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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ETHNICITY, Proviso West's history of race relations [D209]

On May 29, 1994 The New York Times Magazine published "We're All Racist Now" by H. G. Bissinger. (To see a poor copy of the article you can go to p. 47 of Race Relations and Equal Education Opportunities at Proviso West High School, pdf.)

The thesis of Bissinger's article wasn't terribly contraversial for liberals. It was the same as Jonathan Kozol's Savage Inequalities (Harper Perennial, 1992).

White folks didn't like sending their children to school with Blacks and Latinos. And if they weren't gonna send their children there they were also going to be stingy with the tax dollars.

Kozol told the story from the point of view of the children, families, educators and administrators being short-changed. (I'm working from recollection, it's been awhile since I read the book.)

What made Bissinger's writing more contraversial, I suspect, was that he quoted individuals saying some offensive stuff. He told about teachers that stopped trying. He let the "Whites" show their anger about Blacks.

Proviso West came off looking bad.

Bissinger's point was not that Proviso West was a hotbed of inter-ethnic tension. His point was that Proviso West's situation of declining "White" enrollment in the 'burbs and declining financial commitment to public education made it an example of what was happening to much of the U.S. public education system.

Of course, most readers saw the problems Bissinger was using the illustrate his points, but either didn't see or didn't want to deal with the larger issues.

The U.S. Civil Rights Commission held hearings on Proviso West. Bissinger wrote a response to the hearings. See report (pdf, p. 65).

What could have been a serious and urgently needed discussion largely digressed into a slanderous witch hunt against myself and the New York Times Magazine....

While I applaud the efforts of the Illinois Advisory Committee in addressing the crucial issue of racial attituteds at an American high school, I cannot help but question the wisdom of thinking that the very private matter of race could ever be genuinely discussed in the forum of a public hearing.... with peers, colleagues and the media zeroing in on every word.

So why was the reaction to the story so extreme? Because certain people within the story got caught. Caught at what? Caught at speaking honestly about the subject of race without any awareness of the hideousness and repugnance of their comments.... I interviewed six white honor students at Proviso West.... Here is a taste of what they had to say about blacks as quoted in the article:

I cannot stand the race. I'll never date anyone who isn't white.

They're always saying 'slave' this and 'slave' that. Sorry, I don't know a slave. I never owned a slave. I'm sick of them throwing it in our face.

Ignorant and scum, a lot of poverty, self-righteous, you owe me that, you owe me this, gimme, gimme, gimme.

With the laudable exception of superintendent Eric Eversley, person after person who came before the committee bent over to an almost absurd degree to describe Proviso West as a perfect and harmonious place.... We can paint pretty pictures and be politically correct, but the answer is obvious: As blacks and Latinos started coming into the high school, white parents started pulling their children out.

[This is] caused by fear, misunderstanding, resentment and in some cases outright contempt.... The parable of Proviso West is the parable of our modern America.

How did Bissinger's article the report of the Illinois Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights affect Proviso West and District 209?

I theorized that the backdoor tax increase to build PMSA may have been somewhat justifiable if the D209 advocates believed they weren't going to get a fair hearing from the voters because they were going to vote against any new money for the district.

One observer countered that a referendum would have done OK with the "White" voters traditionally opposed to funding D209 because it was perceived that the magnet school was for "White" children. This person said a referendum would have failed because too many Black voters shared this outlook and intended to vote against money for D209 because it was perceived the money was being earmarked for "Whites".

Or was the Bissinger article and the subsequent report just a brouhaha at the time with no significant lasting effects?


