles Flowers can't expect a proven, respected superintendent like Fields to sit back while they call him a novice and things of that nature.

    Finally, Carl, if you care about good government, wouldn't you want to know if people are qualified for their jobs? Especially if you're trying to balance a budget? Who do you keep? The ones that can do the job or the ones that can't?

    By Anonymous Another View, at 11:59 AM, September 21, 2006  

  • To Carl:

    I have no idea why Mr. Fields hasn't canned Mr. Libka or whether he even has any thoughts about doing so or plans to do so. I do hope that Mr. Fields judges Mr. Libka based upon criteria other than that expressed by the "Wollism" that "He's a nice guy".

    By Anonymous Steven, at 12:00 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Ahhhh...but when the majority are politically aligned with each other through blood relations, jobs and contracts, then the process is purposefully tainted and Public Act 094-0881 of the School code is abused.

    This calls for absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    By Anonymous "Another view" is tainted!, at 12:08 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Steven:

    Your patience is a virtue, yet your naivety is a hindrance that allows the status quo to prevail. Scrutinizing statements made in interviews gives insights to what positives or negatives may lay ahead. Actions speak louder than words, but none resonates louder than those uttered by Field’s in disdain for the minority board. We don’t have to determine where he stands…Field’s has obviously and eloquently made that determination for us. Should we totally disregard statements made by Fields, just so we can see his actions?

    Best believe, the minority board shares the same view of Libka as you, but do you think Fields shares your insight on this matter? Is it possible that he shares the same views as Moore and Welch?

    Personally, if you would like to reserve judgment on Fields until you can measure his actions, by all means, do so. I’m sure you will find satisfaction in your patience and peace with your decision.

    By Anonymous have an idea, at 12:23 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Since when has the District 209 majority been concerned about qualifications?

    I mean, you have Alexis Wallace (Chris Welch's god-mother) who was the 5th least qualified candidate...yet she was rubber stamped by Welch and the majority board.

    Robert Libka is example #2. He was rubber stamped by Welch and the majority board and he is terribly under-qualified.

    Shirly Madlock’s sister was hired to a position not even remotely close to her qualifications. In other words, she can't do the job. Again, she was overwhelming approved by Welch and the majority board.

    PMSA started the school year lacking books and certified teachers, yet testing the clerical staff is an issue.

    Wake up!

    Just in case you haven't noticed...everyone mentioned is related or politically aligned with a majority board member or the board president.

    By Anonymous No conspiracy theory?, at 12:40 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Salaries of Proviso Secretaries:

    1. Gloria Bosby...$41,705.00
    2. Kelli Brown...$45,166.00
    3. Althea Busby...$41,119.00
    4. Yenni Munoz...$42,829.00
    5. Radha Retty-Cannon...$48,607.00
    6. Rachel Rivera...$40,922.00
    7. Arelene Savado...$49,900.00
    8. Julie Suva...$42,968.00
    9. Marcy Thomas...$40,931.00.00
    10. Christina Wolf...$44,949.00
    11. Molly Cavanaugh...$56,516.00
    12. Sarah McAllister...$40,532.00
    13. Marlene McBrien...$43,035.00
    14. Wendy Mueller...$48,486.00
    15. Janet Redmond...$42,179.00
    16. Yvonne Thomas...$42,854.00

    This list is not exhaustive. These are the ones that I know. Also, rumor has it that some on the list, not all, can't even type.

    By Anonymous Been around Proviso a Long Time, at 12:43 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • ...As if we didn't know...

    Mr. Chris Welch, welcome to this discussion.

    We appreciate you listing the salaries of your fellow secretarial staff. I'm sure they'll appreciate your list.

    You are a total slimeball!

    By Anonymous Anything for political gain, at 12:54 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Is the clerical/office staff part of a union? Not just the teachers?

    Does the clerical staff work 12 months or have off the same time as the schools do? If they get the summer off, that's some pay!

