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Thursday, April 13, 2006

M06, selective recounts available in close races

Sun-Times (Steve Patterson) has an article that's mostly about Joy Cunningham narrowly prevailing over David Erickson in the Dem primary for appellate court.

Erickson was appointed to the Hartigan vacancy. Cunningham appeared in advertisements with Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

The article mentions other races eligible for sampling recounts based on the narrow victory margin.

Michael LaPidus can appeal his loss to Commissioner Anthony Peraica for Lyons Township Republican Committeeman.

And the Melrose Park sales tax referedum can be appealed. Does anyone want to contest the result of the Melrose Park referendum?


  • Joy Cunningham's narrow victory, being only a couple of thousand votes out of several hundred thousand, can definitely be attributed to those few of us who included her on our sample ballots as the highest scoring person regarding all the bar association picks. It is still a CRIME that we elect judges in huge metropolitan areas where less than 1% of the voters have even the slightest idea as to which judicial candidates ae the "best." To win in Cook County you have to have an Irish sounding name and Joy Cunningham has an Irish name but happens to be African-American and the "most qualified." Some downstate circuits are small enough in population to MAYBE justify voting for the one or two vacancies that occur ever two years BUT Cook County has, what, 500 Circuit Court judges with as many 50 replacements to be voted on every two years. What a joke. Some of these poor candidates, with the highest ideal about what an ideal judge should be, must, they think, if they do not have an Irish name, prostrate themselves before their local Democratic "pol" and grimace as they go through an electoral process that is anathema to the whole ideal of a proper judicial role.

    By Anonymous Gary Woll, at 12:13 AM, April 19, 2006  

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