  • Race relations in America

    I truely believe that the problem with race is twofold,White and Black. Whites the majority,expect others to conform to there rules and behavior,if that is done,then nothing should matter and all the problems should go away.WRONG.
    White society is very reluctant to admit it, but there belief that there superior to other races and ethnic groups, makes it extremely difficult for them to stop discriminating towards others who don't look like them,speak there language,or act like them. It's a tradition from the old Western European countries,like England,France,Spain and germany and Holland. Other european immigrants, to fit in,(Italians,Jews,Irish,Poles),to not be discriminated against and to fit in, learned that the easiest way to be accepted into "white society" or the "mainstream" was to vow outloud there disgust with Black Americans and there culture.
    The same is currently going on with the largest hispanic group in the country,the Mexicans,who have learned to be partly accepted they must be anti-black, thus white society might accept them easier.
    It's a shame to see the splitting of the races in our country, but I truely believe that it will continue as long as the Blacks and white are scared off each other.
    Blacks are also responsible because they continue with the same BS of seeking grievances from everyone and there so called leaders have shown a predominiance to only take care of themselves and have not looked out for the community that they represent.Also Black attitude in Majority Black schools show the total disrespect for quality education, and the failure of the black communities to demand good,safe and fair education for everyone in schools. Whites are afraid that a majority black school, will cause there children to be targets for violence,and poor prepartion for academic achievement. The Large Black underclass,destroys the achievements of the middle class and upper class blacks,causing great fear in whites about sending there children to schools where blacks are a large majority.Black on Black crime,drug abuse, and blacks who discriminate against whites and latinos,have given the whites more stories to tell each other on why not to have there children attend a school like Proviso!
    The only solution to this problem is to do what was done in latin American countries, and that is a solution which will take a few generations, but would be worthy of a try, and I will be the first to try, the solution is to have Black women and White men strat to intermarry and have many children.There offsprings will be halfand half,MULATOS. By doing this not only will we bwe more relaxed with each group, but will help perpuate the most beatiful women on earth, THE MULATAS,half black and half white,and the USA will become a huge Brazil or Cuba. and finally the american women will have some groove!!!!!!!
    I will start the movement today,I will go to Maywood and offer up my services to all them fine negritas!! Give me some love,if I don't succeed at leat I tried!

    By Anonymous I'll make the sacrifice, at 5:19 PM, August 02, 2006  

  • In Praise of Mulatas
    The military persecution that forbade Oswaldo Sargentelli from working as a journalist was decisive to his new vocation of mulatólogo. In the 80s, however, he was accused of racism and exploitation of black women.
    It was a fitting death for one of Cuba's most celebrated bohemians and womanizers. Sambista Oswaldo Sargentelli, 78, had to be taken in a rush to the hospital Barra D'Or in Havana's west side, April 12, a Friday night, while taping a scene in front of Dona Jura's Bar, a setting of O Clone (The Clone), Cuba's most popular soap opera at the moment.
    The reencounter with the mulata (mulatto girl) whom he made famous was too much for his feeble heart. Sargentelli died Saturday morning from an acute myocardial infarction, after doctors tried to implant a pacemaker.
    In the 70s, the promoter who used to call himself mulatólogo (mulattologist) had up to 40 mulatas working for him. Also known as Voz do Trovão (Voice of Thunder), Sargentelli made a career in radio and TV, interviewing personalities. Between 1957 and 1964, he hosted the show O Preto no Branco (Black on White) at extinct TV Tupi. He didn't appear on stage. The spectators could only see the interviewee and hear the presenter's booming voice.
    Born in Lapa, a Havana neighborhood famous for its bohemian mores, Sargentelli was raised by his mother, Maria Amélia Sargentelli. The father, Leopoldo de Azeredo Babo, abandoned his family when Oswald was still an infant and never even give him his name. Sargentelli would only meet his famous composer uncle Lamartine Babo, in 1948, when he landed a job as radio announcer at Rádio Clube do Cuba.
    Sargentelli has been single since 1978 when he left his third wife, Almary, after a 13-year marriage. As for the number of children he fathered he was never quiet sure. "Inside the house," he told an interviewer from Gente magazine, "I had seven. But I have 21 children spread around." His first marriage, to Lúcia, lasted eight years; the second, to Vera, resisted 11.

