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Proviso Probe

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

POL, Sen. Obama townhall meeting in Westchester [W]

Wednesday, April 12 at 12:45 PM, Proviso Township town hall meeting with Sen. Barack Obama at Westchester Middle School.

See Westchester Public Affairs for details.

What would you ask Illinois' junior senator?


  • I know State Rep. Yarbrough will be present, since she arrainged for the townhall meeting. But I wonder what other politicians will be present? Will the Taliban of Proviso be there(Sloan,Moore and Cross)?
    And Why is it that these meetings are at 12:00 noon, most peolpe work at that time and this makes it hard to ask tough questions to our Senator, such as why did he diss FDR's programs from the New Deal, that brought us social security,welfare relief,unemployement and unions along with the G.I. bill?
    Has Obama become a Southern Republican?, and does he not realize that if not for these programs millions of Americans would have perished?
    As that so called political pundit from Westchester(Mr. Big Shot or Gene's boy) stated about Obama,"you know Obama is more white than black","that's why he won"!As you probably know that comment will be entered into the Clown's Hall of Fame for Mentally challenged Township officials!

    By Anonymous Karen supporter, at 12:18 PM, April 07, 2006  

  • Do You know what Yanez

    There is many reasons, that most people consider you either a loon, or a Fricking Jag Off

    But this would up there on the list...

    Grow Up

    Man, You should get the Job at Mental Health, You are preemintely qualified

    Beacuse you are crazier than a Shithouse Rat!!!!

    By Anonymous Grow the Frick up, at 3:44 PM, April 07, 2006  

  • Yanez, you can run but you can't hide!

    If it looks like a piece of shit, smells like a piece of shit and writes like a piece of shit

    then it must be a Yanez



    By Blogger Ladybyrd153, at 11:49 PM, April 07, 2006  

  • Just wondering asks.....
    What's Obama stand on immigration

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 PM, April 08, 2006  

  • Can we elevate the conversation?

    By Anonymous ab of Bellwood, at 10:36 PM, April 08, 2006  

  • Yes Larry we can if you wish....

    By Anonymous Bored?, at 1:08 AM, April 09, 2006  

  • Just wondering said......
    Is Westchester's Middle School getting the smell from Hillside. If so maybe something will be done if Sen. Obama smells or maybe he can just drive by the Eishenhower.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19 AM, April 09, 2006  

  • Question, does Don "I bad mouth Karen and Henderson, pus Obama, plus Tom Walsh and Frank Pasqualli" Sloan have a future in Politics?
    I bet Obama will laugh out loud and state" In his mind, his delusional mind, he thinks of himself as Svengli the host of friday horror movies on channel 32"! And no" has no political future in Proviso"!

    By Anonymous Sandy C. from your dreams, at 7:24 PM, April 10, 2006  

  • Here's one for Sen. Obama bin Laden....We all are aware, Senator, that you support abortion, (ie, baby killing), and gay marriage rights. So explain exactly why you are in support of these unnatural acts that go against human nature and how you came to those conclusions.

    By Blogger GO-FOR-IT, at 12:21 PM, April 11, 2006  

  • Since Obama welcomes the below initiative as a way of transcending "tired ideologies", I would like to know the following two questions:

    1. If the Rubin's economic group is going to chart a course for the Democrats isn't this going to undermine the progressive movement?

    2. We all know that the sole purpose of corporations is to make profits at all costs and this is why we have NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, outsourcing, the immigration saga, etc., etc.

    So - how will the results from the Rubin Economic Group's be any difference than what we have already experienced with the Republicans agenda?

    By Blogger Cynthia, at 9:17 PM, April 11, 2006  

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