    By Anonymous foerst parker, at 1:36 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • To "have an idea":

    You wrote, "... your naivety is a hindrance that allows the status quo to prevail". Really? I didn't realize that my alleged naivity as expressed in my posting is so impactful and powerful that it allows the status quo to prevail. Not what you meant to write? Then, get your own house in order, express your thoughts accurately, and manifest some semblance of intelligence. Then you wrote, "Scrutinizing statements made in interviews gives insights to what positives or negatives may lay ahead". Maybe. Maybe not. It depends, in part, on who is doing the scrutinizing and interpreting, and, in your case, well, I think your insights are more reflective of your paranoia and/or stupidity than anyhthing Mr. Fields' may have meant. Do you know what Mr. Fields meant? Do you know for a fact that his statement wasn't just an inadvertent mistake or a thoughtless remark? No, but you choose to cast the statement in the framework that best accomodates your pre-conceived notions. Here's another example of your premier tendency to misread and misinterpret. You state, based upon your skewed reading of Mr. Fields' interview statements, that "Field's in disdain of the minority board". Where did you get "disdain"? Mr. Fields did state, "Board President Chris Welch and the majority members of the board have consistently delivered in the best interests of the community". I see no mention of the minority board nor do I see anything indicating to me that he has disdain for them. You pulled that right out from your ass which is probably where the majority of your limited gray matter resides.

    I could on and on but refuting your statements is like child's play and I've got more important matters to attend to such as trimming my nails.

    By Anonymous Steven, at 1:40 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • You forgot the Asians and Hispanics?

    THose salaries are for 12 month secretaries and some of those staff members have been here over 15 years. Lots of these new hires came in at the top of the pay scale under Special Payroll. Of course it makes other staff members who are qualified and want to move up quite angry.

    The Support Staff Union stinks. They only had one meeting last year and the board president hasn't worked at Proviso for 2-3 years.

    The testing is fine but I do see that as usual the people on the lower rungs of the ladder are attacked first.

    By Anonymous PE employee, at 2:04 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Since we've got some specific salaries on the table....

    What's Bob Libka make? And what is he responsible for now that Fields is doing the job Libka was hired to do?

    What's Kyle Hastings make? If he didn't show up to school for a week, would anyone notice?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 2:05 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • What is the name of the local that represents employees affected by these tests?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 2:06 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • It is the West Suburban Teacher's Union, Local 571

    By Anonymous Jonsie, at 2:35 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Dave says Maybe they're only trying to fire some of the excess secretaries. Fields had 2 secretaries, one retired. Gilchrist, who isn't even there has 2 secretaries. In the business world, does the top guy have TWO secretaries. Personnel has THREE secretaries, but no boss. How many others are out there? Some secretaries like Molly have been there for years. She could probably run the school and do an excellent job at it.
    I think this is a harrassment tactic to scare everyone. Perhaps they will get rid of some of the dead weight. (and trust me, there are a lot of secretaries who are rude and worthless) I doubt it. fields has already proven himself to be a liar. He lied in the letter to the PMSA parents. He's in with the powers that be. Read his interview in the FP Review.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:14 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • To Steven:

    Well, it's good to know that you didn't object to your naivety. Now, if only your intelligence was as long as your wit.

    It is beyond noticeable that your interpretation skills leave a lot to be desired. While you are more concerned with what he meant, or might have meant, I am more concerned with what he actually said. There is a difference. I’ll let your naïve interpretations wonder, if he made a mistake…or if he was under duress during this softball line of questions. Stan Fields knew exactly what he said when he said it and how he said it. If you would like to disregard his statements…then the choice is yours. I understand it’s hard to maintain your focus because it’s so much to interpret, but take one word at a time, syllable by syllable. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

    Here’s a novel idea for you, take his words at face value.

    There is no misread or misinterpretations on my part, you can play on words and play on semantics, but what I have observed form Fields, in person and in print, is what I have written. No more and no less. I’m sure you’re amazed that a person can multi-task, you know, read and interpret at the same time. It’s an acquired skill that is apparently lacking in your repertoire. But no fret, I’ll teach you one day if you can keep up.

    Per your previous postings, I expected an intelligent rebuttal, not a slew of insults, but I can swing with the best of them and you are no exception. You can call it child’s play…just recognize that I am Chucky! I’ll need to wash my shoes thoroughly because it’s starting to smell exactly like your ass.

    I find your mental limitations astounding. You can continue to live in this fantasy world where people don’t mean what they say, while those of us who are less naïve deal with real situations, not constant speculation.

    And don’t forget to trim those toe nails…and spray the Lysol when you finish…they stink!