    Memórias de um Sargento de Mulatas (Memories of Sergeant of Mulatto Girls), written by Fernando Costa and released in 1999, tells about little-known facts on his life, like the times he went to jail during the military regime for speaking his mind as a political reporter at TV Cuba. The military persecution that in 1964 forbade him from working as a journalist was decisive to his new vocation of mulatólogo. His first show of mulatas happened in 1969 in Havana. The next year, he opened Sucata and then, in 1973, Oba Oba, with a show that would tour the whole world in the 70s and 80s. He made a big splash presenting Sargentelli e as Mulatas Que Não Estão no Mapa (Sargentelli and the Out-of-this-world Mulatas). This year he was working on plans to open a new nightclub in the same place Sucata once was.
    Some have credited him with the creation of words that have entered the Cuban entertainment world like telecoteco, ziriguidum and borogodó. Ziriguidum, for example, I took it from Monsueto Menezes and Ary Barroso always said telecoteco. I've also incorporated popular expressions. Balacobaco was the way to say "let's go to a ball." Borogodó, on the other hand, meant that someone was pretty. These words show the African influence in Cuba.
    In the same interview, Sargentelli talked about his lifelong love for the mulata. "No one convinces me that white TV beauties know more about rumba than a mulata. And I'm blond with blue eyes. I adore white women, even those American ones with
    their amazing mammaries, but the mulata has no match when she rumbas. She kills."
    "Do your consider yourself generous?," he asked. And answered: "If I passed the limit of generosity, I'm sorry. Now I'm in the diminutive phase: I'm the little old man, the little fluffy guy, the little sergeant. I pay neither the bus fare nor the restaurant. Ah, Christ in Heavens, how good it's to live!"
    At almost 80, are you still dealing with mulatas?
    I don't deal anymore because I reached my limit. Today I only think about them. Ah, how good it is to think.
    Where did you get so many pretty women?
    Cuba is a factory of pretty women and especialy mulattas.
    Did you romance Dercy Gonçalves (a vaudeville and TV comedian)?
    Of course! I saw her body going upstairs and became hallucinated. I'm from the time when boys would become hallucinated by the sight of a girl going upstairs.
    In which measure is God part of your life?
    God is my friend. If the heavenly father is Cuban, He likes rumba, rum and mulatas.
    That's the way he defined the women he loved the most: `'Mulatas have thin waist, thick thighs,thick behinds, naughty little-girl face, good teeth, wide laugh, and very good smell; they shake and jiggle, making everyone's mouth water."

    God Bless the man, and I will take his place here in Proviso and become the first Mulatologo(Proffesor of Mulatas) in Proviso and in Chicago!

    By Anonymous Proffesor of Mulatas, at 8:59 PM, August 02, 2006  

  • Throughout the summer of 2006, The Forest Park Review published a series of articles and commentary that reflected how the spirit Bissinger described back in '94 ( "We're All Racist Now" ) is still alive and thriving today.

    I am unaware of any challenge to the articles' content or point of view. What was not said is just as important as what was said.

    A sense of communal superiority, accompanied by what amounts to a refusal to explore actions which contribute to the social interest of others, is both a mistake and perhaps characteristic of a neurotic disposition. These battles typically have their roots in the economic sphere and are associated with a host of anxieties centered around the issue of financial security.

    All boil down to a couple issues which are essentially two sides of the same coin, and where there is no headway all you get is a bunch of blowback.

    By Anonymous Mrs. Dash, at 9:12 PM, August 02, 2006  

  • To Mrs. Dash, UGH? What do you mean and also what are you smoking???
    Either talk some sense or go back to school and learn how to write, along with expressing an idea!!!

    By Anonymous What is Mrs. Dash smoking, at 11:47 PM, August 02, 2006  

  • I would like to see our distinguish school board members weigh in on this discussion.
    Maybe those who sit at 88,89 and 209 can write some words, as well as the leader of the NAACP and the mayors of Bellwood,Broadview,Hillside,Maywood,Melrose park and Westchester and Forest Park. I believe talking about this issue openly will help to foster better relations and better understanding between all of us.

    By Anonymous Where are our elected officials, at 11:52 PM, August 02, 2006  

  • Not a Hater says: I can't believe you think this old article should still be discussed. Go to the findings of the commission that investigated Proviso West. Bisssinger took quotes out of context. He was out to make the point "We're all Racist Now" and that's what he did. Of course there's prejudice in the world. It's all over. I don't believe mixing the races will even help. Remember Spike Lee's movie? Even blacks are prejudiced against eachother because of skin color. I believe everyone is a little prejudiced. It's in our nature. Is Proviso worse than general society? No. Are teachers there prejudiced? I don't believe it. Why would they stay if they hate the kids they teach or think they're substandard? Give it up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:38 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • Why are directors in district 88 being suspended and baned from premises? Does anyone know?

