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Thursday, March 30, 2006

MEDIA, how the media covers Fred Hampton story

CBS2 (Rafael Romo) reports:
(CBS) CHICAGO Chicago police officers were on hand as a huge street fight spilled into City Hall Wednesday afternoon. Protesters filled the halls outside council chambers to demand a street be named after a former leader of the Black Panthers.

The Fraternal Order of Police opposes the proposal to name a section of West Monroe Street after Fred Hampton, citing Hampton’s threats to officers back in the 1960s. But those in support of the sign say Hampton fought for the rights of African Americans.

What's more significant? Hampton saying, "Off the pigs"? Or the fact that the police executed Fred Hampton?

"Off the pigs" is protected political speech. It's legal. Cops busting into a private residence and killing all in the middle of the night is... murder.

The assassintation of Fred Hampton should be a source of shame for Chicago law enforcement.

The media should be clear about how Hampton died in the stories about the conflict about naming a street after the man. His execution by law enforcement officers is far more important to the story than the FOP whining about Hampton's political speech.


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