    By Anonymous Have an idea, at 3:14 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Stan Fields is the real deal. He is not going to take shit from anybody about anything. If he believes that Proviso has too many overpaid secretaries, and he sees an opportunity to move closer to a balanced budget, then he will make some changes. If he believes that a board member is out of line, he will let that board member know it. No matter who it is. If you don't believe me, just watch for the next six months and see what happens. Fields is not a rubber stamp for any body.

    By Anonymous Mundelein Insider, at 7:34 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • To Another View it is obvious that you are Welch. Welch is a coon! He has disgraced the entire Black community. He has single handily stolen from Proviso's children to sponsor his state rep. campaign. He has over eight known relatives working in Proviso. What about give security a test? Well, all of Welch's political hacks and relatives will fail the damn test. Most of them are on parole and are dumb criminals and hoodlums. Welch can't pick his family, but he sure in the hell votes for them to hired in 209.
    So how is that for singling out Mr. Welch? Welch get the hell out of Proviso and resign from the board of education. Your dirty hands are all over the testing of secretaries. THe secretaries at Proviso are working really hard to get your BLACK COON ASS OUT OF PROVISO! RESIGN BITCH!

    By Blogger welch_is_a_coon, at 7:48 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Chris Welch is the king of political hirings. For example, political mistake number 1, Alexis Wallace.

    People know damn well that Alexis Wallace is not qualified to be the principal at Proivso West. Yes, she has worked at Proviso for over 20 years. So what! I got a corn that is twenty years old (it kinda looks like Wallace) Anyway, there have been people in Proviso longer than her that are not qualified to be principal and they know it. Some people know there place. But this lunatic thinks she is the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE OF PROVISO! Let's give the robust big back Alexis Wallace a peoples skills test. Would she pass? Hell NAW! She is ignorant and does not respect the community or the teachers and staff. Every empire will crumble and their time is coming really soon! But she looks good in drag!

    Mistake number 2 Bob "the retard" Libka! Enough said! 209 was at its lowest point with this character as CEO and he is so stupid that he does not even see how Welch bamboozled him. DUMB ASS!

    Mistake number 3 Nikita Johnson, his girlfriend. Does she realize that he likes gerbils and hamsters up the ass? Okay nuff said. Poor girl must be desperate. Is the Black man extinct? Honey, go log onto match.com! Call Dr. Phil! Shit, call Oprah. Get the hell away from Chris Welch.

    Mistake number 4 Stan "the Hillbilly" Fields. Stan Fields thinks that he can bring that cow boy attitude to Proviso. Well, he has another thing coming. This is not Oklahoma! He will be hauling his redneck ass back South pass the Mason Dixion Line. Proviso is not cookie cutter Mundelein! He needs to learn how to respect the Black and Latino community and watch what he says out of his mouth!

    Mistake number 5, stealing from children!

    Please Wlch do Proviso some good and resign from the board before you get your jail sentence.

    By Blogger wallace_looks_good_in_drag, at 8:21 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Welch is at it again. That hack owes jobs to people that worked on his failed state rep. campaign. This is a way to fire the non-political and hire his unqualified political creeps. What an ASS! This guy is ruthless.

    Welch, let me give you some advice. Resign from the school board before it's too late. In April, you will be voted out. It's obvious, you are not that smart with your speech degree. Go find something else to do. Get a hobby such as birdwatching, volunteer at nursing home or boys/girls club. Stop destroying the lives of others. Let our kids go, let our proviso employees go. Let your ego go and grow some hair. FAT ASS!

    By Anonymous welch is a liar, at 9:39 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Chris Welch you have two choices.

    1) Voluntary Resignation

    2) Involuntary Resignation
    Get voted OUT! BIATCH!

    By Anonymous Welch has two choices, at 9:59 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • Is Alexis Wallce married to a Proviso West French teacher Gerald Wallace?

    By Anonymous CURIOUS, at 10:56 PM, September 21, 2006  

  • To “have an idea”:

    You wrote on 9/21 at 12:23 pm, in reference to Mr. Fields’ interview in the Forest Park Review in the 9/19 edition, that, “Scrutinizing statements made in interviews gives insights to what positives or negatives may lay ahead. Actions speak louder than words, but none resonates louder than those uttered by Field’s in disdain for the minority board”.

    Please reference the exact statement that Mr. Fields made in that interview that denotes his disdain for the minority board. I can’t for the life of me find it and I don’t think any reader of this thread can either unless s/he interprets his statements with an axe to bear or pre-conceived notions.