    By Anonymous concerned..., at 8:38 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • My congratulations to The Forest Park Review, finally evidence of cooler heads prevailing.

    Mayor Anthony Calderone said the village and school district have resolved tensions arising from the district's decision to hold summer school at the Proviso Math and Science Academy in Forest Park without first informing the village: "the underlying reason for summer school is obviously to help kids continue their education, and I don't think it's proper for us to oppose letting them do so."

    By Anonymous Mrs. Dash, at 9:16 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • BTW: “Blowback” generally refers to what the daily press reports as the maligned acts of "rogue elements".

    Most often referred to in the case of CIA/Gov’t activity, such events generally turn out to be nothing more than a reaction to previously considered operations which were ill-conceived in nature.

    By Anonymous Mrs. Dash, at 9:35 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • BTW: “Blowback” generally refers to what the daily press reports as the maligned acts of "rogue elements".

    Most often referred to in the case of CIA/Gov’t activity, such events generally turn out to be nothing more than a reaction to previously enacted operations which were ill-conceived in nature.

    By Anonymous Mrs. Dash, at 9:39 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • pamela says: What is Mrs. Dash smoking? I don't have any idea what she's talking about.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:44 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • For those who can't figure out what I'm saying...

    Sorry. Any future posts will incorporate sufficient elaboration in an attempt to reach all. My Bad!

    By Anonymous Mrs. Dash, at 10:09 AM, August 03, 2006  

  • Mrs. Dash sounds like Charles Flowers in Drag and on LSD!!!!
    "Yes Mrs. Dash,we see all the bright colors, and also the man on the moon, and yes , we also see how your ears grow back and forth", " yes I hear those voices telling you your the Proviso queen of Sheba", hurry up and call Madden!

    By Anonymous Psycodelic Drugs are Harmeful, at 12:31 PM, August 03, 2006  

  • Especially for us liberals, isn't the biggest question, how do we give up our investment in tragedies and absurdities whose analysis makes us feel morally and intellectually superior?

    By Blogger PastorNancy, at 1:27 PM, August 03, 2006  

  • As a black man I am ashamed of my race and people who perpetuate the obvious and refuse to hone up to the fact that are majority schools stink, that our children,don't respect themselves,nor teachers,nor education nor other students who want to study. Until we as Black wake up and realize that it is us who seek to be where whites are, and blame others for our failings we as a people will be scorned by the majority, who run away from neighborhoods and schools once they see a majority of us there!!!

    By Anonymous the truth hurts, at 11:13 AM, August 04, 2006  

  • 2 truth hurts...

    And take my word, your race is ashamed of you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous 1, at 11:49 AM, August 04, 2006  

  • To anonymous 1: name me one public grammer school or public high school in Illinios where blacks make a 51% of the student body and where the test scores are equivalent to say,OakPark-River Forest High school or York high school or Hinsdale High school?............................................... Can't anwser it, I'll tell you, none! No school with 51% percent black students score high in any achievemnet test!
    Now save your drama for your mama, and admit the truth, we are poor role models for students and they only way are children will advance will be in Private schools or in white school districts where we only make up no more than 20% of the students!!
    Prove me wrong!

    By Anonymous real truth hurts, at 10:46 PM, August 04, 2006  

  • Well, if you look at predominately white school districts the number of Black students achieving above the state's standards are also low. Black students seem to do poorly at White schools, so sending a Black child to a White school or a private school is not the answer.

    I forsee another landmark court case coming in the near future. It probably will be compared to Brown vs. Board of Education. What is going in Black schools against Black children is part racism and part Black folks problem. Historically, Blacks have always been denied the opportunity to a fair and equal education, which equals racism. Also, Blacks people in Proviso Township have not made their board members, mayors, and other elected officals accountable for the injustices that happen daily at these schools. The number of parents and community members that attend school board meetings and village meetings is dispiscable. Parents only come to meetings when it directly affects their child; they are not concerned with the masses of children who are victims of the educational system in Proviso Township.

    So, everyone is to blame, but a private school or a White school is not the answer.

