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Friday, March 10, 2006

M06, Lightford-Smith race profiled [4th Sen]

Pioneer Press (David Pollard) covers the race between Sen. Kimberly Lightford and challenger James T. Smith. The article devotes the most attention to education and crime.


  • Carl your comments on the Arnie Bryant show lacked evidence and support for some of the candiates you endorsed. One particular candidate that I full heartily support is Kimberly Lightford. However, we did agree on not endorsing Welch.

    I am supporting Lightford in this election, like I have in all of her senate races, but I will definitely advocate that she does something about the school districts in her community. I believe Lightford is sincere in her efforts to improve her communities and bring back as much money as she possibly can, but she needs to be more pro-active with education. I would suggest that she develops an educational committee with people from Proviso township to help her initiate dialogue and create solutions to our failing schools. I know she cannot complete this difficult task alone and that is where she needs to have others in the community assist her. A good idea would be to have an educational summit to address the problems that are occuring in Proviso Township. I had hoped that she would not have supported the building of the Proviso Magnet School and taken a stance against spending $40 million, but instead investing that money in East and West. I think Lightford has her best interest in Proviso, and she definitely has my support and vote. Carl sometimes you can be a impractical in your statements, but strangely as it sounds that is what I like about you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:51 PM, March 11, 2006  

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