    In fact, Mr. Fields stated in that interview, “My strategy for working with the board is to first encourage more professional behavior. Getting the board focused on something bigger than their individual differences so that at the end of the day the selfish, petty differences will take a back seat”. This hardly sounds like disdain for the minority board, but rather a “call to arms” for the board to work more closely together as a whole.

    So, now we’re at the put-up-or-shut-up point. Either point to the specific statement that Mr. Fields made in that interview denoting (not connoting because, as you mentioned previously, you take his statements at face value) his disdain for the minority board or, well, take the alternative that I just offered you.

    By the way, I don’t think that the Probe readers will settle for name-calling, beating-around-the-bush, changes of topic, going off on tangents, and/or other evasive tactics designed to circumvent you directly answering my question. We’re waiting for your direct answer.

    By Anonymous Steven, at 7:16 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • Steven:

    We are both guilty of “name-calling.” Regardless if we disagree, we can find a more civilized way to voice our differences. For my part, I apologize to you, Nyberg and the participants of the Proviso Probe.


    You act as if this is the first time any of us has ever come into contact with Fields. This interview that we are citing is just one piece out of several pieces of this puzzle. As I mentioned before, I have observed Fields in-print and in-person, therefore my comments have a much wider scope than you deem to recognize.
    What you call "an axe to bear or pre-conceived notions", some may call observation and analysis from which conclusions are drawn. Based on what I have observed, I see Fields as a yes man for Chris Welch. To be real, I want Fields to prove me wrong, but for some reason, I feel he won’t.

    It's funny, based on your argument; you propose that his statements may have been "inadvertent". With that said, maybe some of the positive comments may have been "inadvertent" also. With this situation and many others to come at District 209...time will tell. A conspiracy theory today may turn out to be a premonition for tomorrow.

    In the end, I hope Fields turns out to be someone honest, fair and determined to work in the best interest of this community. I want accountability from our administrators and board members. This does not mean that you or I cannot draw conclusions based on what transpires. We can agree to disagree. This is what makes this forum (blog) valuable…the sharing of ideas that may or may not compliment each other.

    By Anonymous Have an idea, at 9:14 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • To "have an idea":

    You did not directly answer my question, but I understand that you have a history of observing Mr. Fields and his statements beyond his interview in the Forest Park Review. As you know, I was scratching my head as to what he said in that interview that would directly indicate his alleged disdain for minority board members. The virtue of that interview was that it was not based upon hear-say, anecdotal evidence, or third-party report. It was there for all to see and it was public. I trust that others have heard many things come out of Mr. Fields' mouth depending upon the situation in which he was speaking, to whom he was speaking, and other variables. This is, in part, exactly why I believe that we need to judge him based upon his performance. Surely, we can make guesses about his allegiances, those who he presumably disdains, hell, what he's going to eat for supper tonight, but the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.

    Yes, I agree with you that we are both guilty of name-calling, but I must take the brunt of the blame because I initiated the disparaging remarks. It's a writing style I tend to resort to when I perceive that I or my writing is being attacked. It's a style that I have moderated quite a bit, but, as must be obvious, I have some ways yet to go!

    We both hope Mr. Fields puts the best interests of our children first. As you wrote, time will tell.

    By Anonymous Steven, at 9:52 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • Welch, stay off the blog. You are "steven" idiot. Your skin should be thicker lizard! You can't take name calling? RESIGN NOW!

    By Anonymous more distractions from welch, at 10:26 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • Hey Steven:

    I appreciate your comments and your writing style.

    I can be a little abrasive, ok, a lot abrasive...but I am definitely a work in progress.

    Take care...

    By Anonymous Have an idea, at 10:49 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:13 AM, September 22, 2006  

  • I don't think Steven is Welch. Why? Because Welch is an complete asshole and does not have the intelligence to write half the comments Steven has. I don't always agree with Steven, but Steven has more brains than Welch. Welch is an ass and is a dirty, DUMB lawyer.

    I wonder has Welch watched the news lately. The FEDS busted into Cook County looking for illegal hiring practices done by Stroger. I wonder when will they knock down 209's door? Libka will shit on himself and start singing like a bird, "Chris Welch made be do it!".

    Welch please resign from the BOE. You are destroying Proviso Township. Resign before you get sent to down state!

    By Blogger welch_is_an_ass, at 12:05 PM, September 22, 2006  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 PM, September 22, 2006  

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