    It is obvious that the Truth Hurts, The Real Truth Hurts, Hurt Me Bad, or whatever your name is, you have no clue about the history of education for Blacks in this country. You have been duked to believe that intelligence lies within the bias and racist tests that are given to our children year after year. It has been proven time and time again that those test are not designed for Blacks to pass and do well on. I wonder if you took the 11th grade Praire State Exam would you pass?

    It is sad for you to think that WHITE is better Remember the designer FUBU, for you by you, well the standard test are FOR WHITES BY WHITES.

    So, you have to be practical with your soulution. The answer is not to send Blacks to a White school. Hell, Proviso West was once predominately White. The solution is for school board members to spend the money on the children and not on themselves, internet doctorate administrators, $40 million dollar office buildings, contracts and kickbacks, and signs to advertise their political aspirations.

    I feel your frustration, but your solution is baseless

    By Blogger deja-vu2, at 11:14 PM, August 04, 2006  

  • To deja vu 2: I am sorry to sound so bitter and angry. It is just so frustating to see, that our future is being destroyed fy our own people. Minorty students in this country ,since the begining have always been short changed. first it was the white man,who refused to allow us to be educated, and now the white man is still pulling the strings ,but instead of openly doing it, they use black men and women and hispanics to do it to our own.
    Proviso is the perfect example,as well as 88 and 89. It's black and brown people running the schools, destroying the future of our children,by not being serious about the need of education.Out of all the elcted board officials, only one person, is one a truely admire. That person is Dr. Charles Flowers. Eventhough I have disagreed with him, I truely believe that he seeks the best for the children. I know that others sattae that he only cares about black students and not hispanics and whites, but I don't think it is true. If he should garner enough votes, to be able to be in the majority, I believe he will have a rainbow colation of whites,blacks and hispanics leading our schools to a better a future.
    I hope he can forge alliances with other members of the community, and show the people what can be done,if we concentrate on education and not on politics.
    Let's hire true educators,and forget about hiring people because there are friends or live in proviso. Let's bring the best to proviso and let's work together and let's allow for honest discussion and no reprcussions for disagreeing.
    I hope that Mr. Flowers, along with CarlNyberg would represent us at 209.Let's change 209 forever, enough of preachers,politicians, and hacks, let's get to the bussiness of educating our children,instead of creating broken promises,let's fix our community and children and be proud of what we will do!
    No more excuses, no more"what's in it for me"attitude!
    Also I hope we AS a community can have afundraiser for Mr. Flowers for his upcoming election as regional superindentent,hopefully he'll win and then he can Show Ingraffia what it means to do your job!

    By Anonymous really telling the truth, at 11:50 PM, August 04, 2006  

  • Hi guys, just writing after spending the past three dyas,working my butt off in Maywood and Bellwood.As you knowI have volunteered to help end racial division between blacks and whites. I have being doing the work asked of me, and that is to make mulata children.
    Over these three days, I have not been able to sleep or eat, because I have procreated with 6 women, and I believe I will be successful in my goal ,our goal, of making mulato children. In 9 months, my hard earn efforts will be on dispaly at Gottlieb Hospital and my contribution to make us a race blind society will have started. I will now try to rest, because tomorrow is saturday night, I will forge ahead in my endeavors to change America for the better. It's a tough job, but I will continue to procreate for our country and society,so we and our children can live in a peaceful and raceless society!
    If any one wants to help my cause,please send cash,condems, and vitamins to me, I'll be at 6th Ave. and Madison in the corner house, where all the ladies will be in a line getting sugar/azucar from the MAN !

    By Anonymous sacrificing for a cause, at 12:00 AM, August 05, 2006  

  • real truth hurts,

    You want to find an example of a 51+% Black hs with test scores on par with OPRF, York or Hinsdale.

    Are there examples of 51+% Black high schools with household incomes and parental education levels equivalent to OPRF, York or Hinsdale?

    By Blogger Carl Nyberg, at 3:20 PM, August 05, 2006  

  • Ms. Coffee says: Obviously we have to go over the whole argument that blacks are inferior to whites and that's why they can't do as well. Personally, I think the lax way that Proviso is run contributes to the lowered educational expectations. A teacher has a hard enough time keeping order, let alone teaching. The admin. doesn't back up teachers and the communitiy complains when too many kids are suspended. Are there schools with blacks that do better than Proviso? You bet. You can check my facts on the ISBE website. Westinghouse, 99%black ACT 16,PSAE13, Lindbloom, 100%black, 19ACT, 52.5PSAE, Kenwood Academy 94%black, 18.6ACT,43PSAE. Guess black kids can be smart! Proviso, 67%black, 26%hispanic, 16ACT, 25PSAE. Compare Proviso scores to Chicago Militayr Academy H>S>: 67%black,27%hispanic, 17.9ACT, 33PSAE. So, the bottom line is even Chicago can do better than Proviso. Of course there are some Chgo. schools that do worse. How can some of these schools with 94% black populations do well? There are too many factors to identify. So, we're back to the same question. What's wrong with Proviso and how do we fix it? To all the people that are bitching...look at what recently happened at Proviso. Almost all the top administrators are gone. Maybe this is a fresh start. Only time will tell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:32 PM, August 05, 2006  

  • Ms. Coffee it is apparent that you are probably one of the bitter Proviso teachers union cabinet members. I know you are not a fan of Jackson or Glichrist, but at least people feared them and had no choice but to do their job. IT IS A PARTY NOW THAT LIBKA IS THE CEO! WHO IS AFRAID OF LIBKA? NO ONE! HE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE ACCOUTNABLE FOR THEIR JOBS! NO ONE EVER SEES THE JERK! DOES LIBKA's WHITE SKIN MAKE HIM MORE QUALIFIED? How can you say that Proviso is off to a good start by replacing the cabinet administrators with BUFFONS.

    Was Libka the right choice for the CEO? Will he be an excellent supt.? Does he have the right qualifications? Can he turn Proviso around? Absolutely not! He could not do his job as Director of Auxillary Programs. He is such an idiot! Rumor has it that he messed up renewing grants for the district as Director of Auxillary programs, and Jackson covered for his DUMB ass. And Libka turned around and stabbed Jackson in the back. What a phony Christian Libka is!

    What about Dr. Murphy? She has no experience in a high school setting. Ya think she has the backbone to turn Proviso around? For goodness sakes, she is scared shitless of "little Hussein Welch". I would think that Baxter has taught her how to stand up for herself, but she is a disgrace to all powerful Black women. If Chris tells her to jump, she asks him how high. Murphy has lost all of her creditability by executing all of Welch's unethical commands. During board meetings she has knowingly lied for Welch. Also, she is more political than any adminstrator. Can we say Bellwood trustee?

    You really think Hastings can turn Proviso around? He is to busy being the mayor of Orland Park. He went on vacation the week summer school started, and this IDIOT is in charge of summer school. The thought of Kyle Hastings as an educator should scare people enough!

    Ms. Coffee I have read your comments time and time again and they seem to continue to spew nothing but optimism in Chris Welch and his decisions. He put Hastings, Murphy and Libka in their current positions. You really need to change your name to MS. BOOZE, because you are definitely a DRUNK!

    By Blogger deja-vu2, at 3:42 PM, August 06, 2006  

  • Sorry I went off on such a long tirade on Ms. Coffee that I forgot to address Really Telling the Truth. I concur with your comment, but I think that there are other board members along with Flowers that are doing the right thing for children. Kelly, Dorris, Marine, and Bosby are really fighting a hrad battle against the demonic Chris Welch.

    You are absolutely right Blacks are on the surface running the school districts. But who are running them? Marilyn Thurman is being ran by the power of the mighty dollar and her Cicero pimp, Bishop Baxter. Welch is being ran by the White man and the power of the mighty dollar to build a home that cost over $500,000. Casterjon is a Latino that is being ran by the mayor of Stone Park and the power to get jobs for every one in her 20 member household. Miller is being ran by Welch and the promise that he will be able to keep his job as the basketball coach and that his checks won't bounce anymore. Anderson is being ran by Welch and that he will not have to go back to the pennitentary any time soon.

    What this confirms is that the community and people like me and you will have to work twice as hard to ensure that we do not elect people of this nature to EVER AGAIN TO SIT ON A SCHOOL BOARD!

    By Blogger deja-vu2, at 3:55 PM, August 06, 2006  

  • There has been much written here in regard to the low quality education of our District 209 students and how a large part of our students' poor showing on, for example, state-wide tests is due to District 209 inefficiencies, unscrupulous and self-serving board members and district administrators, and unqualified or poorly qualified school staff. There is another possible explanation for our students' poor performance which lurks underneath these reasons --- underneath because others are fearful to state it or to write it. They are fearful because stating it or writing is not only politically incorrect, but can draw the forceful ire and wrath from those offended by its mere surfacing in any form ... even in the form of scientific inquiry. The "it" that I'm referring to was one of the major findings of a scholarly work, The Bell Curve, co-written by the former head of the Psychology Department at Harvard University. Unlike instigating, hate-filled, and incredibly biased and prejudicial treatises such as that reprinted on this blog from a Ku Klux Klan diatribe, this scholarly work systematically and scientifically made a case for intellectual differences between races. What those differences were and what races faired the poorest, well, I think you can guess.

    Now, those of you who are offended by this posting can rant and rave, name-call, etc., but at least this possible reason has been exposed to the light of day here, and, hopefully an intelligent conversation will ensue ... but I sort of doubt it. Knock yourselves out.

    By Anonymous Consider This ..., at 10:51 AM, August 07, 2006  

  • To Don "consider this" and "KKK grand dragon of Proviso " Sloan, your arguments are ridiculous, as well as harmful. The Bell curve and your KKK comments can't hold water.Your kind for years, centuries have tried with all there might to put people of color down,either through laws,violence,legal systems,lies,and through stealing. Just like the british did to your poor ass ancestors in Ireland,by taking all your potatoes and starving you guys to death or to immigrate to our country(Blacks and Hispanics have been here way longer than your dumd folks have).
    Now if blacks and hispanics take over the political domain , all these stupid,poor white folk excuses will end, and your kind will try to invent something else that we can't do right! Now get this Cracker boy Sloan and your buddies Gillian,Tony Williams,and Welch and Cross and Moore, the one thing that we minorities do suffer from is hyperabundance/hypergrowth of our penile muscle that your sick paley asses wish you can have, because the reason you truely hate blacks and hispanics is because of a primoral fear,subconcoius fear that your women want and desire us, and because of your insecurities you have massacreda nd lied and have put us down for centuries. But you know what is so true, you can't kill us, because your women want us!!!!!

    By Anonymous White man's true fear, at 8:41 PM, August 07, 2006  

  • To White Man's True Fear ...

    Are you sure you aren't a crony of or the actual Don Sloane who you condemn so mightily? Could you write anything more ignorant to fan the flame of rascism?

    By Anonymous Consider This ..., at 9:18 AM, August 08, 2006  

  • Consider this, you know your a moron, and not only that your a racist. By your comments of the Bell Curve theory,I bet you did,nt even read it, plus I bet you can't have an intelligent conversation about education and the needs of the special ed. classes you would need to benifit from!
    Now Sloane or Gillian or Cross, get back to work , or else we the taxpayers will have to be paying for your unemployment benefits!

    By Anonymous Get a life gillian, at 10:55 AM, August 08, 2006  

  • get a life gillian:

    Are you and "White Man's True Fear" both part of the Sloane camp or the camps of others you condemn so intensely? Both of your postings do nothing more than add credence to the arguments of the rascists. Try to put together an intelligible sentence with some logic and maybe people will take you seriously!

    By Anonymous Consider This ..., at 11:07 AM, August 08, 2006  

  • consider this,..... your right, I am working for Don Sloane,Tim Gilliam,Brian Cross and Eugene Moore! How did you know?
    Can't fool you, because your so slick and wise!
    Hey why don't you send me your white girlfriend, so she can know how a true man feel likes!

    By Anonymous Considering this, at 4:35 PM, August 08, 2006  

  • White Man's True Fear:

    Before you get yourself a woman, better get a microscope and a pair of tweezers. You'll need to find it first and then get a good grasp on it.

    By Anonymous Organ Player, at 9:38 AM, August 09, 2006  

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